Lieutenant JG Julia Ainscow

Name Julia Meredith Ainscow

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Last Post

Character Information

Nicknames Juju
Gender Female
Species Human (Terran)
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 122 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Julia is above average height for a human female with striking red hair and brown eyes. Her build matches her above average height so she looks proportionate. She keeps as fit as possible with regular workouts in the gym which ensure she keeps in shape and maintains her above average strength. Julia takes great pride in her appearance and either lets her hair all the way down or ties it back into a ponytail depending on her mood.


Spouse Ensign Lily Ainscow (m. 2155)
Father Paul Ainscow
Mother Amelia Ainscow
Brother(s) James Ainscow (older)
Sister(s) Jessica Ainscow (older)

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Ainscow-Five-Seven-Seven-Alpha
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Overview:
Julia is a relaxed and calm person although her temperament can snap in an instant if she is provoked enough. She is very dedicated to her tasks and ensures that her tasks are given their all from start to finish. Julia is a very talented scientist with a particular interest in astronomy and stellar cartography. Her particular area of expertise of science is astrophysics in which she has a Masters degree.

As the youngest of the three Ainscow siblings Julia did receive the bulk of her parents’ attention although she does not let this show in her attitude towards her other siblings or other people she meets in her day to day life.
Julia’s main strengths are astrophysics, stellar cartography, cooking and her usually strong mentality, although on occasion Julia can become emotional if a strong enough trigger sets her off.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Her weaknesses are being a poor shot with a firearm, a fear of flying by shuttle and occasionally being prone to emotional episodes, down to the traumatic loss of her grandparents in an accident which she witnessed at a young age. Certain triggers which remind her of the event are usually the cause of these although Julia is usually able to control these when she is on duty or otherwise performing a critical task.

History Julia Ainscow was born in England in 2130 as the third and youngest child to Paul and Amelia Ainscow. Even though she was the primary focus of her parents’ affections Julia did not let this reflect in her attitude towards her brother and sister who Julia adored and looked up to. A few years after starting school in 2135 it was clear Julia had a particular passion and talent for science and her parents encouraged her to pursue it if she wanted to.

Julia had a relatively uneventful upbringing until the age of 13 when she witnessed the tragic death of her grandparents in a shuttlecraft accident. On her way back from a holiday in Yorkshire the craft she was travelling on with her grandparents ran into technical difficulties which could not be resolved in time and it crashed into a quarry. The pilot and her grandparents were seriously injured and despite trying to help them Julia was unable to save any – and this led to Julia having a fear of flying which still exists to date – although it is much less severe.

At the age of 18 Julia graduated from college with a high level qualification in combined science. Deciding to pursue her dreams Julia applied for the Starfleet Academy entrance exam – with the intention of studying for a Masters degree in astrophysics part time over the four year period. After passing her exam Julia moved to San Francisco to commence her four year training to become a Starfleet science officer. In 2150 Julia met her first love – Lily Hamilton – who she entered into a relationship with around five months after meeting. From their third year Julia and Lily moved into the same shared quarters together and continued their studies – fully aware that after they graduated they may not be posted together.

This was the case – as in 2152 Julia was posted to the Jefferson whilst Lily was posted as a helm officer aboard the Enterprise (NX-01). Despite this they agreed to stay together and one day hoped to be posted together. With the first few months of Julia’s career uneventful she often worried about Lily’s safety – although they were able to send letters to eachother fairly regularly via subspace. In 2153 Julia begged to move to the Enterprise to be with Lily as the Starfleet flagship entered the Delphic Expanse – although her request was turned down at the final hurdle. Worrying each day about her girlfriend’s safety Julia cried herself to sleep each night wishing that Lily would return home safety.

It wasn’t until the Enterprise returned to Earth in 2154 that Lily and Julia finally met again – and it was there and then Julia proposed marriage to her girlfriend. With Lily accepting the proposal and transferring to the Jefferson they began to formulate their plans to marry – whilst setting their sights on their future adventures together. In 2155 they both decided the time was right to get married and after returning to Earth after leaving the Jefferson they married in England with both the Ainscow and Hamilton families present.

After a brief honeymoon the two newlyweds joined the brand new NX-class starship Atlantis. They remained aboard the Atlantis for around a year before deciding to move on again to the newest NX-class starship Endeavour - and after having their transfer requests approved the two women finally hoped they had found their forever home.
Service Record 2148-52: Starfleet Academy
2152: Graduated at the rank of Ensign
2152-55: Jefferson NV-15 (Science Officer)
2155-57: Atlantis NX-05 (Science Officer)
2155: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2157-pres: Endeavour NX-06 (Science Officer)

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