Name T'Lar

Position Counselor


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age Eighty Earth years

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75 meters; 5'9"
Weight 65 kilograms; 143 pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description T'Lar is a thin woman, taller than her husband. While she still has significant strength due to her Vulcan biology, her pursuits tend towards academics. As a result, while fit, she does not considered herself well-muscled, in contrast to her husband, Ensign Solok of Endeavour's security force.


Spouse Solok
Children Two, both on Vulcan
Father Strel
Mother T'Pel
Brother(s) One
Sister(s) None

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code T'Lar-One-Nine-Eight-Rho
Living Quarters D Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'Lar is a lively, bright woman, though to human colleagues she still exhibit the typical calm associated with Vulcans, although she is more emotional than most. However, there is nothing she likes better than a discussion of something, whether it be politics, literature, human psychology and emotions--something she finds particularly fascinating since leaving Vulcan--or the music of those composers of whom she is fond. She has a bit of a temper, most likely as a result of her long confinement after a severe transport accident. This, however, rarely shows, particularly among humans, even if she finds them difficult.

When not engaged in her work or discussions of some fascinating topic, T'Lar enjoys reading, playing the Vulcan lute and playing Cal'toh, though she is not particularly good at this last pursuit. She has recently picked up Chess, and has improved her game during her time on Columbia and Endeavour.

History Born in 2076, T'Lar was much like other Vulcan children. Betrothed to Solok at age seven, her parents encouraged her to cultivate a friendship with him--unusual for Vulcan families. This was, unfortunately, a necessary thing, for T'Lar's parents were both archaeologists and often away in the field. As a result, the young T'Lar spent much time with Solok and his parents, and this closeness later provided for a stronger, more liberal marriage than typical for Vulcans.

Once she graduated from secondary school, T'Lar followed the footsteps of her parents into university studies. Where they had studied archaeology, T'Lar studied languages, literature and psychology. She quickly proved her academic worth by translating an Andorian text recovered from Paan Mokar. (The text had no technical, scientific or tactical value to it, but it still gave insight into the Andorian mindset).

T'Lar married Solok in the midst of her studies, and did not let those studies stop, even while pregnant. The pair had intended to have three children, but after their second child was born, a transport accident made it extremely risky for T'Lar to have future offspring. While Solok would have been well within his rights to leave her for another woman capable of bearing him children--the government at the time being more conservative than even former Administrator V'Las's--the nature of their marriage prevented this. (Solok did not wish to do so in any case). They had undertaken the banned practice of mind melding during Solok's first blood fever, and as a result, are closer than many Vulcan couples.

Both their children grew up in a loving home, even though their parents were often busy with their respective positions. Once these children left--their son for the priesthood and their daughter to marry her female partner--Solok and T'Lar spent time on Earth. This showed them how the Vulcan High Command held back humans from great technical achievements, and was one of the factors behind their eventually leaving Vulcan for Earth permanently. This, however, only occurred after Solok's brother was killed during the Vulcan Reformation of 2154.

With her husband, T'Lar served for a time on Columbia in Communications and as someone the crew could turn to for counsel and advice. Her language skills proved invaluable when a rogue group of Klingons kidnapped a Telarite general. (Columbia was in the area and was asked to investigate). T'Lar's help led to the safe return of the Telarite and decoration by both the Tellar and Earth governments.

She transferred to Endeavour with Solok in 2156, where she fulfills much the same position she did on Columbia, though the war means her time is usually spent working in Communications, rather than counseling the crew.

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