Lieutenant Commander Savel

Name Savel M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 75

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1''
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Savel is a thin, small stature Vulcanoid female with a medium-dark skin tone. She has dark naturally wiry hair. However, she does not allow for her hair to grow out much. Instead, she chooses to keep her head shaven or her hair cut very short, often giving her a more masculine looking appearance by human standards. Her ears have the shaping of a typical Vulcan, pointed at their tips. Savel's eyes are as dark as her hair and compliment her deeper skin tone.


Father Vetul
Mother T'Mar

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Savel-One-Zero-One-Phi
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Savel is a rather straight forward Vulcan woman who lives in the world with an interest in the facts. She has a very sharp mind and retains information quite well. Savel is highly observant with what humans would label an eidetic memory. When she comes up with a plan or an idea that she believes is the correct one, she will find it difficult to entertain opposing ideas. This can cause tension with others if they are unable to accept Savel's rigidness.

As mundane as her duties may or may not be, Savel strongly abides to a routine and does not take short cuts nor does she view her tasks as mundane. She feels that maintaining stable operations in a structured order is quite important. Dr. Savel tends to be extremely thorough, always checking the facts and not assuming anything. Savel is often respected for her exceptional loyalty to her duty. Her accuracy, patience, and ability to concentrate makes Savel an ideal physician.

Savel will often come across as cold and indifferent, which may cause those who are not used to Vulcans to be uneasy around her. This personality trait may also earn her a reputation for having a poor bedside manner. Though she is not an extroverted individual and though she has a firm grasp on the control of her emotions, this does not mean that she does not feel or experience emotions. In fact, she is rather sensitive at her core. She is independent and introverted, avoiding social events and with the preference of working alone. However, Savel can and will work with others and in a group if it is beneficial to getting things accomplished.

History Savel, born on a Vulcan scientific research vessel in the year 2090, was the child of a storm of the stars. She was born aboard the science vessel during it's observation of a massive ion storm encompassing the star system that the crew had been attentively studying. Her name, Savel has significance of this stellar event as her name means "Storm-star". Savel's mother was the vessel's Science Officer and her father was the vessel's Commander. Both her parents were followers of the traditional teachings, they suppressed their emotions, kept control over them and did not weaver or falter with their control. Logically, they passed these teaching onto their daughter, Savel. However, Savel would later develop her own beliefs that would not be so widely accepted by her people.

Savel's father continued his distinguished service among the stars with the Vulcan High Command. However, her mother left the Vulcan High Command in order to raise Savel on their home world. It was the logical option, though not one Savel would have made if she were in a similar situation as her parents were. Her mother raised her as any other Vulcan would raise their daughter, to control her emotions, suppressing them and use the teachings of Surak as a guide as to how to live. From the very moment of her birth, Savel underwent all the proper rituals for a Vulcan female. She learned how to live and survive in the barren Vulcan deserts, how to live off the land but never from the land thus the vegetarian diet that is typical of the majority of Vulcans. She experienced the various traditional ceremonies and rites of passage as she grew older, though nothing was more damaging to Savel than the koon-ut-la ceremony.

During her koon-ut-la ceremony, her father escorted her to the home of her destined partner. The small boy was a few years younger than Savel, but their destinies had been intertwined even before the birth of the male child. At the time, Savel did not object to the ceremony as it was customary of her people, of their beliefs and of the beliefs that she herself had been raised to accept as her own. However, the older Savel got, the more and more independence she sought, an independence that would eventually lead to her liberation from the Vulcan traditions. This personal liberation, however, would eventually mark her as a V'tosh ka'tur, a Vulcan without logic. A Vulcan who rejects logic, to be branded as a V'tosh ka'tur meant certain labeling as an outcast or a lost child. She brought what Klingons would have referred to as dishonor to her family. However, dishonor is too emotion based of a term to express what her family endured. Curiosity from other families that perhaps there was a logical reason why Savel was a V'tosh ka'tur. The speculation was that one of her parents were part Romulan. This, however, has no validity.

Before her days as a V'tosh ka'tur, however, Savel had been an intelligent yet independently minded young Vulcan woman, a graduate of the Vulcan Science Academy and subsequent Institute of Medical Studies (2117) where she continued her education, earning her medical degree. The Vulcan High Command, recognizing her distinguished education and the service of both her parents had commissioned Dr. Savel with the rank of Sub-Lieutenant and assigned her to her father's science vessel where she served as one of the ship's physicians. After several years under her father's command, she was promoted in rank to Lieutenant and advanced to the vacated position of the senior most physician, the ship's Medical Officer in 2124.

