Lieutenant JG Mathieu Corentin

Name Mathieu Corentin

Position Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Terran)
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 155 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Dark features belong to this young man of Terran origin, which is consistent with his French descent. Hair of Van Dyke brown is cut short and crudely styled toward the left side of his face. Eyes of deep hazel project the intensive inquisitiveness of his personality. Facial hair, though closely trimmed, completes his shadowy appearance.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Thibault Corentin, PhD – Professor of Agriscience at Université de Rennes
Mother Margot Corentin, PhD – Deputy Minister of Education, United Earth Government
Brother(s) Lieutenant JG Marc Corentin (deceased)
Sister(s) Emilie Corentin Duval
Other Family N/A

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Corentin-Five-One-Nine-Alpha
Living Quarters D Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mathieu Corentin is an accomplished Starfleet engineer who, though trained as a general systems specialist, has distinguished himself in service as a damage control engineer. He is known for being able to devise quick, innovative solutions particularly in battle or crisis situations.

When it comes to interpersonal interactions, Mathieu is quiet and reserved. Despite his ability to perform well under pressure, he tends to be regarded as a thinker—which is almost a contradiction considering how well he performs under pressure. There is an intensity about him larger conveyed by his habit for long, thoughtful gazes.

Outside of his work, Mathieu is a talented amateur artist who prefers to capture landscapes and spacescapes using oil-based paints.

History In March of 2129, Mathieu Corentin was born to Thibault and Margot Corentin in the city of Rennes, France, both of whom were in middle age. He was the second of three children; his older brother Marc was ten years his senior, and his younger sister Emilie would be four years his junior.

At the time of his birth, his father, Thibault, was an associate professor of agriscience at the Université de Rennes, and his mother, Margot, was a regional superintendent in the education system of France. Despite holding positions of moderate prestige, for most of his formative years, he enjoyed the benefits of having both parents closely involved in his upbringing. Life would change over the years to come, but the influence of his parents in his early life created a foundation that would support a strong relationship for the years ahead.

Just a year after his birth, the landscape of France and all of Earth changed drastically. With the signing of the Traité d'Unification at the Place de la Concorde in Paris, United Earth was formed. With Paris becoming the capital city of an entire world, the effects were felt even as far away as the Région Bretagne in which his home city of Rennes was located.

From age 3 to 10, Mathieu was largely protected from the larger political ramifications of what was happening to the world around him as he attended école maternelle and école elemantaire; however, incremental changes to his mother’s job consistently took her away from home more frequently. With the development of a national government, Margot accepted a high level position in the newly formed Ministry of Education focused on the consolidation of all previous nation state’s education systems into one. This left Mathieu and his sister Emilie largely in the care of his father most days of the week while his mother tended to her duties in Paris. It also changed his perspective as the family started traveling frequently with his mother to various events across the planet. While he had scarcely left France before age 6, from age 7 to 10, he had been to all continents on the planet. The world suddenly became a much smaller place, a nationality suddenly seemed less remarkable than a global racial identity for the first time since the beginning of man.

By the time Mathieu had entered collège, or middle school, he was showing a proclivity for mathematics and science. However, as his young personality developed, he was also becoming a quiet, thoughtful, studious adolescent. Walking the fine line between motivated and perfectionist, Mathieu’s parents decided he needed something other than academics. Mathieu failed miserably at piano, did well but disliked soccer, but finally found a focused talent in painting. Altogether different from everything else he had in his life, painting landscapes with oil-based paints became a newfound passion, and over the years, Mathieu became better and better at his previously unknown talent.

Mathieu really found himself in his high school studies, where he was able to bring into focus a true area of interest: engineering. To him, it represented a terrific “real world” application of his natural abilities in mathematics and science. Despite his quiet personality, he had also found himself socially, and he was beginning to develop into a promising young man. In his première, or junior, year, Mathieu and his father visited universities throughout France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and Mathieu ultimately decided to apply to six different universities — two in each country they had visited.

In the summer before his terminale, or senior, year, Mathieu and his family suffered a devastating loss. His older brother, Marc, who was serving in the United Earth Starfleet as an armory officer aboard the Ganges-class Neuruppin, was killed in a catastrophic systems failure midway between Earth and Deneva. The entire crew of 36 basically froze to death in space. It was one of the landmark failures of the early mid-22nd century, and one that would revolutionize Starfleet Engineering in terms of redundancy, safeguards, and engineering protocol for centuries to come.

In his final year of high school, Mathieu survived, but that was about it. His grades began to suffer, and although counselors at the school provided support, Mathieu felt completely alone. His father seemed numb, his mother buried herself in her work to avoid her grief, and his young sister was sad but could barely remember Marc, as he had been so much older than she. Marc had left home for university when Emilie was only four.

After the Christmas holiday, Mathieu made a decision that seemed to restore his purpose: he would continue with his planned path of studying engineering, but he would do so at the Fleet Academy and enter service to Starfleet. It would serve to both honor the memory of his brother, Marc, and perhaps he could be the engineer that would prevent such a catastrophic accident from happening again.

The decision shocked his parents, but in some small way, it seemed to trigger the grieving process for them, too. The family was beginning to heal, one step at a time. For Mathieu, his resolve was strengthened and his path clear, but it would be years before he found peace after his brother's death.


