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Mission Update (March 2017)

Posted on Fri Apr 7, 2017 @ 5:50pm by Captain Edward Pearson

Happy Friday everyone!

I almost forgot to do this. Busy days. Alas, I've finally put this together for you all. Overall I'm happy with our month of March. We completed a total of nine posts. Good job everyone. I don't really have much more to add. Keep at it. Get to your tags and all that. :D

Monthly Mission Recap

Following Commander Sherebrook’s takeover of the bridge in the early hours of the morning, a team of female MACOs and Armory Officers were sent down to engineering. In the guise of a drill, they managed to evict the engineers without much incident. Crewman Janson who was on the bridge while Sherebrook took it over, did manage to inform Lieutenant Long about it but they had no reason to act out against the women. Now locked out of engineering, the two officers decided to try to find the Captain, whom thus far is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, a group of three male Ensigns attempted to head up to the bridge to begin their duties for the day but they quickly found out that they could not access the bridge. They too, opted to try and find out what was going on by looking for some higher ranking officers. Once the Captain was found (he was tied up in his quarters), the remaining senior staff reconvened in the command center to come up with a plan to stop the women, and maybe the ship if they had no other choice.

I would like to see us get to the next part of the mission this month (if not farther) which will have us arriving at the planet that the women have diverted us to.

Bravo Fleet Management System
Just a reminder that the new Bravo Fleet Management System is now up and I need everyone to create their characters on it so that I can put you on the roster. Signing up is easy. Just go to and click on Membership, then Join the Fleet to create your account. From there, you can find 'Create Character' in the dashboard on the top left side.

Join Discord! I'd like to see more of you in there and talking to one another. It can be fun!

That's all for this month. Have a good weekend everyone and Happy Easter!

J.P. / Captain Edward Pearson


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