Ensign Aidan Thale

Name Aidan Elias Thale

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Terran)
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5"10'
Weight 151 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Aidan Thale's physique can be described as a cross between muscular and scrawny. His physical strength is only above average in kinetic situations, so you'll rarely see him dead lift anything impressive. What he lacks in physical presence, he more than makes up for in raw aggression. With a constant sour scowl on his face, he doesn't present himself as approachable at all. He constantly reeks of cigarette smoke and occasionally whiskey when off duty. On his outer left forearm, he bears a tattoo of the MACO shark emblem (The first thing he got after completing MACO basic training). On the top of his right foot he has a tattoo of an arrow pointing to his big toe reading 'Wrap Dogtags Here' (a memoir from his first drunken shore leave). While his dark brown hair used to be cut in a clean high and tight when he was an enlisted MACO rifleman, he's since grown it out along with a set of sideburns, in complete violation of the Starfleet officer grooming standard.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Richard Thale
Mother Grace Thale
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Thale-Seven-Seven-Five-Eta
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview In a word? Surly. Aidan makes it abundantly clear that he isn't where he wants to be in life. He's not at all friendly, overly sarcastic, and extremely impatient. He's very confrontational with other scientists, and doesn't like having his professional opinions ignored. He doesn't do this for the sake of being difficult, but rather to explore all variables of the scientific method regardless of how abrasive it comes across. Underneath his sour demeanor is a talented scientist who misses his life as an enlisted MACO when life was much simpler for him. Aidan gets along far better with MACOs and can often be found loitering around the barracks and watching training drills from the side. He hates every morning he has to wake up and put on his teal blue Starfleet uniform, longing for the highly structured, rigid discipline the MACOs gave him. On top of his bad attitude, and lack of graces as a Starfleet officer, Aidan has quite a few vices which amplified after he was drummed out of the MACOs and into the science labs. He's hopelessly addicted to cigarettes, enjoys his off duty whiskey a little too much, and has a nasty habit of gambling away all of his valuables whenever an establishment hosts games of chance. He's also no stranger to the brig for bar fighting, which is one of the many reasons he's never been promoted passed the rank of Ensign since he completed Officer Candidate School. On the upside, the MACOs instilled a very military minded mentality in Aidan. When given a task, he's extremely mission oriented. Even as a Science Officer, he considers himself a soldier first and a scientist second. As a result, he prefers to be addressed by his rank over any other titles while in uniform.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Combat ready at the drop of a hat, gifted scientific mind, mission oriented, violently loyal if he considers you a friend, brave, and doesn't know how to quit.

Weaknesses: Combat ready at the drop of a hat, aggressive, confrontational, lacks most of the graces expected of an officer, alcoholic, chain smoker, argumentative, condescending, sarcastic, intolerant of people he views as his intellectual inferiors, hates his job as a Science Officer, and prone to fighting when drunk.

History Aidan Thale was the only child of Richard and Grace Thale. Two loving parents who lived a modest life from Richard's career as an administrator of a dilithium drilling company. At an early age, it was apparent that Aidan was a mentally gifted child, who processed information with speed and ease as well as learning at a quicker rate than his classmates. While he teared through the advanced placement classes he'd been assigned to, Aidan's parents were left with a difficult decision. Aidan's teachers recommended special schools for gifted children which would have made him one of the youngest students in higher grades. While weighing their options, Aidan's parents decided it would be best that their son have as normal a childhood as possible in spite of his gift. This would later turn out to be one of the most detrimental decisions in Aidan's life.

The problem with being the smartest kid in schools meant for children developing at an average rate is that it immediately made him a target. Aidan was bullied relentlessly in school and didn't find much solace with the other nerd classmates. Everyday was torment on him, and people got used to seeing him with black eyes, arm slings, broken leg grav-stabilizers or suspended from his underwear in unusual places. Being ridiculed, bullied and beaten on a daily basis made Aidan hate people in general. No matter how much he tried to stick up for himself, it only got worse. He longed for a place he could feel accepted and never targeted for who he was.

The bullying was at its worst in his senior year in high school. Before graduation, the school sports teams would band together to play elaborate pranks on him. After 18 years, Aidan had finally had enough. It was the month before graduation. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Aidan would graduate as the valedictorian and representatives from prestigious schools were eager to entice him with scholarships to their colleges. It was even rumored that he could have earned an easy entry into the famed Vulcan Science Academy. As the career fair carried on, something inside of Aidan snapped in the wake of the last prank played on him. He passed all the college reps vying for his attention and marched himself straight to the MACO Recruiting Sergeant. What he said next shocked everyone: "Where do I sign?" With his future sealed, Aidan signed the dotted line and prepared to report to Basic Training in one month. For the first time in years, Aidan smiled as he passed his high school tormentors and grinned even wider at the words of his Recruiting Sergeant: "Pay no mind to them anymore, son. The MACOs will make you more of a man than those boys could ever hope to be."