It had been a day. Lieutenant Mathieu Corentin had only just finished a twelve hour shift, the better part of which had been spent in the bowels of the ship realigning the sensor grid. Recent combat damage had caused the grid to go out of alignment, and despite recalibration throughout the evening, it was clear there was a physical component problem. However, without the assistance of the grid, tracking down the problem had to be done circuit by circuit. Now, he was looking forward to a meal and looking at something other than the inner workings of the ship.

The ship’s mess hall was all but deserted at this hour, which was a welcome sign to Mathieu. After retrieving a salad with spring mix and grilled chicken, he gave a nod to the lone crewman enjoying a piece of pecan pie at the far side of the mess hall. “Bonsoir,” he said with a dip of his head. With that, Mathieu settled into a seat at a table at the opposite side of the mess hall. He heaved a great sigh of relief as he unfolded his napkin and began to eat the salad.

Midway to his third bite, the deck rocked and his plate went flying. “Tactical alert!” the sound of the captain’s voice said through the ship’s intercom. Within less than three seconds, another volley erupted against the ship’s hull. In the same amount of time, Mathieu was already on his feet.

“We’re under attack,” Mathieu called. The crewman who was eating at the far side of the mess hall looked to him for direction. “Station!” he ordered, heading for the door himself. As the doors parted, he and the crewman separated at a junction; she had for her station, and he headed for engineering. However, only a few feet into his journey, he was stopped in his tracks as he heard a whistling sound with a steadily increasing pitch. Just before him down the corridor, he could see two crewmen headed his way. “No! Go back!” he shouted, but it was too late. He turned to shield himself as a plasma conduit hidden just behind the bulkhead erupted. One of the two crewmen went flying backwards, knocking over the other as well.

Primary illumination in the section failed, except for the brilliant blaze of light that came from the exposed power conduit. Mathieu rushed to the nearest companel. “Corentin to Engineering. We need a fire suppression team and a medical team on E deck, section—" but he was interrupted.

“This is Engineering. Another explosion has cut us off from that section. You’ve got to find a way to seal it down before it spreads, Lieutenant!” called the voice of another officer.

Deactivating the companel, Corentin took a breath. He was alone with no tools. The nearest maintenance locker was beyond the blazing conduit, and there wasn’t time to double back before the energy from the power conduit superheated the deck plate and caused structural weakness in the area.

“Ensign Hayes!” Corentin shouted to the one of the downed crew members. The engineer was beyond the exposed power conduit. He appeared dazed but shook it off. “Yes, sir?” he responded as he tried to move back to his feet. He gave an absent gaze to the other engineer who had been knocked unconscious and severely burned by the initial explosion.

“We’ve got to reroute this power conduit! Can you reach the maintenance locker?” Corentin called. The deck shook violently again as the impact from ship disruptors impacted against the hull plating. Mathieu held tightly to the bulkhead to keep from being thrown hither and yon.

“I think so, sir,” Ensign Hayes shouted back to the engineer. He scrambled down the corridor while Mathieu squinted, tracking him closely. He had already started taking off the nearest mechanical access hatch in the bulkhead nearest him, which was already becoming hot to the touch. By the time Hayes had returned, Corentin had reinforced the undamaged section of power conduit nearest him for the shock of the initial re-route.

“Ensign, lock it off at your end, and let me know when you’re ready!” Corentin shouted. Ensign Hayes was new but competent, and it took only a few moments before he shouted, “Ready, sir!”

Corentin steeled his gaze at the exposed power conduit before him. If this worked, it would seal off the damaged conduit further down the corridor. If it didn’t, this conduit would likely overload, taking him, Hayes, and at least the adjacent sections with it. He took a deep breath and said, “Now!”

Both engineers worked in synchronicity, and with a loud mechanical sound, the power was successfully rerouted. The illumination system in the adjoining sections came back online, and the damaged power conduit fizzled and burned out, going dark as its supply of energy was cut off.

“We did it!” Hayes shouted.

Corentin was jolted into the bulkhead as weapons fire impacted with the hull again. “Good work,” Mathieu said with a solid not, “but this isn’t over yet, Ensign. Get a medical team for Crewman Landis, then get to your station. I’ll be in engineering!”

Mathieu launched into a jog, moving quickly past Hayes and the unconscious Landis, headed for engineering to ascertain what was going on and perhaps determine who was behind this.
Service Record 2147: Accepted to the Academy to study engineering.
2151: Graduated from the Academy. Commissioned an ensign. Assigned as junior systems engineer aboard newly commissioned Intrepid-class Republic.
2153: Transferred to San Francisco Navy Yards, NX Construction Project, as power systems engineer on the NX Construction Project, working on Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour.
2154: Assigned as senior power systems engineer at San Francisco Navy Yards, NX Construction Project.
2155: Promoted to Lieutenant JG. Assigned to Atlantis NX-04.
2156: Cited for bravery in action with the Romulans, which resulted in Atlantis and her crew escaping alive. Assigned to assist with repairs to Atlantis at San Francisco Navy Yards.
2157: Transferred to Endeavour NX-06.

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