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Some Notable Absences

Posted on Sun May 21, 2017 @ 10:58am by Corporal Kichiro Horigoshi & Major Glenn Walker & Corporal Adrian Fisher
Edited on on Sun May 21, 2017 @ 11:00am

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: F Deck - MACO Barracks
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 0630 Hours

Major Walker stepped out of his office with coffee in hand. He'd already been up an hour or so and been for his morning run and work out. He liked to wander around the barracks first thing in the morning to see the troops start their morning routine with some PT followed by breakfast in the mess hall. The MACO Commander enjoyed Second Lieutenant Ishay barking her orders at the troops during the morning warm up. Actually, it was all quiet within the Barracks. Walker frowned and headed for the parade room where morning PT took place.

The troops were assembled but no Ishay. "Anyone know where Lieutenant Ishay is?" Walker asked the gathered troops.

Kichiro was in the middle of his stretches when the question was asked. He stood up and looked all around him. There was no sign of the Lieutenant anywhere. Nor Caplin or any of the other female MACOs. "No Major..." he replied hesitantly, curious as to where they were. "Maybe they're in Sickbay because of those headaches?"

Walker shook his head as was starting to notice there wasn't any other of the female MACOs present. "No they were discharged by Doc Rigby and sent back to the barracks yesterday. I'm guessing no one has seen Ishay, Caplin or any of the other women from the troop this morning have they?"

"I haven't," Kichiro replied.

Fisher stepped through the hatch and stiffened as he saw the Major. "Sir." Then he glanced around and saw that half of the squad was missing, "Sir, where is everyone?"

"That's what I'd like to know too." Walker said as he pulled his communicator out of his sleeve pocket and activated it. "Walker to Ishay." He said before waiting a few moments for a reply. Nothing. "Lieutenant Ishay, this is Major Walker, please respond." Again, no reply. "Walker to Caplin, please respond." Silence. "Walker to Pearson." Again silence. This couldn't be a coincidence, Walker had to take this as a threat to the ship. "Alright everyone, listen up. We have a potential situation on the ship. I want everyone to arm themselves and await further instructions. Horigoshi and Fisher, you're with me. We need to find out where the Captain is and if he is ok."

Fisher nodded and fell in behind the Major, "Aye sir. On your six."

It made sense to find the Captain, or at the very least, someone who was high ranking that might also know what was going on. Kichiro nodded and said, "Ryƍkai."

Walker headed for the weapons locker first, he hoped he was just being paranoid but with the recent probe and the problems with headaches the female crew members have been suffering, something just felt off. He opened the weapons locker using his thumb print against reader. Once in he grabbed three phase pistols and passed the other two to Horigoshi and Fisher. "Keep them on stun. We'll use stealth to move around the ship until we know what is going on. We'll head up to the Captain's quarters through the crawl spaces. Any questions?"

Kichiro simply shook his head to indicate that he didn't have any and that he was ready to proceed as planned.

"No questions sir." Fisher responded as he checked his weapon to ensure it was on stun.

"Let's move out." Walker said with a nod.

* * * * *

Walker pulled out the mesh grate air vent before poking his head through the hole and making sure the area below them on E Deck was clear. He then lowered himself down quietly. As soon as his feet touched the deck plating his phase pistol was in his hand as he gave the corridor another checking in both directions before motioning Horigoshi and Fisher to follow him down.

Kichiro dropped down near to him and immediately drew his phase pistol. He wasn't too certain what they would encounter on the way to Captain Pearson's quarters, if anything at all, but something definitely seemed amiss.

Fisher dropped down and positioned himself on the right of the Major. He pulled his phase pistol up in a ready position for easy firing and checked the right side, "Clear. So far Major."

"Let's move out. Slow and steady." Walker said as they moved slowly towards the Captain's quarters. Once there, Walker used his security override to open Pearson's quarters before moving inside. Walker checked all was clear before motioning the others to come in.

Several socks lay around the Captain's unmade bed. "Looks like the Captain left in a rush." Walker said as he knelt down to investigate.

Having noticed the sock as well, Kichiro raised an eyebrow. "It's not proper for him to be without his socks," he commented. He then stepped by the Major and towards the washroom. He pressed the button to open the door and then looked inside. Nothing else appeared out of the ordinary.

Walker shook his head, "Any suggestions as to where the Captain might be?" He asked, the other two MACOs. Hundreds of possible situations or scenarios were racing through the Major's head.

Kichiro gave the matter some thought. "At this time of the day... he would likely be on the bridge or in his ready room. Alpha shift just began about half an hour ago."

"Without his socks?" Walker questioned. "What about the command center?"

The Japanese man shrugged. "It would be equally as strange if he went there without his socks," he said.

Walker couldn't help but agree with his Corporal. "My only concern is strolling onto the bridge and into a possible unknown situation which might be up there."

"Perhaps we should try to find one of the other senior officers," Kichiro suggested. "They might know where the Captain is currently located."

Walker sighed, "Looks like the bridge it is. Let's move out."


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