Lieutenant Saren

Name Saren

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 70kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Saren's daintiness and spindly limbs make him appear less strong than his Vulcan ancestry would indicate. At first appearance he would seem malnourished such is his gaunt face and thin frame, being the result of his peculiarly minimalist eating habits, adopted to aid him in his spiritual pursuits.

He maintains a bald head and a close shave that accentuates his rather tanned appearance.


Spouse Jasmin Williams
Father Jim Burgess (adoptive human parent)
Mother Karen Burgess (adoptive human parent)
Brother(s) Frank Burgess is Karen and Jim's only birth child, his siblings including Saren being adopted by his parents after the death of their birth parents. Frank is a volunteer doctor in Columbia and an amateur mountain climber in his spare time - his favourite spots mainly found in the Andes. Frank and Saren are relatively close and see each other whenever Saren is home.
Sister(s) T'Paun is the chosen outcast of the family, and Saren's older biological sister. Both her and Saren were adopted by Jim and Karen Burgess when their parents died at a bombing of the Vulcan compound in San Francisco.

T'Paun favours the pursuit of her dead parents' culture unlike Saren, and lives as a teacher of Vulcan emotion-purging in a temple to Surak on Vulcan. She does not communicate much with her family and her and Saren never saw eye to eye.
Other Family Saren's biological relatives are either deceased or unkown. Even his sister, T'Paun who lives on Vulcan never attempted to find them as she deemed the search illogical.

All Saren was ever able to glean from his parents' accounts of his biological parents was that his father, Savek was a young Vulcan diplomat and his mother, T'Pen was a low-ranking scientist. Both worked for the high command and died in a bomb blast that killed dozens at the Vulcan compound in San Francisco. Recent evidence have re-ignited the cold-case of these bombing, pointing to an early resurgence group that eventually came to be known as Terra Prime.

Saren's adoptive parents were close friends of Savek and T'Pen and felt obligated to raise Saren and his sister, T'Paun after their deaths.

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Saren-Four-Four-Three-Pi
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Saren is Vulcan solely in the physiological sense. His upbringing by human parents have made him human in cultural and personal outlook. He is measured and gentle in his interactions with others but his manner is filled with good intent and a notably good sense of humour, not to mention a wisdom and temperance that seems to exceed his relative youth. That said, given his relative inexperience in the field it is yet to be seen if his years of practised control are sufficient to keep the Vulcan side of him grounded on Terra Firma.

History Saren was raised in Norway by Human parents after the age of 2, along with his Vulcan biological sister, T'Paun and his human brother, Frank. He grew up under a political atmosphere that had become more and more xenophobic towards Vulcans, and was frequently dependent on his close friendship with his sister until they grew older. Saren found strength against the bullying and exclusive behaviour of his human classmates right the way through University in the Eastern spiritual teachings of Buddhism, Taoism and Jainism. This interest has had a great effect on his later life and the person he is today and he maintains a strong personal relationship with them.

Understanding the value of control over his more turbulent Vulcan emotions, combined with his patriotic views on Earth has lead to Saren's spiritual connection with the meditative teachings of Eastern spirituality. The years he has spent in the Himalayas before entering Starfleet, practising some extreme forms of austerity and solitude is visible in his manor and his philosophy. He is an honorary Tibetan monk and connects with the history of the region in many ways.

Fortunately, owing to his solitude at the time Saren avoided the xenophobic movement, Terra Prime and returned to San Francisco as much of the hostilities evaporated.

His sister could not find such satisfaction in these practices however. As she grew older she became emotionally volatile and sought refuge on Vulcan after running from home at the age of 17, thus ending her's and Saren's sibling friendship. Saren's family have heard from her only once, on her 22nd birthday when she informed them of her success in undergoing the Kolinhar - the Vulcan right of emotional purging, and that she was apprentice to a cleric at a temple to Sarek. T'Paun's disappearance has been a major source of sadness and anger for Saren.

He is a black belt in Tai Chi though his peaceful views would seem to count this as a contradiction to his character. Despite being approached by teachers in the line of security at the academy his dedication to understanding the truths of the Universe through science and exploration lead him to becoming a celebrated member of his final year. He aided aboard several exploratory vessels in training programs as an Academy envoy and spent many years teaching and lecturing at various Universities throughout the Terran colonies.
Service Record Despite his limited experience in the field, Saren's grades and extra-curricular activities at the Academy and its sister organisations has lead him to achieving high standing early in his career.

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