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Command Achievements Are Up!

Posted on Tue Mar 29, 2016 @ 9:59am by Captain Edward Pearson

Hey everyone!

So I've been hard at work this morning on some more achievements and I'm happy to let you guys know that the Command ones are now complete. This is just a small, preliminary list, that does have the potential to expand in the future. If you have any ideas for any additional achievements for the Command section then please send them my way.

Please Note: Don't purposely write a post so that your character gets these achievements. Let it happen naturally. As an example - it's highly unlikely that a junior officer would even think about sitting in the Captain's chair. So please don't abuse this! Have fun with it though.

The current Command Achievements are as followed:

- Best Seat In The House: Sat in the Captain's Chair.
- You Have The Bridge: Placed in command of the bridge.
- You Have The Bridge (5): Placed in command of the bridge five times.
- You're In Trouble Now: The Captain, or a senior officer, has summoned you to the Ready Room.
- You're In Trouble Now (5): The Captain, or a senior officer, has summoned you to the Ready Room five times.
- Reed Alert!: Ordered the ship to tactical alert.
- Reed Alert! (5): Ordered the ship to tactical alert five times.
- Making The Tough Call: Ordered a crewmember into a life-threatening situation.
- Fine Dining: Ate a meal in the Captain's Mess.

Now, I don't have the best of memories. I know that some of you have done some these things although with Endeavour being around for as long as it has, I don't really remember who and when. So, if you believe that you should be credited with one of these achievements then just let me know and I'll confirm it with you.

Hope you guys enjoy all of this. Have a good day!


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