Savel had found it significantly more difficult to continue her duties as the ship's Medical Officer due to her father overseeing much of her work. Her reports were forwarded to him and more often than not, met with his scrutiny. Despite the hurdles and obstacles that she faced, Savel continued on her father's vessel for an additional twelve years until he retired from active service with the Vulcan High Command in 2136. No longer under the command of her father, and no longer feeling confined to the science vessel where she had been born, Dr/Sub-Lieutenant Savel was promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to a research facility, a Vulcan outpost on the fringes of Vulcan space. There, Lieutenant Savel found herself as Director of Medical Research at the facility. She held this position for six years until 2142 when she moved up in the chain of Administration becoming the Deputy Director of Facility Operations, making second in command of the the research facility and one to oversee all research projects.

Over the years, however, Savel became overcome with a sensation that drove her to leave the research facility in 2150 after receiving a promotion to Major. She was transferred to a more militant vessel as tensions between the Vulcans and Andorians were quickly on the rise. Major Savel found herself serving as the Ship's Medical Officer but also as third in the command structure. It was not something she had sought but accepted it for better or worse. It became quite clearer in 2154, however, that this was indeed for worse. The Head of Vulcan High Command was planning an attack on Andoria, having convinced the Vulcan Government that it was the logical and prudent course of action to take. By 2154 the relations between the Vulcans and Andorians were deathly cold and about to shatter.

A mission near Andorian space was what ended Major Savel's career with the Vulcan High Command. An Andorian colony planet near Vulcan space was ordered for immediate evacuation as hostilities had escalated on the planet between Vulcans and the Andorian colonist. The Vulcan High Command no longer welcomed the colonist after V'Shar reports indicated a likelihood of the establishment of a Andorian base on the planet. Sub-Commander V'Trel and Major Savel oversaw the evacuation from the planet's surface. The evacuation was going as quickly as possible, but not quickly enough. The Andorians got violent and the Vulcans could not maintain the peaceful planned relocation of the colonist.

Some of the more rowdy Andorian colonist exchanged weapons fire with V'Trel and Savel's team. Sub-Commander V'Trel was injured from weapons fire and has to transported back the the vessel. During the small skirmish, the Andorians had inadvertently started a fire that had overtaken an Andorian school. The evacuation and relocation of the colonist by the Vulcans was abruptly postponed as the situation on the planet's surface and the Andorians themselves were deemed to emotionally hostile to properly perform the operation. Major Savel and her men were recalled, ordered back to their vessel. However, the Major disregarded those orders and in stead remained behind to assist the Andorians in the emergency evacuation of children from the burning school. It was an emotionally driven act and one that ultimately cost her career upon returning to her vessel.

Major Savel took immediate responsibility for her insubordinate actions and thus resigned her High Command commission. It was from then onward that she fully embraced something that she always wanted to let out but had worked hard to keep suppressed, her emotions. She was branded a V'tosh ka'tur from that very moment and as word traveled back to Vulcan, her destined mate and the contractual koon-ut-la ceremony was dissolved. Now, an outcast, Doctor Savel no longer called Vulcan home. She stood by the actions that she took, citing her newly embraced emotions allowed her to do what was morally and ethically right. Savel may be labeled as Vulcan without logic, but for Savel, she believes that it is better to be without logic than it is to be without compassion.

Considering her parents, like the rest of the Vulcan High Command, deemed it logical that Savel leave Vulcan, it was rather easy for her to acquire a small warp capable vessel. Aboard her D'Vahl-class vessel, left Vulcan in mid 2154. Her own personal mission was exploration. However, when tensions with the Romulans came to surface, Dr. Savel responded to calls for medical assistance as needed. Unfortunately, her vessel became severely damaged after she found herself caught in the middle of Romulan-Coalition dogfight. She requested assistance which was given by the USS Endeavour.
Service Record 2117: Commissioned rank of Sub-Lieutenant
2217-2124: Physician aboard Vulcan Science vessel
2124-2136: Medical Officer aboard Vulcan Science vessel
2136: Promoted to Lieutenant
2136-2142: Director of Medical Research at Vulcan research facility
2142: Promoted to Major
2142-2150: Assistant Director of Facility Operations at Vulcan research facility
2150-2154: Medical Officer/Second Officer aboard Vulcan combat cruiser
2154: Resigned High Command commission
2154-2156: Whereabouts Unknown
2156: Granted Earth Starfleet rank of Lieutenant Commander
2165-Present: Chief Medical Officer NX-06 Endeavor

Awards (To be filled by Commanding Officer)