Ensign Solok

Name Solok

Position Armory Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age Eighty Earth years

Physical Appearance

Height 1.70 meters; 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight 75 kilograms; 165 pounds
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description As a Vulcan, Solok has significant physical strength and stamina. Given his career as a security officer, he has a more noticeable physical build and more strength than many Vulcans. Although not as tall as many of his male contemporaries, Solok can nonetheless be intimidating. When he worked for the Ministry of Security, this fact was noted as being an asset.


Spouse T'Lar
Children Two, both on Vulcan
Father Stov
Mother T'Van
Brother(s) One, killed during Vulcan Reformation
Sister(s) Two, both on Vulcan
Other Family Cousin, Skon; Uncle, Solkar, first Vulcan ambassador to Earth

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Solok-Zero-One-Zero-Omega
Living Quarters D Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Solok, once a security officer an intelligence agent of the Vulcan High Command, has, along with his wife, decided that it is not logical to withhold assistance from United Earth in their fight against the Romulan Star Empire. His disillusion has been growing for years, the final straw being the death of his brother during the Vulcan Reformation. Deciding to help Starfleet, he has resigned his commission on Vulcan and has requested permission to join the service.

History Born on March 21, 2076--by the Earth calendar, Solok was not so very different from other Vulcan children of the time. His parents--as their parents before them--trained him in primary logic from an early age. At age seven--2083--Solok underwent his bonding to T'Lar, the mate chosen for him by mutual agreement between the respective families. Unusually, Solok and T'Lar were not just bonded to one another, but also friends. In later years, this provided for a fuller relationship than some more traditional Vulcan marriages.

Solok's schooling was typical of the time, though he did graduate with honors from his secondary school and excelled in athletic pursuits. Once he reached adulthood, Solok briefly entered the priesthood before deciding to join the Ministry of Security, where he was trained in multiple forms of armed and unarmed combat. He particularly excelled at the Klingon Bat'leth, which saw him eventually acting as part of the security force for the Vulcan embassy on Q'onos, and also Earth at a later date. A year into his training, he underwent the Pon'Farr and married T'Lar.

Solok served the Ministry of Security for over fifty years with distinction. He managed to balance work and family life as well as he could, considering that his daughter--born 2106--was born prematurely, his son was born seven years later and T'Lar, after a transport accident, suffered damage to her reproductive organs in 2115. (This caused Solok to take several months of leave and consider resigning from his position).

Over time, Solok became disillusioned with the Vulcan High Command. In July of 2154, his brother was killed during the Vulcan Reformation, and this prompted Solok to resign his commission that month. He moved with T'Lar to Earth, their children already having begun families of their own. He submitted a petition to join Starfleet on August 5, 2154, and it was accepted five days later. He underwent an accelerated course of Starfleet training and was able to serve aboard the Columbia NX-02 when it launched in December of 2154.

Solok and his wife served in their respective capacities for the next twenty-two months, he in security and she as a civilian interpreter and counselor. Solok was asked to transfer to Endeavour in 2156, and after discussing it with T'Lar, he came aboard in September of that year.
Service Record Born, March 2076
Vulcan trothplight, 2083
Graduates secondary school, 2094
Joins Ministry of Security, 2098
Marriage, 2099
Leaves Vulcan Ministry of Security, July 2154
Petition to Starfleet accepted, August 12, 2154
Undergoes training, September-November 2154
Due to Romulan Drone attack is assigned to Columbia (NX-02), December 2154
Serves until 2156 aboard Columbia
Transfers to Endeavour with wife T'Lar, who joins the ship's civilians as an interpreter

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