The first week of basic training was the hardest. Aidan, having never excelled at anything athletic in his life, was beginning to wonder if he'd made a huge mistake. After all, he was far more suited for a life of academic contemplation than crawling through the mud in full combat gear. But he noticed one key difference from the torment of basic training and the horrors of being bullied. No one cared how smart he was. No one cared that he was a geek and no one cared to make a target of him. As a MACO recruit he was in just as much agony as everyone else and worked closely with his fellow MACOs to complete the training. He felt a real sense of camaraderie and acceptance in uniform. That and 18 years of being a victim translated well into the aggressive aspects of MACO life. He tackled everything head on and with passion, using his anger as his driving force. He always knew what he was capable of mentally, but know he was aware of his own worth physically. After basic training, Aidan shipped off as Private to infantry training where he negotiated every obstacle with the same passion he discovered he had in basic. Aidan loved being a MACO and even as a lowly grunt felt he was apart of a brotherhood of warriors, tasked with defending Earth.

MACO life was everything he wanted it to be. He wasn't expected to think, only to follow orders. He got along with everyone in his platoon, and never gave anyone the indication that he was of above average intelligence. He executed even the most menial and degrading duties with an enthusiasm that perplexed even his NCOs. Even when stationed on the NX Malaysia carrying out boring backwater patrol missions, he was the happiest Corporal in the barracks. Unfortunately for Aidan, this wouldn't last long. On his final planet-side patrol, his platoon was involved in a firefight against Red Sand narcotics cartels. While the operation was a success and no MACO casualties were sustained, Aidan's armor picked up an internal vitals scan with some discrepancies. After being ordered to report to sickbay for testing, it was discovered that Aidan had a rare brain disease. While the logical and critical thinking areas of his brain worked remarkably fast, it was noted that too much stimulation from physical or traumatic stress could induce a complete shutdown rendering him comatose. This made him a liability to the MACOs.

With his hopes of continuing service as a rifleman dashed, Aidan applied for a medical discharge which was denied on grounds that he was still of able body and mind and still had 2 years left of his enlistment contract to fulfill. The search for a less stressful occupation within Starfleet began. After a basic aptitude test, his high IQ became apparent once more. With few appealing options available to him, Aidan reported for Officer Candidate School (bypassing Starfleet Academy on grounds that he'd only be a 2nd year cadet by the time his contract released him) and was assigned as a general Science Officer upon graduation.

Ensign Thale spiraled into a deep depression after taking off his MACO fatigues for the last time and putting on his Science teal for the first. He was assigned to the Darwin, an older Curie-Class science vessel. He had more than enough talent to work besides the top minds of the Darwin's Science Department, but not the will. He was lax in most of his menial duties, often daydreaming of a two day patrol with rifle in hand. Whenever he was assigned to a project worth doing, he became instantly confrontational with the other researchers, ironically being seen collectively by the other scientists as something of a bully.

Things really came to a head when Aidan began arguing consistently over the path of their research with his department head. Off duty was much worse, as Aidan would often drink irresponsibly and engage in barroom brawling which landed him in the brig more often than not. Aboard the Darwin, the last brig cell on the left became known as the 'Thale Suite'. With his department head at a loss as to how to properly allocate Ensign Thale, and a general feeling that he was more of a hindrance than a help to their research, the decision was made to transfer him to another assignment aboard the NX Endeavour. His current assignment is considered by many of his superiors to be his last chance, and he is expected to perform his last two years of service adequately or face a Bad Conduct Discharge, which would destroy any hope he has of acquiring a career as a Private Military Contractor in the civilian sector.
Service Record 2152: Graduated Powell High School, Wyoming
2152: Private - Enlisted MACO
2153: Private First Class - Assigned to USS Malaysia as a Rifleman
2154: Lance Corporal - Peacekeeping patrols in the Navu Sector
2155: Corporal - Deployed to Shiku Sector as apart of first response Joint Anti-Narcotic Trafficking Operations
2155: Medically discharged from MACO, enrolled in Starfleet Officer Candidate School
2155: Ensign - Graduated OCS, Assigned to the Darwin as general Science Officer
2156: Ensign - Reassigned to NX Endeavour as general Science Officer

Awards (To be filled by Commanding Officer)