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Mission Update (October 2016)

Posted on Wed Nov 2, 2016 @ 6:01pm by Captain Edward Pearson

Hey everyone!

I've sent quite a few news items to you guys this month so I'm going to try to keep this one short! There will be a few instructions contained within though with regards to the mission so keep an eye out for them.

So October was a difficult month for us. I know that it was for me. With that being said, we did EXTREMELY well despite it all. I like to think that maybe Coop has been looking down on us. In the month of October we completed a total of 27 posts. This is the most we have ever done. Very good job everyone. I hope that we can get similarly high numbers for the month of November!

The Mission
November sees us pushing the mission forward. By now, I hope that most of you have written out the vision / dreams for your characters. Don't feel bad if you haven't. Although I've written the ones for two out of my three characters, I still have one left and it's high on my priority list. If anyone is still unsure about what to write about, please let me or Karen know. These dreams / visions are intended to be starting points to explore your characters more deeply, and also to hopefully do some more joint posts with others.

Other than the visions, the main plot regarding the probe has recommenced and all those who were in the first part, have been added to this one. I'd like to see us finish dealing with the probe this month but we'll see what ends up happening.

INSTRUCTIONS: For the remainder of January 1st, 2157 after 0830 hours, all female crewmembers aboard Endeavour will begin experiencing headaches ranging from mild to severe. They shouldn't be incapacitating people, but I will leave it up to you writers to determine how your characters react to them. Again, this affects only the female members of the crew.

For now, I want to focus on January 1st. Once we've dealt with the probe, I'll move us to January 2nd as other stuff is going to start happening at that time. :D Keep in mind you still do have the period of December 23rd to December 31st to write in.

Ship Roster
As you are all aware, I did a role call which ended yesterday. Sadly, we lost four players in the process. Three of them were relatively new, and one had been absent for several months. I'm really disappointed that we lost so many in one shot especially as it probably could have been avoided with communication. As always, if you need to be away or need a leave of absence, all you have to do is ask.

As one of those people removed yesterday was the Counselor, I've decided to remove the position completely. There are canon reasons behind this. In the final episode of Enterprise, Counselor Troi mentioned that there weren't counselors on Starfleet ships at the time. Now, this isn't to say that it'll be unavailable forever. For now though, I want to leave it out. As T'Lar is a civilian, I think that it's okay for her to act as a counselor so she'll remain as she is. Plus, she's a Vulcan and their logic is useful only some of the times.

So I think that's all that I want to say today. If anyone has any questions, as always, don't be afraid to ask. We're here to write and I absolutely love all of the posts that I've been catching up on. Keep up the good work everyone! Write, write, write!

J.P. / Captain Edward Pearson


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