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Mission Update (December 2016)

Posted on Tue Jan 3, 2017 @ 7:29pm by Captain Edward Pearson

Hello everyone!

Just like we've done in the current mission by moving to 2157, we have moved on to a new year in real life. We did pretty well in December, all things considered. We completed a total of eight posts. We didn't complete the ten that I would have liked to see, but eight is okay. I'm not unhappy about that number. I would like to see us reach ten posts in January though. With it being a new year, and the holidays being done, it's time for all of us to get back into the swing of things and write. I've been very pleased with our level of writing in the last few months so let's try to keep that going. Speaking for myself, I have ten posts currently being worked on. As always, if anyone wants to write a joint post with any of my characters (Pearson, Reidar or Rork) then just let me know. I'd be more than happy to write with you!

Monthly Mission Recap
While the crew deals with the personal ramifications of the visions they saw, the engineering and science departments began to examine the alien probe in the launch bay.

Mission progression was a bit slower in December because of the holidays. Right now, everyone is free to post between the dates of December 23 to December 31. January 1 is free game too... just keep in mind that we saw the flash of light at 0830 hours and then you had the vision. I think most people have written theirs already but if you haven't and you need help to come up with something, drop me a PM. We have started on January 2 although certain things need to happen before it is freed up for everyone. I will let you know when that happens.

Make use of the CBOX! It's there for us to chat about all things Endeavour, and Enterprise! Don't fret if someone isn't there though. I do usually check it every day and will stop in at some point.

For the most part, 2016 was a very good year for us. Let's make 2017 even better. Happy New Year everyone!

J.P. / Captain Edward Pearson


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