Commander Jeannie Sherebrook

Name Jeannie Rose Sherebrook

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Helm Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Terran)
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 126lb
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Blue/Green
Physical Description Jeannie is a slender woman with long chestnut hair which falls in a swathe of natural curls around her shoulders. She wears it up in a chignon when on duty. Her eyes are a mix of blue and green giving an almost azure appearance to them. She has an English rose complexion with a natural blush to her cheeks. She has no distinguishing marks or scars.


Spouse None
Children None
Father David Sherebrook (deceased)
Mother Angela Sherebrook
Brother(s) Frank Sherebrook
Sister(s) Patience Sherebrook (twin)
Other Family None

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Sherebrook-Two-Zero-Four-Mu
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jeannie is outgoing and vivacious. She has a fearless attitude to life. She is loyal, respectful and dutiful.

She hates losing and can sometimes be over confident.

She is an extremely accomplished pilot, follows orders well and is hard working.

She also knows how to relax when off duty.

She wants to command her own Starship one day.

Dancing - she trained to championship level in several disciplines as a child.
Anything that involves flight or motor racing.

She loves anything involving physical activity.

History Born to English parents on her grandfather's farm in Yorkshire, England, Earth, Jeannie was raised mostly by her grandparents whilst her father worked as a pilot for the Combined United Earth Services and her mother worked long hours as a waitress in a nearby restaurant. Whilst growing up, her two loves were dancing and flying. She had learned to fly after pestering her father to let her learn after he had taken her up in his United Earth Attack Fighter.

Jeannie and her twin sister were as different as chalk and cheese and whilst Patience was much more demure and into much gentler pursuits, Jeannie was much more of a tomboy. Whilst she was naturally very close to her twin, she spent more time with her younger brother Frankie and the pair would often land up in trouble.

After finishing school, Jeannie had initially decided to pursue a dancing career but her love for flying wouldn't go away and finally, desperate for more adventure, she joined Starfleet at the age of eighteen.

Moving quickly up the ranks thanks to her bravery and skill, it wasn't long before she became the Chief Helmsman of the USS Freedom where she met a certain Edward Pearson who would later become her Captain.

In 2155, her beloved father died in a flying accident leading to Jeannie taking compassionate leave. It was during this time that doubts about her future with Starfleet began to emerge and she seriously contemplated resigning her commission to help her mother run the farm.

But that was the point where Edward Pearson came back into her life with an offer she couldn't refuse....
Service Record 2139 Starfleet Academy
2143 Graduated top of her flight class
2143 -2148 Helmsman USS Renown (an Antares class vessel)
2148-2155 Chief Helmsman USS Freedom (a Daedalus class vessel)
2155-2156 Compassionate Leave/Career break
2156 1st Officer/Chief Helmsman Endeavour

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