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Mission Update (September / October 2017)

Posted on Thu Nov 2, 2017 @ 6:09pm by Captain Edward Pearson

It has been a while since I have done one of these. Hey everyone! So as you guys are all aware, the last two months have been a bit insane. We now have a baby who doesn't seem to like sleeping. This in turn is basically not giving Karen any breaks. With regards to her, I'm not sure when she'll be able to be back full time to the sim. We are currently trying to find a way to get our daughter to sleep normally so hopefully that will make things a bit easier for us. I know that there's one post she's involved in that we're waiting on. I will be working with her so that we can get that post completed very soon. In short, I want to get this mission done this month. I know that this is something I've said often but we need to start moving forward again.

With regards to the main plot of the mission, Shannon (Ham Long) and I are working on a post that will be pushing it to the final steps. We are examining the archive which will then prompt a post with Pearson before I close up the mission with our next set of orders.

In the meantime, I know that there are posts going on but people have been a bit quieter in the last month or so. I would ask for this to change please. If you have a reason that you can't be around to reply to your TAGs, then let me know that you need to go on LOA or something. TAGs should be answered every two to three days. If they are not I will start sending you PMs to ask what's up. I'm pretty lenient overall but I really don't like when people go quiet on me without a word. Please communicate. That's all I am asking.

Monthly Mission Recap
The landing party comprised of Commander Sherebrook, Major Walker, Lieutenant Ishay, Doctor Avirett, Ensigns Tia-Jai and Nordheim found a secret underground room which housed an alien obelisk. When they approached it, the obelisk opened and a hologram of an alien woman appeared before them. She explained that the gem they’d found brought them here for two reasons: to preserve the memory of the Livian culture, and to give them warning about the Romulan Star Empire. The Livians had endured a brief four year conflict with the Romulans over a ceremonial weapon known as ch’Ladiom. The gem that the Endeavour crew came across was a part of that weapon. Just before the landing party’s time on the surface elapsed, the hologram presented them with a memory archive to take with them. When the landing party returned to Endeavour, Doctor Rigby examined them in the decon chamber for an hour before releasing them.

Crew Stuff
I have a few things to mention this month with regards to personnel changes. Firstly, Ethan who played Private McCormick has been removed from the sim for inactivity. As this is the second time this has occurred in the span of a year, he will NOT be able to rejoin the sim if he wishes to.

Solok (played by Greg) has been chosen to be the new Chief Armory Officer starting next mission. There is a post that is currently being worked on that has all of the details.

Tanet (played by Matt) is returning as well although he has decided not to pursue the Chief Science Officer position. I have therefore given it to James' character Julia Ainscow who will be coming aboard next mission via the U.S.S. Yelchin. I know that James hasn't had the chance to write with us yet, but we keep in constant communication via the Discord chat room.

I.S.S. Endeavour / U.S.S. Yelchin
I'd like to kindly ask that all bios for the NPCs on the Yelchin be done in November as we'll be encountering that crew right away in the new mission. Start working on your mirror universe characters as well. You will just need to let me know when you plan to do it via PM so that I can open up the position for you to create the character in. The I.S.S. characters aren't needed soon, but the earlier they're done the better!

That's about all for now. Let's get things back to normal. I'm happy that posts have gone out in the last two months but I know that we can do better. Keep up the good work!

J.P. / Captain Edward Pearson


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