1st Lieutenant Artemis Sadler

Name Artemis Sadler

Position MACO Executive Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant


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Character Information

Nicknames Arty (preferred), Art, Tem (rarely)
Gender Female
Species Human (Lunar)
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Medium in height, coming in at Five foot Five, and rather fit in weight at a Hundred and twenty-five pounds, Artemis is a fairly average woman for her age. With dark brown hair that runs down to mid back, Artemis has bright hazel eyes that routinely shift between brown and green.

Artemis has excessive burn tissue along the right side of her torso from a training accident during her first posting, post academy. However much the doctor tried, from just above her hip running in a strip along her back and ending on her mid neck Artemis has extensive scar tissue.

When on duty, Artemis can generally be found in a general MACO Duty Uniform. Due to the length of her hair, she prefers to keep it in a braid to keep it out of the way, thought depending on the op she'll have it up in a bun.

While Off Duty, Artemis prefers to keep her hair down. As well, she prefers to wear comfortable clothes, such as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a comfortable Jacket.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dr. Morgan Sadler
Mother Amelia Sadler
Brother(s) Hermes Sadler
Sister(s) Dr. Athena Sadler
Hera Sadler-Montgomery

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Sadler-Two-Zero-Zero-Gamma
Living Quarters F Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Artemis is the rebel of the family. The youngest of a scholastic based family, She never really fit to her parents expectations in terms of schooling and grades. Artemis always preferred to be outside (as much as she really could in a Lunar colony), playing spots of some kind in the park. Artemis is a very outgoing and loves to meet people, yet another difference between her and her family as her family preferred to stay at home, reading a book or work on a paper.

Artemis loves her job, the physical nature of it, the comradeary that comes with it. She works had to keep in shape and make sure that the men and women in her unit all have their voices heard. She believes in the Unit working as a team merely directed by the officer rather than the Officer making all the calls. Coincidentally like her name sake, Artemis is an excellent shot.

Though not one to shy away from alot of things, Artemis tends to shy away from discussing her burn scar and tends to try and hide it whenever possible. The therapist stated that it was from guilt issues involving the deaths that also came from the accident.

History Born in the Atlas crater Colony of New Ottawa, Artemis was born to Doctor Morgan Sadler and his wife Amelia Sadler. The youngest of four, Artemis was just the latest to be named after one of the Greek gods. Her father was a professor and New Ottawa university, one specializing in Ancient civilizations, focusing on the Greek in particular, her mother similarly obsessed (albeit more of a hobby than a job) agreed with his notion of naming their children after the Greek Gods.

From a young age, Artemis was the rebel of the family. She enjoyed being out of the house, running through the streets, playing in the parks and just generally being free. She was a stark contrast to her sisters and brother who took after her parents more, all being more interested in study than in fun. Though she was closest with her sister Athena, Artemis never really got along with her siblings.

During her younger school years, Artemis joined as many sports teams as she could, loving the physical nature of them. Not to mention she was good at most of them. Her parents however frowned upon this behavior, believing she should follow her sisters and brother in the field of study rather than waste time on silly things like sports.

By the time she came of age, Artemis was tired of her parents constant pushing towards academics and quickly left to head back to Earth and her colony's sponsor of Canada and did the thing that would piss off her parents the most, she joined the military. Due to her high test scores back home (thanks to the constant pushing of her parents), Artemis was sent to the Royal Military College and ironically, four more years of academics.

After graduating from the Military Academy, Artemis was assigned to CFB Gagetown. For the next three years until they were folded in with the Military Assault Operations Command under the United Earth Government, Artemis worked hard, and enjoyed her job. She loved the sheer exhilaration she got from being physically active almost every day of the week. She soon discovered that like her name sake she also was an excellent shot, quickly earning herself the Designated Marksmen ribbon.

After the Canadian Forces were merged in with that of the MACO's, Artemis was shipped off to Camp Pendelton in California as part of a group of officers working to integrate units from several different countries. It was here, during a live fire training exercise that an explosive munitions was accidentally set off in her squad. Four were killed while several others were injured, Artemis being one of those injured. She had received an extensive burn wound to her back, running from her hip to the middle of her neck. This would never properly heal, as to save her life before she could get to hospital, a medic had done some field work. Though the doctors were able to fix almost half of the burned tissue, Artemis still has an extensive scare to this day.

Following the incident, Artemis was put on medical leave for several months in which she finally visited her family, Athena to be specific. Athena had moved to Earth to pursue her own career separate from that of their parents, being able to speak to atleast part of her family daily helped, and after nine months of visiting with Athena, seeing a shrink and general restlessness, Artemis returned to active duty.

Though she was stuck with desk duty for the first few months, at the outbreak of the war with the Romulans, she was quickly assigned to a unit based on Mars. With several recent attacks though, she has since been reassigned to the front.

(Im going to leave this part a bit ambigous since I dont know how shes getting on the ship yet!)

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