Lieutenant Caoilainn Fitzgerald

Name Caoilainn Fitzgerald

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Sat Jun 14, 2014 @ 1:10pm

Character Information

Nicknames Kaylin or Kaylee
Gender Female
Species Human (Terran)
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 140 lbs.
Hair Color Fiery Carrot Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kaylin has fiery carrot red hair which she wears pinned up during duty shifts, and a long braid down her back during off hours. She has green eyes, freckles across her nose, and two deep dimples in each cheek when she smiles. She has a slender lanky build with long graceful fingers – deft at surgery, but also great for playing the tenor sax, jazz, of course, her favorite.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Sean Fitzgerald
Mother Moira Fitzgerald
Brother(s) Seamus Fitzgerald
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family n/a

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Fitzgerald-Eight-Three-Six-Rho
Living Quarters E Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaylin is friendly and is able to put people at ease quickly, calm under pressure, is able to quickly access a situation and is not afraid to delegate.

Strengths & Weaknesses

She does tend to be somewhat disorganized, often putting people before reports and deadlines. And, although she swears that there is some kind of order to her desk, one does have to pause and wonder. Because she cares so much and has a merciful heart, she will need to grow in the area of managing her team. She will need to learn to be tougher and not let things slide nor keep giving more and more chances with little regard to regulations.

Kaylin’s current goals center on becoming a better Chief Medical Officer, improving her managerial skills and hone her off-world EMR skills.

Hobbies & Interests
Kaylin loves music, jazz is her favorite. She is very adept at playing the tenor sax. She also loves word games (her family’s favorite was “Scrabble”, a game very few of her peers have even heard of). She also loves outdoors activities such as hiking, fishing and archery – target practice more than actually hunting.

History Kaylin was born in 2123 in a small town just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. Her father, Sean, had served with distinction aboard several cargo vessels as a pilot. His retirement had come at great cost and had not been of his choosing. During his last mission the ship came under enemy fire by some rogue pirates. With great piloting skill he’d been able to outmaneuver the other ship and find a landing area on a nearby habitable planet. Although he’d managed to put the vessel on the ground, mostly intact, he sustained a paralyzing injury to his spine and two other crewmen were killed by the impact.

When Kaylin’s older brother Seamus was growing up, her dad doted on him, grooming him for a Starfleet career as a pilot. Kaylin was quite the scholar and was able graduate with distinction a year early. But it was Seamus’ Starfleet graduation her dad had attended. When Kaylin finally was accepted to Starfleet Medical, she was sure her father would finally acknowledge her accomplishments. When she graduated sum cum laude with her medical degree and was commissioned as a Lieutenant all she received from her dad was a written communiqué explaining that he would be unavoidably detained in Anchorage.

Years had gone by without contact with her family. But a year ago Kaylin had visited her family getting a change to visit with her brother who also was on leave and began the long road to healing the family conflicts.

Service Record 2149 Ptolemy, Daedalus Class, Medical Officer: several away mission opportunities.

2153 Gettysburg, Daedalus Class, Asst. CMO: put in charge of organizing and maintaining all medical supplies, conducted physicals on new crew as they came aboard. On two occasions put in charge of medical away missions. On one away mission able to work with the local doctors to identify a contagion and help develop an antidote thus saving many lives.

Jan. to May 2156 Personal Leave

2156 Endeavour, NX Class, CMO

Awards (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

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