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Awards And More!

Posted on Sat Feb 13, 2016 @ 1:58pm by Captain Edward Pearson

Good morning everyone!

I have some news on a couple of fronts today. Firstly, we've been recognized on two fronts by Bravo Fleet! As some of you may know (because you're COs yourselves on other ships), every month when we file our monthly report we have to nominate a player of the month for consideration. I've usually done these in tandem with giving my own player of the month award to my players (will go into this later on). Anyhow, for January, my player of the month nomination was reviewed and I'm pleased to say that the Task Force 99 Player of the Month for January is Steve who plays both Major Glenn Walker and Doctor Louise Rigby. Congrats Steve! Next, after all of our hard work with posting here over the months, the sim itself was recognized. Endeavour was the Task Force 99 Simulation of the Month! Congrats to everyone and good job! Keep up the good work. In both cases, I've attached the little ribbon graphic that Bravo Fleet has created onto your character profiles as an OOC award.

This brings me to the next thing I want to talk about. Some of you might end up noticing that I've removed previous player of the month awards that were up on your bios. This isn't being done as punishment or anything. To be honest, I've never really liked the award mostly because it's happened quite a few times where I'm just awarding it to the same people. Now, with that being said I will be working with Karen to come up with a new system for awards.. or achievements if you will that will serve to reward players for the things that they do here. I've seen this system on another ship and I'm very fascinated by it. It may end up being something I do on all of my sims. Anyways! That's all from me today. Stay tuned and keep getting to your tags. I want to finish this mission soooon!

J.P. / Captain Edward Pearson


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