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Mission Update (February 2017)

Posted on Fri Mar 3, 2017 @ 7:14pm by Captain Edward Pearson

Hello everyone!

This should be a pretty quick monthly update. In short, we didn't do very well this month as we only completed four posts. Hopefully we will do better in the month of March. I really want to get this mission moving but we need certain posts that are currently being worked on to move forward. So please get to your tags as quickly as you can. You should be trying to reply at least every two days. I don't usually bother you guys too much about posts and whatnot because I have been busy with real life too, but our activity has been going down and I'd like to see that reversed if possible.

Monthly Mission Recap

This is a repost from last month.

After the four allotted hours to examine the alien probe was up, it was returned where Endeavour originally picked it up. Lieutenant Long and his people were able to disable the probe’s engines and therefore, when the ship resumed its course for Ophiucus Colony, the probe did not follow. The flash of light that the crew experienced left some lasting effects though. For the remainder of the day, the female members of the crew experienced headaches to varying degrees. The next morning, Commander Jeannie Sherebrook woke up abruptly, indicating that she needed to get to the bridge. When she was confronted by the Captain, she tied him up in his quarters. On the way to the bridge, she summoned 2nd Lieutenant Ishay as well as other female crewmembers to take control of the bridge. Jeannie relieved her subordinate at the helm and altered the ship's course for an unidentified star system. A lone male engineering crewman was able to leave before the bridge was completely locked down and he headed to Main Engineering to inform Lieutenant Long about what had just happened.

January 1, 2157 - Recap:

0000 Hours: Endeavour encountered a probe that was following the ship. It was brought into the Launch Bay for analysis.

0800 Hours: Engineering and Science Departments began analyzing the probe.

0830 Hours: Entire crew experienced a flash of light which caused them to have a vision of something from their lives that they previously did not know about. Female crewmembers start to experience varying degrees of headaches over the course of the day.

1300 Hours: The probe was returned to where it was originally detected on sensors.

January 2, 2157 - So far:

0500 Hours: A group of female crewmembers have taken over the bridge and locked it down.

0530 Hours: Lieutenant Long in Main Engineering is made aware of Endeavour's course change.

We are still waiting to finish off the Engineering post that's currently going on. There's another post being worked on between myself, Matt and Ewan which sort of takes place around the same time. As I said, I want to get this mission moving so please get to your tags when you are able to. I want to get to what's next as it will provide some clues about that jewel and probe we encountered ;).

Bravo Fleet Management System
Just a reminder that the new Bravo Fleet Management System is now up and I need everyone to create their characters on it so that I can put you on the roster. Signing up is easy. Just go to and click on Membership, then Join the Fleet to create your account. From there, you can find 'Create Character' in the dashboard on the top left side.

Okay so last month I removed CBox and this month I've added something in its place: Discord! So this is a new thing that's really taken off in the gaming community. Essentially what we have is a chat room where you can talk with your fellow players! I've made a specific server for us and you can find it at #endeavournx06. You can access our new chat room either via the Discord link in the top menu, or you can even get to it via the Discord app that you can get for your desktop or phone located here. I think another way is if you've already created your Discord account, you can then just let me know what it is and I can send you an invite. Anyhow, I'd like to see some people in there. Right now, only Matt and I have visited it but it would be nice to chat with some of you from time to time.

That's more or less it for February! I hope everyone has a great month and get to your posts!

J.P. / Captain Edward Pearson


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