Ensign Jacob Huxley

Name Jacob Huxley

Position Helm Officer

Rank Ensign

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Character Information

Nicknames Coby
Gender Male
Species Human (Terran)
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 2"
Weight 82Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description With a height of 6ft 2 Inches, he is usually the tallest man in the room, somewhat muscular and leaning on the side of stocky, despite this Jacob is still a robust athlete. He has short dark brown hair but not so shart its shaven with matching somewhat busy and soft arching eyebrows, his eyes are described as hooded. Jacobs' nose is flat from his years serving with the MACO's, his chiseled features even include a well-defined philtrum. His lips are a pale pink and are usually set in a fun rougish smile. He has a well-defined jawline in which Jacob also sports a very fine short stubble.

Jacob's main body mass is a slightly larger frame than most and accompanied by his height he can seem quite intimidating, he has a good healthy portion of, body to fat ratio meaning he has a good ratio between strength and cardio abilities.

He has no scars or tattoos.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Andrew Huxley
Mother Jennifer Huxley
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Many, serving in all aspects of Earth's military.

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code Huxley-Two-Eight-Seven-Epsilon
Living Quarters D Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is a friendly, easy to be around Englishman. Born and raised in England Jacob is a playful gentleman, he has a very obvious English accent and for those who also live in England would notice it being a south-western accent. He lives by a very strict code of honor which his family, a long-serving military lineage dating back to the world wars has passed down to him. He carries himself proudly, his shoulders pinned back but not overly so to avoid seeming arrogant. When on duty he carries them out in full and always tries to perform to the best of his ability and beyond. He doesn't mind being thrown into stressful situations but has been known for making rash selfless actions to save others putting his own safety last and life at risk.

He likes to go by the nickname Coby, a shorthand version of Jacob.

History Born in England, Portsmouth a proud and historic dockyard for the planets naval and dockyard industries Jacob Huxley was born at 1650hrs on October 3rd 2129 to the parents of Andrew and Jennifer Huxley. Coby, his shorthand name was born into a long-serving military family with the history dating back to World War Two. Jacob was raised in the Local town of Gosport and attended several schools in the area.

He quickly found interests in sports, playing several including Football, Rugby, and cricket. He also enjoyed water sports such as Sailing and water polo. In fact, during Junior school in which he was studying at Bridemary Community Sports College, he participated in the annual Isle of White races. Coby's education was average for the time and with his families background always performed better in physical activities. Little did he know the world would change massively during his childhood.

In 2146 and the development of Earths Space program forever going by leaps and bounds the news on everyone lips was the development of Earths warp 5 engine. It was at the stage in life Coby would make a fundamental decision in joining the MACOS. A specialist unit who would operate as an independent military organization providing security for Earths Starships.

On January 10th 2146 and at the age of 18 Coby shipped off to America, New York to attend military training at West Point. Here he learned the very basics of becoming a soldier from drill to shooting a rifle. Performing above average he finished in the top third of his class and soon found himself being shipped off to Jupiter station for Zero Gravity training and further training in the latest weaponry. It was here Coby started to question whether he was joining the right organization, he had hoped like many that Earth steps into space would be one of peace and exploration but the further along her trained the more it seemed that they were preparing for yet another conflict.

Furthering his training Coby, scoring high marks both during the Zero G activities and on the range he now found himself at Luna Base. In an artificially created scenario to develop his survival skills before completing his training with a final exercise pitting several companies against each other.

Coby earned high praises from his instructors and though not finishing top of his class he finished second, with a proficiency in weapons and communications in the first few months of 2147 where he also took advanced training in EV suit conditions in the Janus Loops.

His first real assignment was to the SS Melbourne a Ganges class frigate patrol the Sol system it was during this year that Coby would learn the love of flying when an away mission went sideways causing Coby to take the helm in a shuttlepod. Since then Coby had been amazed by flying and took several lessons from the Melbournes Helm's officer and in 2149 two years of being a MACO Coby Enlisted to Starfleet Academy. Just in time to witness the launch of the NX-01 Enterprise, Earths first Warp 5 ship.

Being a MACOS Coby found life at the academy difficult, it was a different kettle of fish compared to the intense years worth training he faced at West Point, Jupiter station, Luna and Janus Loops. He had always excelled at physical activities which had always treated him well but now he found himself having to learn beyond that. Coby in his first year would be found after hours reading about Starships, Warp theory, Physics, Xenobiology which was completely alien to him and of course anything to do with the operation of helm control.

After his first year and many long nights, Coby finally averaged out his scores, performing at the standard expected of someone his age and abilities. He finished in the middle third of his class and was happy to be staying for another year for now.

His second year was more of the same, the core curriculum at the academy was still being taught but now he was allowed to choose his major. Of course, Coby took Helm Control, the very reason for him being there in the first place. Settling into his new life and new routine Coby quickly started to feel at ease, making friends and leaving most of his MACOS life behind him. He still went for his 0500 runs and often was found in the gym, somewhere he found at ease especially after a partially stressful day.

As the years went by and seemed to merge into one Coby now found himself looking towards the end of his fourth year. He had passed the core curriculum and was now majoring as a Helm and, Armoury officer and a minor in linguistics. The final two years studying these three studies was intense but satisfyingly rewarding and in 2153 Coby Graduated at the rank of ensign and was reassigned to his old ship the SS Melbourne as Helm's Officer.

Coby's first year aboard the Melbourne as a Helms Officer was one he'd never forget, with Earth's Flagship Enterprise out making first contacts with numerous of species and its sister ship the Columbia in the works it was certainly a time to be alive. In 2153 the SS Melbourne was responding to a distress call when the disturbing news that a Probe had attacked Earth, leaving a hole from Florida to Venezuela. This new form attack was identified to be from species living within the Delphic expanse and Earths flagship was sent to investigate. With the attack on Earth and a likelihood of more, it was announced the construction of the Columbia would be hastened. It was at this time that Coby was reassigned to the SS Portsmouth an Intrepid class ship under Commander Wyatt.

The Portsmouth capable of warp 3.5 saw Coby move further out in space, though a forerunner to the NX class and a back-up in case the warp 5 engine failed it was most similar to the NX class schematics. In 2154 after the Xindi threat had been neutralized Earth and its new allies soon found Enemies close to home. The Romulans were forever encroaching, attempting to disrupt trade and drive a wedge into the peace talks between Andorians, Vulcans, Tellarites, and Humans. During the years to come, Coby and the SS Portsmouth would be involved in several skirmishes with the Romulan star empire until 2155 and open war was announced.

Within the first two years, Coby saw more combat than he had seen in his entire service in Starfleet, the SS Portsmouth taking irreparable damage and the crew having to abandon ship. Later being rescued by Vulcans the crew was taken back to Earth where Coby now found himself being assigned for the first time to an NX class starship the Endeavour.
Service Record 2146 - West Point Academy| Officer Cadet
2147 - SS Melbourne| 1st Lieutenant
2149 - Starfleet Academy| Cadet
2153 - SS Melbourne| Ensign
2154 - SS Portmouth| Ensign
2157 - NX-06 Endeavour| TBC

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