Lieutenant JG Louise Rigby

Name Louise Jane Rigby

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Nicknames LJ
Gender Female
Species Human (Terran)
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 9 stone
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Louise is a small, petite woman with a slender physique.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dr Julian Rigby, PhD
Mother Dr Jane Rigby, MD
Brother(s) Andrew Rigby
Sister(s) Mairead Rigby

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Rigby-Six-Four-Four-Beta
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

History Louise was the youngest of 3 children born to Doctors Julian and Jane Rigby. From a young age, she had been put under a lot of pressure after both her older brother and sister decided they didn't want to continue the family trade of being medical doctors.

Louise wanted to fulfil her parents wishes so pushed herself hard at school. She graduated at the top of her class meaning she had her pick of universities. She chose Oxford University.

During her time at Oxford she began to get fascinated with space travel and wanted to join Starfleet after finishing her degree but didn't know how her parents would take the news that she wouldn't be joining the family medical practice.

After finishing completing her PhD, Louise's parents allowed her to take six months out to relax before starting work with them. She used the time to travel and clear her head. Once she reached San Francisco however the draw of Starfleet was too much and she applied to the academy and was accepted.

Louise headed home to explain to her parents her plans. At first they rejected the idea and insisted that she start at the practice, but once she'd explained she had fulfilled their wishes to become a doctor and it was her wish to join Starfleet.

Reluctantly, they agreed. So Louise packed her stuff and headed for San Francisco. After a couple of years of basic training Louise passed out of Starfleet and given the rank of Lieutenant Junior grade due to her already being a qualified Doctor and assigned her to the Endeavour as a Medical Officer.

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