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Current Mission: 'Even A God Bleeds'

Posted on Fri Jun 26, 2015 @ 4:36pm by Captain Edward Pearson

In an effort to help everyone write more, I'm going to be trying something new. Basically I'm going to try to explain the mission a little bit without giving too much away. We'll see how much it works.

Mission Synopsis: Earth is in dire need of allies. Having learned of a Xindi Colony only eighteen light-years away from the Ugliri System, Vice-Admiral Leonard has dispatched Endeavour to try and convince them to join the war in repayment for their attack on Earth three and a half years ago. Endeavour's arrival to Mu Herculis III isn't received warmly by all Xindi and there's a reason why. A Guardian lives amongst them and now he has a chance to execute his revenge.

Okay so we've done a few posts already where we've arrived at Mu Herculis III and we're in the process of completing a post where an Away Team is being assembled to go down to the planet. Here are some points to take away from the synopsis where there are opportunities to write.

- Takes Endeavour three weeks to travel there.
- The 'Guardian' mentioned, is a sphere builder as seen in Enterprise's 3rd Season.

Some of the things that will happen in the mission that will affect the mission as a whole are as followed:

- Away Team (Pearson, Sherebrook, Bridger and Tara) go down to the Xindi colony.
- They discover that a Guardian lives at the colony in a specially built contraption.
- Long and Dalton will go over to one of the Arboreal ships to begin repairs.
- While they are gone, the atmosphere on F Deck (where the MACOs live) begins to change inexplicably.

I think that's all that I'm going to reveal for now. It's not much but at least for now it all gives us something to work towards. As always if anyone has any questions or suggestions please let me know either via PM or in the OOC.


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