Ensign Katherine Weyer

Name Katherine Jessica Weyer

Position Chief Communications Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Nicknames Kitty
Gender Female
Species Human (Boomer)
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 106 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kitty has long shoulder-length wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes complimented by a smile pretty much all the time. She has dimples on her cheeks and a slim build.

Kitty's taste in colors leans strongly to very bright and normally fluro to a level that most would consider tacky. When on duty, she wears standard Starfleet duty uniforms. Off-duty though, it is a completely different story. Her outfits range from jeans and bright t-shirts to self-made costumes. In her quarters though, she doesn't wear anything at all.

Kitty has a pretty strong insecurity in being seen without makeup, so never goes out without some on.

Kitty has a dual ear piercings in both ears with an extra helix in her left ear, often wearing rings or studs in them, some of which can be quite big. Kitty also has nipple piercings and a tattoo of a white star on her left wrist. She also wears a thin purple leather collar under her uniform with a heart pendant containing a photo of Andricia.

Kitty has quite good flexibility, agility and endurance from a lifetime of pilates, yoga and gymnastics, although is not physically strong. She started doing these as a way to counteract the effects of gravity on her body, which hadn't been brought up with more then the minimum aboard the ECS Katoomba. She is also a bit hyperactive so does a lot of running to work out her energy.


Spouse Andricia Singh (Ensign, Science)
Father Dorian Weyer (56 - deceased during Deneva attack)
Mother Ginny Weyer nee Linkovich (54 - deceased during Deneva attack)
Brother(s) Major Benedict Weyer (36, MACO's)
Vance Weyer (31 - deceased during Deneva attack)
Merlin Weyer (28 - Ship Designer at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards)
Sister(s) Samantha Bouvier nee Weyer (33 - United Earth diplomat)
Penny Weyer (30 - Spacedock Co-ordinator)
Other Family Aidan Weyer (grandfather, father's side - 76)
Ghislaine Weyer nee Blackford (grandmother, father's side - 75)

Thaddeus Linkovich (grandfather, mother's side - 77)
Phoebe Linkovich nee Helsing (grandmother, mother's side - 74)

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Weyer-Six-Nine-Five-Zeta
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kitty loves her wife, Andricia, with all her heart and would do anything to help her. Some of their friends have told her that she can be quite mushy & overly affectionate in public. Since Kitty is quite uninhibited, she doesn't really care.

Kitty is quite friendly, personable, gregarious and gets on well with others. Kitty is definitly a 'glass half-full' optimistic sort of person with an over-abundance of energy and a generous nature. Kitty loves singing, and can often be found doing impromptu performances in the mess hall. She also loves telling jokes, with a leaning towards bawdy and risque ones, & doing practical jokes on friends.

During her time at the Academy in 2154, Kitty went along to a session where she was amongst a group of eager cadets listening to stories of some of the journeys of NX-01 Enterprise from some of the crew, and afterwards, she met the most famous space boomer, Travis Mayweather. During a bit of a talk, he gave her some suggestions about living on an NX-class ship, such as where to find areas of lower gravity. She often uses that spot when she wants some private time.

Kitty has a personality trait that some would call 'terminal wanderlust'. She is a consummate explorer, who has managed to push the boundaries in the current time for how far humans have really left their solar system. She believes in following dreams, in pushing one's personal limits and in making every moment count because she is determined not to depart life with any regrets. Kitty is courageous & spunky, with no problems in voicing her opinions.

Kitty's quarters has a number of paintings that she has made - some are of various worlds and space scenes that she has seen, some of these are of self-portrait in various stages of costumes.

Over her years of travelling, Kitty learnt how to defend herself with Aikido, a terran Japanese martial art that blends with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack rather than opposing it head-on, using various throws and joint locks.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
+ exceptional linguist with many languages under her belt:
Kitty has an extensive list of languages that she speaks and has a degree in linguistics. She can speak a number of ancient Terran languages (Ancient Greek, Latin, Celtic), a number of modern Terran languages (English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Afrikaans) and a number of xeno-languages (Andorian, Vulcan, Deltan, Coridan, Klingonese, Tellarite, Rigellan, Orion). She has also been studying what is available from the Coalition of Planets on the language that has been designated 'Romulan'.

