Major Aiden MacNeil

Name Aiden Lukas MacNeil

Position MACO Commanding Officer

Rank Major


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Character Information

Nicknames Aide, Mac
Gender Male
Species Human (Terran)
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 1.93 m
Weight 110 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Ryan MacNeil, Starfleet (Ret.)
Mother Doctor Claire O’Donnell-MacNeil, Astrophyscist
Brother(s) Lieutenant Patrick MacNeil, Starfleet Outpost Titan
Sister(s) Envoy Nessa MacNeil, United Earth Embassy to Risa
Other Family None

Character Details (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

Security Code MacNeil-Four-Zero-Three-Tau
Living Quarters D Deck

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aiden is a general positive and outgoing individual, a strict sense of duty and loyalty drew him into service with the MACOs as opposed to Starfleet favoured by his father and brother. He is often quite and reserved and is known to dislike diplomatic functions and formality, preferring a much more relaxed tone and command style with his men.

History Born in Aberdeen, Scotland to Claire and Ryan MacNeil, Aiden was the first of three children born to the scientist and her Starfleet husband. Ryan remained in service until shortly before Aiden’s tenth birthday when he finally retired and returned full time to living with the family. Claire, a prominent scientist put her career on hold to raise their three children, taking a teaching position at the University of Aberdeen.

Growing up Aiden was always an active child, he would disappear in the morning and not return till late in the evening, which caused his mother some deal of grief on more than one occasion. While he lacked his mother and younger brothers passion for science he liked the outdoors, as well as sports, captaining his high school rugby team to a national championship his final year. Despite several scholarship offers to play for various colleges he declined and enlisted in the MACOs.

Neither of his parents were particularly happy about the decision, his mother didn’t like the danger, or the fact he wasn’t going to university while his father had hopped he would follow his footsteps into Starfleet. Aiden completed his basic training at the depot in Lympstone, he excelled in all areas and began a candidate for officer school, seeing him travel to North America and the base at West Point.

His first posting was in Brussels at the United Earth Parliament, a rather uneventful posting Aiden began to think maybe the MACOs hadn’t been the right idea. During leave in South America he meet a young Starfleet Ensign, William Bennett a Science Officer, and the two vacation romance lead Aiden to consider applying to Starfleet. His younger brother had recently been accepted into the Academy and Aiden considered following suit.

He took the admissions test, without telling anyone and scored well, not amazing, but high enough to be accepted. He turned down the offer to stay with the MACOs when he was promoted to First Lieutenant and assigned to the MACO Detachment on Vulcan, at the United Earth Embassy.

His first time off world, other then a family vacation to Luna as a child, and a few short day trips aboard his fathers various postings, it was an incredible experience for the young solider. While he never understood the Vulcan pursuit of logic and suppression of emotion he was amazed by their culture and history. In his two years in the posting he explored the capital and other areas of the planet and even picked up the basics of a Vulcan game called Kal-Toh.

In 2147 he was reassigned to the MACO contingent aboard the Starship Delta, a Delta class ship the vessel was part of Starfleets exploration effort. The ship was small and the 12 person MACO contingent lived in cramped quarters. The unit leader, Captain Nicolette was a self titled “hard-ass” and was often at odds with MacNeils more relaxed nature, as well as the Delta’s Captain Ameisha Patel.

Despite the tight confines and work stress the time aboard the Delta lead MacNeil to see things he never though he would, despite only being a handful of lightyears from Earth most of the time the Delta visited several planets and made three first contacts while MacNeil was aboard. In 2147 he was promoted to Captain and assigned to lead one of the MACO Company on Deneva Colony, increased tensions and first contact with several hostile races lead the UE Government to begin deploying MACOs to agument Colonial Defences.

During his time here he began a relationship with the son of the colonies Governor, Ryder Scott, the Governor had problems with his son’s sexuality and forbid the two from continuing their relationship. The did anyway and in late 2150 the Governor threatened to make sure MacNeil’s career would be over if they pursued it further.

MacNeil requested a transfer and Ryder returned to Earth with Aiden. Posted in San Francisco as a Combat Training Instructor at Starfleet Academy Aiden was happy. Until one day he came home and found a letter from Ryder, his father had died and as much as he loved Aiden he needed to return home and didn’t think he could be in the relationship right now.

Aiden was heart broken, he took a leave and spent it on Risa with his sister who was had joined the UE Diplomatic Corps and was a rising star in the service. After the break, and a lot of whiskey, Aiden returned to Earth and his assignment. He remained there until 2152 when he was posted to the Intrepid Class Yorktown as the detachment commander.

While he had enjoyed his tours on Deneva and his stint at the academy MacNeil discovered he really did love being in space. His three years aboard the Yorktown would be marked with sparse combat, most of the Yorktowns missions kept her close to core worlds as the front line exploration fell to Enterprise and Colombia, the famed NX class Warp 5 beasts.

However, the Yorktown had it’s fair share of action, including an altercation with a Klingon warbird. The Yorktown also engaged the Xindi weapon unsuccessful in 2153 during it’s attack on Earth. MacNeil and his MACOs would temporarily be assigned to aide in the search and rescue operations that followed.

2155 came to see the newly formed Collation of planets declare war on Romulans. MacNeil was promoted to Major and assigned to command a MACO contingent aboard the NX Class Discovery. While the Xindi attacks had killed many people and left a bitter taste in the collective mouths of humankind the War was different. The Discovery was a frontline vessel, one of the newest in the fleet MacNeil found himself far from home, engaged in combat with a faceless enemy.

The Discovery engaged in combat with the Romulans at Deneva, following the attack the vessel stayed in orbit for several weeks. Aiden took the chance to look up Ryder, he had followed his father foot steps and entered politics, a local politician in one of the larger cities and many felt he would one day serve as Governor. He had also married a woman, from an affluent family and the pair had a young daughter, with another child on the way. Aiden avoided his temptation to go and see Ryder, not wanting to force his way back into the mans life who was clearly quite happy without him.

In early 2156 the Discovery would be part of the coalition force that would retake Berengaria VII, however the Discovery was badly damaged. She returned to Earth and was facing several months of repairs. It was during that time MacNeil was reassigned to lead the MACO contingent on the newest and last NX class, the Endeavour.
Service Record 2140-2140: Private - Basic Training - MACO Base Lympstone
2140-2141: Officer Cadet - Officer Training - MACO Base West Point
2141-2143: 2 Lieutenant - MACO Detachment, United Earth Parliment
2143-2145: 1 Lieutenant - MACO Detachment, United Earth Embassy, Vulcan
2145-2147: 1 Lieutenant - MACO Detachment 2iC, Starship Delta, Delta Class
2147-2150: Captain - MACO Company Commander, Deneva Colony
2150-2152: Captain - Combat Training Insturctor, Starfleet Academy
2152-2155: Captain - MACO Detachment Commander, Starship Yorktown, Intrepid Class
2155-2156: Major - MACO Detachment Commander, Starship Discovery, NX Class
2156 - Present: Major - MACO Detachment Commander, Starship Endeavour, NX Class

Awards (To be filled by Commanding Officer)

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