Lieutenant Rena Clarkson

Name Rena Clarkson

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Terran)
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 130
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rena is usually noticed for her crystal blue eyes and her long dark brown locks of hair. Her skin has a light tan to it with freckles on her cheeks and the bridge of her noise. She always has a ear shot grin from ear to ear when she greets people. She is average height, slightly muscular toned. Small frame slender body structure.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Travis Clarkson
Mother Beanna Clarkson
Brother(s) George and Axle
Sister(s) Abigail, Joan, and Liz
Other Family General Eric Clarkson (Uncle-Dad)

Commander Sarah Adams (Aunt-mom)
Lt. Dianne Rowe (Cousin- mom)

Ensign Mike Clarkson (Cousin-dads)
Ensign Jody Rowe (Cousin-mom)

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Clarkson-One-Two-Three-Epsilon
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rena is a very hard worker. Dedicated to what she believes in. Curious by nature she seeks to learn as much as she can about people and different species in general. She always keeps a level cool collective head about her. She enjoys making people laugh and feel about themselves no matter if it was meant at her expense. She uses logic when it comes to making decisions and tries her best to help others the best way she can.

Coming from such a large family she has learned to be patient and calm with others who are either acting out or upset about things. She has away of making things seem better. She likes socializing with others around her and people find her to be charming and charismatic kind of person.

Even thou she seems like a down to earth kind of gal she can be stubborn and sometimes a little to honest with people that might seem mean or cruel to that person. But she prides herself in telling the truth even if it might hurt someone.

History Rena grew up the youngest child out of six kids. She was often the one that was left out of things or always was given the short end of the deal. Not by her parents but by her siblings. When it came to school, Rena was average student. She likes socializing with other kids and playing with them. Since after all her siblings didn't want anything to do with her much. It didn't take long before she made friends.

As a preteen she started acting out more at home then at school. She would often get into fights with her sisters. Stealing their thing and lying about it. Rena found herself from time to time being grounded because of this. Her curiosity for Star Fleet didn't start until she was fifteen years old. Often times her Uncle would come on by and discuss about advancements that they were doing with her father. She couldn't help herself but find it interesting to say the lest. To travel and see the stars was more then what she could wish for.

Eventually she encountered her Uncle and asked him about it and how she could join. Her Uncle chuckled a little but he went on explaining to her about it and that she needed to have outstanding grades in school to join the academy. There she would train and then soon be part of the Star Fleet of Space explorers. For four years of school she study hard and nothing else mattered to her. She did what ever it took to make her seem like qualified to be part of the academy.

When she graduated from high school second in her class she quickly applied to Star Fleet. The wait she waited for felt like the longest wait of her life. But when she got the letter she was accepted she was more then happy to be part of it. For four years at the academy she stuck to her studies. She learned all that she could and tried new things like weaponry systems and flight control. All thou things were so fun but second year in school she felt her calling and that was to be a counselor.

She took extra studies about the human mind as well as what tactics for diplomatic needs. She loved it and often times used her friends as guinea pigs. Which most of the time they didn't like what so ever. She even took part in the Alien exchange program as well. So when Aliens (Star Fleet already encountered and are peaceful with) she would always greet them and find ways to make them feel welcomed on Earth.

But those four years went by so fast and she graduated from Star Fleet Academy and was a full fledged counselor. She was soon assigned on her first ship the U.S.S Ranger as a Ensign. She was given the position of counselor's aide and she worked side by side with the ships counselor. She served them for five years gaining ranks slowly and steadily. When she turned 27 years old she was given the privileged to go visit one her exchange alien plants. So once U.S.S. Ranger's mission was complete she took some time off and headed to Denobula. There she spent at lest four months there learning things about them and their culture.

She found herself enjoying her time there living among them. But soon her vacation was over and she headed back to earth. She also visit with her family for a short period of time before she was assigned to a different ship the U.S.S. Valkyrie. There she gained a promotion as Lt. as well as head counselor. She spent three years on that ship helping others and learning of new races. And often times help in diplomatic affairs. But soon her time there can to an end and she became recruited to a different ship. She said good bye to her friends and looked forward to her future on the U.S.S. Endeavour.
Service Record 2142|2146: Star Fleet Academy
2146|2153: Recruited to U.S.S. Ranger, Ensign, Counselor's aide.
2 yrs later promoted to Lt. (JG), Head Conselor.
2153|2156- Recruited to the U.S.S Valkyrie, Promoted to Lt. Head Counselor. 2156-Recruited to a different ship

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