Ensign Yvonne Windsor-Forbes

Name Yvonne Isadora Windsor-Forbes M.D.

Position Counselor

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Terran)
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 190 cm
Weight 80 kg
Hair Color Bright Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A tall and imposing woman, Yvonne shows an hourglass figure she maintains with the utmost care.

Fiery red hair, bright green eyes and a pale, perfect skin create the perfect picture of a descendant of the former Nobles of England.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jacob Windsor
Mother Ninfadora Forbes
Brother(s) Jacques Oliver Windsor-Forbes (heir to the weapons factory of her family)
Other Family Nana Jean (The maid that grew her up. She's like a second mother to her)

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Windsor-Forbes-Zero-Zero-Six-Psi
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yvonne can be defined with just a couple of words: classy, and posh.

Too much posh for her own safety, maybe.

She has a constant "snobish" attitude, but if she's given orders she'll follow them without any problem. She likes order, and to follow orders is a way to keep orders.

If the orders aren't absurd, of course.

History The fortune of the Forbes family starts with the thirld world war. They were a small brand of ammunition producers, but as the war raged on, the growth was just staggering. In just a few years the Forbes Ammo Inc. became one of the behemoths of the English economy. The family didn't waste the gained wealth: they amassed and invested in properties, stayin away from the stock exchange, well knowing that once the dust would've settled, after the war, stock would be worth for naught. They did spend money on something, though: titles. They became Counts, after paying the crown a hefty price.

At the same time, the fortune of the Windsor family started on a fully different path: Thomas Windsor was a mere employee of the Forbes factory, an accountant. As his son was. And the son of his son. But the lucky boy caught the eye of Ninfadora Forbes, young empress of the family, that decided "He will be the one".

This meant, for poor Thomas, that he suddenly got promoted to a position he had no qualifications for, as a test. A test he only surpassed cheating. He was discovered, but Ninfadora appreciated how he managed the situation, and took him as a fiancè. Without asking him.

Thomas was caught in the hands of a manipulative woman, that could've destroyed him if he broke her heart. He played it cool. He courted the woman that already liked him. He didn't love her a single bit. But he did love her money. A lot.

Thus began the marriage of the two, on rock solid foundations, built with the blood of innocents, and shrapnels of bombs.

The first son, Jacques Oliver, followed shortly after their marriage. Five months later, actually.

Yvonne Isadora followed after a few years, inheriting, as the years would prove, much of the figure of the mother, and the green eyes of the father.

She went to the best schools money could buy of course, and as she grew, and watched the world change around her, she decided she wouldn't make weapons, as her family did, now creating spaceship weapons.

No, she wanted to HELP people. She became a Psychiatrist.

But the job, as she would soon discover, was just plainly boring. She of course had a high fee, and only rich people with their menial problems came to see her.

She wanted more. She was Yvonne Isadora Windsor-Forbes-- She DESERVED more!

That's how the insane idea of joining StarFleet came into her mind.
A bad, bad, BAD idea.

The first weeks as a cadet were hell: she had no valet, no handmaiden, no butler. Utterly nothing.

But she endured. She was a Windsor-Forbes, her own pride was stronger than the humiliation of learning how to tie her shoes.

And endure she did: she became Valedictorian of her own class, scoring perfect marks in each and every subject, after dedicating herself to study and discipline.

Not because she liked it, no. Because she was a Windsor-Forbes. And the only mark acceptable for a Windsor-Forbes is a straight A. Or 100. Or whatever it is the highest score.
Service Record TBD

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