Ensign Anastasia Dalton

Name Anastasia Ana Dalton

Position Chief Communications Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Nicknames Ana
Gender Female
Species Human (Terran)
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 161 Lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ana's body draws stares, as a result, she has never been able to truly blend into her surroundings. Stunningly curvaceous and radiant, she posses an appearance that stays in the minds of most people she meets, leaving a lasting impression. She stands 5 fleet, 7 inches, which ensures that she's only slightly shorter than most of the people around her. Her blue eyes seem to hide some secret simple truths of existence and have alot to do with the sense of presence she projects. Her red hair is always kept well-styled and is usually kept in a loose bun when she is on duty. Her voice is low and sultry.


Father Maxwell Dalton
Mother Sara Reese-Dalton
Brother(s) Terry
Sister(s) Jocelyn

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Dalton-Three-Zero-Zero-Mu
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charm is one of Ana's strongest qualities. She is very charismatic and is known as a natural social leader, even to the point of extreme popularity at times. Most of her energies go into finding new people to befriend, a quality that has earned her some powerful advocates. It has also earned her no small reputation as a lady who "always gets what she wants". In contrast to her charm, she possess a self-assuradness that is well-deserved, but can be intimidating to most people; not that she cares. She is not very sensitive to criticism, but has a difficult time focusing on that which she has no interest in. She has a history of learning new information at a rate that can only be described as "genius".

Ana is a very entertaining woman, especially when she likes someone; but that courtesy is something that is seldom extended to those whom she dislikes. Sporting a gossiping tongue, Ana is prone to talking about people behind their backs and even spreading rumors. Intelligent and clever, she is an exceptional decision maker and strategic commander, if not a bit reckless.

Ana longs for excitement, stimulation, and novelty and looks forward to experiencing as much of these things as she can while she is still young. She has very little desire to ascend in position in Starfleet, as higher ranks tend to come with more responsibilities. she would, undoubtedly, be very good at it, but doesn't find the idea entertaining.

After her time in Starfleet has finished serving her and she has learned all that she will benefit from learning, she has dreams of resigning her commission and opening a club on Earth. She also wants to, eventually, get married and have children, if she can ever find the right guy.

Ana loves to party and hang out with friends. She is a woman who loves her sports as well, and spends much of her free time doing physical exercises and dancing. She enjoys the company of men as much as any woman, but her charm and stunning beauty allows her to attract attention most others cannot. Her love for travel and exploration is more than fulfilled in her Starfleet career. She would, therefore, never take position on a Starbase.

History Ana was born to Maxwell and Sara Dalton in Ann Arbor, Michigan. When she was just a little girl, her father became the ambassador to Vulcan. She was never able to go on his travels with him, but since an early age she was fascinated by other cultures; language in particular. Her father taught her several human languages when she was still small, and her knowledge only grew over the years.

When she was young, Ana was very curious and kind, but as she entered High School, that changed. Very quickly Ana had become a different person in many ways. She developed into a very voluptuous and mean-looking girl, and developed an attitude to match it. In the time she’d been in school, she had become "queen bee" and wielded a fantastic amount of social authority. Ana gave her parents hell during this time, between smoking and drinking to arguing with the local girls, as it was a skill she’d mastered, they barely knew what to do with her; she was not the girl they had tried to raise in many ways. She eventually grew out of these habits, but they still left a mark.

After Ana graduated from High School, excellent grades and terrible behavior marks caused her parents to have faith that she would mature with time. She wanted to join Starfleet, having been amazed by what she learned of the opportunities to see the galaxy and learn of many different cultures it offered . She told them that she wanted to be an explorer, and they were extremely encouraging, proud that their daughter had such lofty dreams. Before she joined the academy, however, Ana gained degrees in exo-linguistics and culture from several institutions.

Bright-eyed and hopeful, and more than a little cocky, young Cadet Anastasia Dalton walked the halls of the Academy like she owned the place. Her ability as an officer was deniable though, because she seemed to have a particular lack of discipline. She made more friends than she’d realized and more enemies than she’d like to admit in many places. Those who liked her found her charming, witty, smart, sexy, and confident, while those who disliked her found her arrogant, rude, and impatient. She thrived nonetheless. At the end of her second year, she took a Communication & Linguistics concentration.
BA World Language - Languages of India
BA Alien Language - Vulcan

Masters - Xeno-Linguistics

Communication & Linguistics Concentration

+ Promoted to Ensign - Age 28
- Assigned as Chief Communications Officer

Awards (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

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