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Yan's Idea

Posted on Thu Oct 5, 2017 @ 10:18pm by Captain Edward Pearson & Ensign Yan Tia-Jai

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: E Deck - Captain's Quarters
Timeline: January 4, 2157 - 2100 Hours

Yan yawned slightly as he made his way down the corridor. It had been a long day and with his arm still killing him he wanted to get some sleep. Still, he had to get this passed onto the Captain while the Captain was free. Arriving outside the Captain's quarters, he pressed the alert and waited for the alert to sound.

"Captain, it's Ensign Tia-Jai. If you're free, can I have a word? I have an idea I'd like to run by you." He said politely.

"Come in," called the voice of Pearson from beyond the door.

"Thank you sir." Yan said as he stepped in pulling the PADD from his leg pocket. " Given what happened sir I've had an idea in case someone locks us out of the armory. "

Eddie put down the small orange ball that he'd been casually tossing in the air so that he could give Yan his full attention. "Go ahead," he permitted.

"Well sir, there isn't enough room for a second armory, but I had an idea. The phase rifles and pistols are held in security lockers which wouldn't be hard to whip up some fresh ones. If we could hide a few, two or three around the ship, it would give us access to more firepower in the event of the ship being boarded or we lose access to the armory." Yan said calmly handing over the PADD which had written information on what would be needed and blueprint plans highlighting where they could hide them.

One of the locations was on B Deck, while the other was on D Deck. Eddie mulled the idea over in his head. He could see the benefit of having access to their weapons outside of the armory but it didn't guarantee that they'd be able to procure them in the event of a hostile takeover. Or, that the enemy wouldn't get to the weapons first. "How would we secure the lockers? If a boarding party wanted access to our weapons now, we know they'd have to go to the armory and therefore we could secure that location. If there were weapons placed at alternate locations, that wouldn't necessarily be the case. The enemy could just end up stumbling upon them."

"Simple sir. We have them embedded into the walls with sliding panels. To any intruders, it would look like any regular part of the wall. To open it we simply have the docs add a microchip into the security and MACO hands and install a scanner that will open them when it detects the chip." Yan replied smiling to himself having done all this before back when he was with the triads.

"I'm not sure that we need to go so far as to microchip people," the Captain told him. "Besides, that would present an additional problem if someone else outside of the Armory or the MACOs needed a phase pistol. When it comes down to it, if a boarding party wants our weapons, they'll get them one way or the other." Eddie handed the datapad back to him. "Have a word with Lieutenant Long. See if his people can make the adjustments necessary in the sections you specified. If they can, then we'll go ahead with your idea."

"Will do sir," Yan said as he took the PADD back. As he turned to leave he paused for a second. "Sir I hate to ask you but have you heard anything from the Moni IV medical facility. My girlfriend's stationed there and her last message said the locals were getting angry. Apparently, they believe the Starfleet base will attract the Romulans."

"Nothing specific was mentioned to me when I last spoke to Starfleet Command," Eddie replied with honesty. "I could look into it though the next time that I speak with them if you'd like."

"Thank you sir." Yan said as he turned and left the room still worries, but feeling slightly happier and focused on his task. He'd have to draw up plans and get his weapon lockers into action.


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