+ survivor:
Kitty's father had her taught by one of the Katoomba's Japanese crewmembers to teach her and her brothers how to defend themselves with Aikido. She managed to keep herself alive for seven years in some pretty rough places, mainly using acrobatic dodging or Aikido.

- physically weak and has to exercise a lot to keep her body upto the effects of standard gravity:
On the Katoomba, the gravity was kept lower and growing up like that, Kitty doesn't have as much strength as others. She learnt to counteract this to some extent, but has to work on it.

- has bipolar disorder that requires medication
When she was a little girl, Kitty was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and has taken medicine for it ever since.

Ambitions: To explore, to make the Romulans pay for Deneva

Hobbies & Interests: juggling, drinking, dancing, socialising, learning new languages, meeting new people and species, exploring, gymnastics, acrobatics, art (painting, drawing, sculpture), communications, subspace & non-subspace radio systems

History Kitty was born as a space boomer on a Y-class freighter in the Earth Cargo Service, ECS Katoomba. When she was born, her father, Dorian Weyer, was first officer and her mother, Ginny Weyer, was the ship's doctor. She has a three brothers (Benedict, Vance & Merlin) and two sisters (Samantha, Penny), of which she is the equal youngest & twin to Merlin.

Most of her childhood was spent living aboard the ECS Katoomba or visiting strange interesting worlds during cargo stops.

When she was six, the ECS Katoomba was attacked by pirates, but luckily, they were able to defend themselves long enough until they could reach Vega colony. Even so after it, her father asked one of the crew, a Japanese man named Daichi Takahashi, to teach his children how to defend themselves, and he began teaching them Aikido.

From an early age, Kitty showed a natural talent with learning languages, and had rapidly picked up seven of them from the crew & some regular stays by the time she was eight - English, Japanese, Andorian, Italian, Spanish, Tellarite and Rigellan. She tracked where she had met people from and planned out all manner of trips to far off worlds.

When she was 17, she left the ECS Katoomba to head back to Earth to study a undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Linguistics degree at Oxford University, where her father had studied Engineering. She added a stack of both Terran and Xeno languages during her time.

After finishing her degree, Kitty left Earth aboard a transport to Vulcan, and from there, she headed out into the galaxy using whatever means she could use. Pretty much travelling with nothing except the minimum & some data pads, Kitty spent the next seven years travelling through all manner of places that humans hadn't really travelled to. She worked in various jobs and places, travelling in freighters and ships from all manner of species and abslutely having a ball as she met new people. Some of the planets she visited included Vulcan, Trillius Prime, Draylax, Andor, Tellar Prime, a number of worlds in the Rigel system, Kronos, Babel, Alpha Centauri and Denobula.

At one point, she took an interesting man back to her room while drunk, and the next morning, she woke up in a cage with a neurolytic restraint collar around her neck at an Orion slave processing station. After a few hours, she found herself as the property of a Ferengi business man, and spent most of the next six months aboard his ship as a slave.

She got out of it when he made the mistake of double-crossing some Klingons and was ritually gutted. They left her a small station, where she worked as a waitress for the next year until she could save up enough money to get transport back to United Earth space.

The whole situation as a slave had taught her that it would probably better to travel and explore with some sort of backup rather then solo. So, she signed up to join United Earth Starfleet.

While at the Academy, Kitty trained as a Communications cadet, where she rapidly impressed her instructors with her talents in languages, and took a minor in Engineering as she found that she liked to tinker with the comms equipment. About six months in, she met a beautiful South-African science cadet, Andricia Singh. It was love at first sight and they spent many happy long nights in one or the other's quarters talking about Andricia's home town of Capetown or various places that Kitty had visited or all manner of other things. It was pretty obvious to their friends shortly on that they were a couple and during their second year, they married.

On October 16, 2155, the ECS Katoomba was docked with Deneva Station when the Romulans attacked. Even though it was only armed with low-level weapons, the Katoomba headed out to the line to try and defend the station from attack, but was destroyed. Dorian, Ginny and Vance all died in the explosion.

Kitty and Andricia have come aboard the NX-06 Endeavour, where Kitty was surprised to find that she was given the position of Chief Communications Officer. Andricia works in Science.

Service Record 2152 - 2156: Communications Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2156 - pres: Ensign, Chief Communications Officer, NX-06 Endeavour

Awards (To be filled by Commanding Officer)