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End Of Episode #2!

Posted on Sun Mar 1, 2015 @ 1:49pm by Captain Edward Pearson

Hey everyone! We finally made it. Today marks the day where we've wrapped up the mission 'Desperate Times, Desperate Measures'. Good job everyone. We put in a really good month and had a total of nine posts. Hopefully we can keep that trend going.

NOTE: For some reason the last, last post of the mission hasn't gone out into inboxes so you'll have to check it out on the website probably titled 'BREAKING NEWS'. It has a nice picture that I cooked up for you guys which was the seeeecret.

All those who have participated in this past mission will now find a shiny commendation attached to their bios! Yay!

One bit of sad news, unfortunately Antilles who played our MACO XO Sadler never answered the roll call so I've had to remove him from the roster. On the opposite end of that spectrum, from Steven's recommendation, I'm happy to announce that Kaichi's character of Erin Ishay will now step into that role and her character will also be promoted to the rank of Sergeant Major. Congratulations!

Currently we have two department head positions open. Those being Chief Communications Officer and Chief Science Officer. Also, if you haven't noticed by now our Chef is now a Tellarite. Our previous Chef died :( He's NPCd by me so if you want to do a post with the Chef let me know.

Our next mission takes us to the Ugliri System in Tellarite Space. Specific information about the planet and what we'll be doing there can be found in the 'notes' section at the top of any post you are writing. This mission will last exactly two months of real life time so we'll be wrapping it up for May 1st and starting a new mission then. I'm not decided yet on what we'll be doing but I'd like to do something that honours Leonard Nimoy / Spock in some way. If anyone does have any ideas please send them my way!

I think that might be all from me. Good job everyone. I think out of all my ships I enjoy this one the most from a GMing perspective. Let's continue being awesome into the next mission.

J.P. / Captain Edward Pearson


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