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'A New Era To Endeavour' Completed!

Posted on Mon Mar 10, 2014 @ 2:41pm by Captain Edward Pearson

Hi everyone! So today I posted our final post from our first mission. Doing so brought our first episode to a completion. Yay! I know it took us a bit of time to get from point A to point B but the important thing to keep in mind moving forward is that we got there. Which is awesome. It's always nice to complete a mission.

Those who are on my other ships (the Imperiax or the Jericho) will know that I like to do a certain thing when it comes to the end of a mission. I like to give out these little commendations that demonstrate that you were a part of a particular one. SO! If you guys look at your bios you'll see a shiny commendation in your 'awards' section. It's nothing major, just something to show off if the Endeavour lasts a long time (which I hope it does!). So enjoy it. You guys all did a really good job. :D

So... we've already started the new mission. I'm going to be working today on a sort of recap post (like a Captain's log) since the Endeavour will be travelling for a couple of weeks. My hope with all of that extra time that you guys will be able to do some character development. I think that in that particular area you guys were good in the first mission.. but I know we can do better. Even me. Do not hesitate to ask each other do joint posts or to ask the command staff to do some. That's what simming is all about!

I will probably be waiting a couple of days before starting the next part of the mission which will be our arrival to the Imprek System. I'm thinking we might play host to some Andorians and Tellarites for an evening if you guys want. In that particular vein of thought, I've created two new NPCs. They are Commander Shelenth and Captain Grat. Shelenth will be the commanding officer of the Andorian task force while Grat will be the one for the Tellarite task force.

I think that's all I pretty much need to say today. Good job everyone and I look forward to what you guys are going to bring in this mission! If you have any questions, as always, feel free to ask!

J.P. / Captain Pearson


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