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End Of Mission #3, And On To Mission #4!

Posted on Mon Jun 1, 2015 @ 11:16am by Captain Edward Pearson

Hello Endeavourites! I have a few announcements to make but I'll try not to babble too much.

First of all, you guys did absolutely awesome in the month of May. We cranked out a total of 17 posts! Yay! That might be our best total to date in one and a half years. I'm really glad that I gave us that extra time to finish the shore leave mission because you guys didn't disappoint. The only thing I will apologize for is to the MACOs. We rushed that plotline a little bit, but I do think you guys did pretty well all things considered. It was a cobbled together mission just for you guys. As we've started our new mission it's going to be a bit difficult for us to hit that high post count for June, but I want us to try anyways! There is a period of three weeks where Endeavour is just travelling to Mu Herculis. So interact with each other! Make friends!

Next, just a reminder that everyone who participated in our last mission 'To Wallow In Glorious Mud' will have a shiny commendation attached to their bios. It has a Tellarite's face on it! I actually kind of like it as a fun kind of commendation. Even Endia our new Chief Comm Officer got one! Anyhow, hope you guys like it.

There's one piece of bad news that I need to pass along. Fionn who joined us a couple of months ago as Lieutenant Saren our Chief Science Officer, has gone MIA. I wasn't able to get a hold of him, nor did he answer our role call so unfortunately I've had to remove him. Any posts that were in progress with his character will either have to be completed or deleted. Please don't write for his character. He's gone now. Although as he's a fabulous writer, I'd love for him to come back!

We're about half way through this guys! The next order of business is the sim's rules. I've completely changed them and made them much easier to read. The rules are located here ( ). The new rules pretty much offer some clarity on a few matters. Please take the five minutes to read them. It's not too long, I promise.

So, as all of you know, we started our new mission around the 15th of May. It will have the Xindi in it. I always really liked them in Enterprise's third season so here's our chance to use them a little bit. You can find the premise for this mission either on the front page or on our missions page. As always, information on the mission itself can be found in the 'Notes' section when you're writing a post. If anyone ever has any questions feel free to ask me or Karen (Sherebrook)!

While I do have a few missions planned for us following Mission #4, that doesn't mean that you, the wonderful players here, can't suggest some! If you have any ideas for a mission you'd like to see here on Endeavour, let me know!

Last but not least, you'll most likely notice that Tara no longer has a rank and has changed positions. Our Andorian friend used to serve as our Chief Armory Officer! Well no longer. Doc felt that he couldn't devote as much time to a chief position as he would have liked so he stepped aside. The loss of his character's rank is an in-character thing and doesn't reflect him as a person. I'm sure that one day Tara will be a Lieutenant again! In his place, Ryan has stepped up with Ensign Bridger and has taken up the mantle of Chief Armory Officer. Do a good job, Ryan! We're counting on you to keep Endeavour safe. ***** SECRET: There will be a promotion for someone on the ship in the coming days once the post gets there. Be on the look out! *****

So that's it. I don't think I've left out anything. This is the longest news item I've ever written but it's well deserved. Keep up the good work everyone!

J.P. / Captain Edward Pearson


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