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Mission Update (May 2017)

Posted on Sun Jun 4, 2017 @ 3:15pm by Captain Edward Pearson

Good afternoon and happy Sunday!

It is June! Summer is almost here. I'm much happier with our effort in May. Good job everyone. We completed four posts. I'm currently involved in four other ones so we should get some good numbers for June. I expect that we should finally getting to the planet this month and put a good dent into finally bringing this mission to a close. If everyone can get to their TAGs within a reasonable time frame, we might even be able to finish this off in July. The plan is that we're going to be splitting up in two come the next part of the mission. There will be a landing party and a bridge group. I will, as always, try to give everyone something to do but if it does happen where that isn't the case, then let me know and we'll figure something out. Keep up the good work everyone!

Monthly Mission Recap
With the sedative ready, Doctor Avirett and Ensign Solok headed to the transporter to deliver it to the team there. They informed the Captain when they were ready to proceed. Pearson’s team, located in the maintenance shafts under A Deck needed to cut through the hatches to get access to the bridge. When that was completed, the sedative was beamed onto the bridge. The women were too slow to respond to its arrival and within seconds they were all rendered unconscious. Captain Pearson, Lieutenant Long, Major Walker and the MACOs stormed the bridge and secured it. When they were certain that all the women were unconscious, the sedative was vented off of the bridge. Hoping to get some answers from his First Officer, Pearson brought Commander Sherebrook into his ready room so that they could talk. Lieutenant Junior Grade Higgs and Corentin, Ensigns Nordheim, Tanet, Solok, Tia-Jai and Avirett were all asked to report to the bridge.

Bravo Fleet Management System
Just a friendly reminder that the new Bravo Fleet Management System is now up and if everyone could create their characters on it so that I can add you to the official roster that would be great.. Signing up is easy. Just go to and click on Membership, then Join the Fleet to create your account. From there, you can find 'Create Character' in the dashboard on the top left side.

Join Discord! I've managed to convince Steve to join it. You should too! We're quite active in there and it's easy to sign up. It's a great place to kick back and talk about Star Trek in general, or about the mission, or even come up with some ideas for joint posts. Give it a whirl! Here's how you can get it - LINK! CLICKY HERE!. You can also get it for your mobile phones by searching for 'Discord' in your app store.

That's all for now. Have a great month!

J.P. / Captain Edward Pearson


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