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A New Month!

Posted on Mon Dec 1, 2014 @ 9:23am by Captain Edward Pearson

Hey everyone!

It's December. Already! This month can be a little hectic for people because of the holidays. That's completely O.K. Real life always comes first. With all of that being said, we've been a little slow for the last couple of months.. albeit we've been doing some pretty big joint posts.

Even though the holidays are coming, I would really like all of us to step it up a little bit so that we can try to wrap up this mission. We're nearly there! If possible I'd like to see a total of 5-8 posts from us this month. I know we can do it. There are several posts being worked on currently. I'm in two of them. Let's get them done in a timely manner. I will personally redouble my efforts and keep trying to get to posts daily. I know I was slacking a little bit in the last couple of months. I'll do better too!

There are a handful of things on my agenda for Endeavour this month. Some of which I could potentially get done today.

a) Make the mission badge for the current mission.
b) Figure out what we're doing in the next mission.
c) Work on some forums for us (and my other ships!)
d) Finally write Chef Rork's bio.

I think those are the main things for me this month.

If anyone wants to do any joint posts with me please let me know. Do posts with each other! Interact! Those are the best kinds of posts to read!

Last but not least.. please be aware the currently our Chief Science Officer and Chief Communications Officer are both M.I.A. I've tried to get in touch with them to no avail. Unless they get back to me it's likely they'll be removed at the conclusion of this mission.

So in closing! Let's get some posts done over the next several weeks before Christmas! Thanks guys!

J.P. / Captain Pearson


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