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Mission Update (August 2017)

Posted on Wed Sep 6, 2017 @ 5:31pm by Captain Edward Pearson

Guys! September is going to be crazy.

Hi everyone! So, August was an okay month for us. We completed three posts. If we don't finish the mission this month it'll probably come to an end in October. I'm really looking forward to bringing 'The Eye of Sin' to a close. As always, to help make that happen, please get to your TAGs as quickly as possible.

On to the crazy bit... at some point over the next three weeks, Karen (Sherebrook) and I will be welcoming our first child into the world. As such, I don't really know how things are going to go once her labour kicks in. All I ask out of everyone for this month is for you to be patient with us. Chances are I will be able to inform Steve (as I have him as a friend on facebook) and so he'll be able to let you guys know once stuff is happening.

Monthly Mission Recap
The landing party comprised of Commander Sherebrook, Major Walker, Lieutenant Ishay, Doctor Avirett, Ensigns Tia-Jai and Nordheim discovered a secret underground passage whilst scouring the rubble of a long-destroyed building. Feeling that they would find the answers they were looking for if they went down to investigate, the Commander ordered them to proceed inside. In orbit, an alien starship under telepathic control by the Romulans appeared on sensors. Chief Engineer Long and Ensign Solok devised a plan to disable the vessel in the hope that they could avoid taking any significant damage. They proceeded to deflector control to make the necessary modifications to enact their plan.

Next Mission: 'Mirror Image'
The synopsis for the next mission is currently up and as you all know from our OOC discussion posts, we're going to have a couple of new ships enter the fray. First, the U.S.S. Yelchin, a Franklin-type starship as seen in Star Trek Beyond, will be meeting up with us. I'm hoping it will become a companion ship to ours. At least half of the senior staff positions have been filled so if you're interested please sign up in the appropriate OOC post. If not, I will fill in the remaining spots with generic NPCs. The other starship that we'll be coming across next mission is the I.S.S. Endeavour. If you do intend to participate I'd like for you to make a bio of your mirror universe counterpart. It doesn't have to be as in depth as your current bios. I'm mostly looking for a paragraph for personality and one for the history as well (including all the little bits for family as alot of that will probably be cut and paste). I will be opening up the positions for that very soon. All of these characters will be NPCs.

If anyone has any questions about our next mission please do not hesitate to ask.

That's about it for August. September is going to be crazy. At least it will be for Karen and I. We have our anniversary, my birthday and a new baby this month. Plus, don't forget about Star Trek: Discovery coming out on the 24th if you're in the US and Canada, and the 25th everywhere else. I'm thinking about maybe doing some kind of online Disco watch party or something but that will depend on when the baby makes here appearance.

Have a good month everyone!

J.P. / Captain Edward Pearson


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