Lieutenant Hamilton Long

Name Hamilton Willard Long

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Nicknames Ham
Gender Male
Species Human (Terran)
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Bule
Physical Description At an even six feet tall Ham is slightly taller than average. His blond hair will not stay combed, most likely due to his habit of running his hand through it when talking, thinking, or even thinking about talking.


Spouse None
Children none
Father David Long
Mother June Long
Brother(s) Don Long. Don is six years older than Ham. Don took to the arts as a young child and has become an accomplished painter and sculptor. Don once held a gallery showing of a series of paintings depicting the Neptune's expedition to the Alpha Centauri Star System.
Sister(s) Lacy Long. Lacy is three years older than Ham and has followed in their father's foot steps and became an astronomer. She now lives on Mars where she works at the Olympus Mons Observatory complex
Other Family None

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Long-Two-One-One-Omega
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ham is easy going with a quick whit and is likely to make light of any situation.

Although no one can explain why and Ham has never explained it. He operates under the notion that all Tellarite every where love him. This belief was only cemented in his mind while the Endeavour was docked in a Tellarite ship yard after the ship suffered extensive damage wile defending the planet Altair VI from Romulan attack.

He prefers to be called Ham rather than his proper name of Hamilton. Never use his middle name. The name Willard is not to be spoken in his presence.

He has a strong work ethic and will only leave a job undone if ordered to do so and expects those under him to put more as much effort as he does. He leads by example and will not ask anyone to do something he himself would not do.

In his spare time he loves to cook.

History Ham was born to June and David Long in 2122. Both of his parents were academics teaching at Rice University in Houston Texas. His Mother taught Biology and his father taught astronomy.

As a child he would often stay up all night with his father looking at the stars. His Father would tell him about the different planets and the people who lived there. Ham would sit beside his father and dream of one day going out there and seeing those places for himself.

If he was not star watching with his father he was reading a book from his mother had given him. This led him to be well versed in the classics from Earth's History.

Ham was never the athletic type. Instead he enjoyed pursuits of a more academic nature. During his Senor year in high school he was captain of his schools debate team.

At age nineteen he entered the Fleet Academy in 2141. While he did well in all areas of study Ham was amazed to find he had a gift for engineering.

During his second year at the Academy he fell in love for a classmate by the name of Molly O'Connor who broke his hart when she left him for an upper class man.
Service Record 2145: Graduated from the Fleet Academy. Assigned to the Mars a Ranger class ship as Damage Control Specialist with the rank of Ensign. During his time on the Ranger the ship was assigned to patrol duties in the outer reaches of the Sol System in including a one year circumnavigation of the outer edge of the Ort Cloud.

2148: Assigned to the Neptune an Ranger Class ship as Engineering Officer. As an Engineering Officer on the Neptune he took part in a mission exploring and mapping the Alpha Centauri Star System.

Wile in orbit of the star Centauri B the Neptune was caught by a solar flare. the ship was heavily damaged and the warp 2 engine was off line for three weeks while the engineering team had to rebuild the reactor.

2154: Assigned to the Columbia an NX Class ship as an Engineering Officer while the ship was still in the final stages of construction. He had hoped that the move to the Columbia would with a promotion but the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer position went to a full Lieutenant who had put in for a field assignment after working on the construction of the Enterprise and Columbia.

Upon is arrival on the Columbia he was assigned to head the team working to complete the final assembly of the Starboard Nacelle. As team leader he manged to get the Starboard Nacelle completed a full week ahead of schedule although the Nacelle was two weeks behind schedule when he took over as team leader.

As part of the crew of the Columbia Ham took part in the Columbia's assistance of the Enterprise including a hazards maneuver that found the Columbia and the Enterprise flying belly to belly at warp 5.2 mere meters from each other. He also took part in the rescue of Doctor Phlox, the Chief Medical Officer on the Enterprise, from Qu'Vat colony, engaging in battle with several Klingon vessels.

After Chief Engineer Charles Tucker returned to the Enterprise Captain Erika Hernandez decided to go with the crew she had instead of waiting for fleet command to send her a new CEO and promoted the ACEO to the Chief Engineer's position and Hamilton got the promotion to Assistant Chef Engineer with the rank of Lieutenant jg.

2156: Assigned to the Endeavor an NX Class ship as the ship's Chief Engineer with a promotion to full Lieutenant.

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