Ensign Erwan Tanet

Name Erwan Enea Tanet

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Denevan)
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 177 cm
Weight 74 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Not particularly tall or impressive, Erwan has still the physique of someone who grew up on a hostile planet with lots of manual work to do: accidentally muscular. Erwan's best feature is certainly - in his opinion - his hair.

He is almost entirely fashion-blind and will wear his uniform even out of service. He strikes as being slightly clumsy.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Evariste Tanet (food engineer)
Mother Gwendoline Tanet (Denevan politician)
Brother(s) Noel Tanet (26, builder)
Rowan Tanet (18, student)
Sister(s) Pierrette Tanet (27, bioengineer)

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Tanet-Seven-Two-One-Beta
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Note: "Erwan Tanet" is a Breton name. His first name, "Erwan", is roughly pronounced like "Air-One".

---- Brief biography ----

Erwan has the distinction of having been amongst the first children born on Deneva Prime, and grew up in a colonial environment without many other children to socialize. As a result, he has grown into a quiet individual who doesn't necessarily look for company. He isn't necessarily unwelcoming, although he will not try very hard to hide his dislike for people he doesn't like. After joining Starfleet he has certainly become more open and affirmative, but he will still hesitate in opening his mouth unless he really had something to say.

When he was 9 years old he contracted the Yerax purple fever, a native Denevan illness that almost killed him. While he has survived, it has left him with a residual occasional cough.

He developed very early on a passion for planetology and chemistry, and left his home planet to obtain an education that he can't really obtain there.

He intends to go back to Deneva eventually and give his contribution to the terraforming effort. In his youth he considered himself to be a pacifist, and the current conflict with the Romulans puts him at terrible unease.

---- Strengths and weaknesses ----

He is well versed to inorganic chemistry and is at ease in most scientific labs. He, however, has real difficulties wrapping his head around subspace physics.

He is extremely slow to anger. He might compensate with sarcastic comments.

He is a lousy fighter, very hesitant to engage the enemy without some sort of advantage.

He doesn't hate the very concept of swimming, but he can't suffer the fact that swimming might involve lots of cold water.

---- Languages ----

His pronunciation of Standard is somewhat colonial - he rolls his rs a bit too much, and uses too many odd voiceless velar fricatives.

Aside from Standard, he can speak French, Breton and an extremely modest amount of Italian.

---- Hobbies ----

He is a passionate reader and would like to learn ancient Greek in order to read the Iliad.

He used to do lots of exobotany (if gardening on a colonial planet counts), but now that he's on a ship, all he has is a small Denevan plant in a vase in his sleeping quarters.

As for music, he prefers Mendelssohn.

---- Family, friends and relationships ---

He is very fond of his family, although he keenly appreciates being in a different part of the galaxy as they are.

Despite being all too often insufferably cheerful (or maybe because of it), Erwan doesn't really make friends fast.

His only relevant relationship, with a Medicine cadet named Andrea, took place while they were at the Starfleet Academy and lasted almost three years.

History Erwah was born on Deneva on March 2nd 2127 from an Earth family of Breton origin. Deneva Prime is an outer colony of Earth, with the distinction of being amongst the furthest from the home planet. It's a fertile land with an impressive autochthonous flora and fauna, in the process of being terraformed for human life.

His youth was normal for being on a planet that is being colonized and made more welcoming to human life. Aside from having to hide while the colony was attacked by alien pirates (when he was five years old) and almost dying of of an alien illness, the Yerax purple fever (when he was nine years old), it was almost uneventful.

Things changed when he decided to pursue an education and noticed that a planet being colonized does not have big universities. Aged nineteen, he enrolled in the Human Colonial Educational Network, moving to Vega for some year to study Terraforming Chemistry (with a minor focus on Planetology).

Not satisfied, in 2151 he enrolled in Starfleet in the Scientific Section. He was on Earth when it was attacked by the Xindi, and he was still on Earth when the Romulan hostilities broke.

In 2156 he was assigned to the USS Endeavour NX-06.
Service Record 2145-2150: Student at the Vega Advanced Technical Institute (VATI), Vega
2151-2156: Cadet, Scientific section, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2156-... : Ensign, Scientific section, Endeavour NX-06

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