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Retaking Endeavour, Part Three

Posted on Tue May 30, 2017 @ 6:53pm by Captain Edward Pearson & Crewman Liana Hudson & Commander Jeannie Sherebrook & Major Glenn Walker & Lieutenant Hamilton Long & Lieutenant JG Louise Rigby & 2nd Lieutenant Erin Ishay & Ensign Aliyah Sahar & Ensign Verity Anderson & Ensign Lara Tollivar

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: A Deck - Bridge
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 0930 Hours

With so many men aboard Endeavour, it took a team effort to keep an eye on them all. Ensigns Anderson and Tollivar were scouring Decks B to F on the internal sensors. Crewman Liana Hudson at tactical was placed in charge of watching A and G Deck. They were the two unlikeliest of places to find any of the opposite gender. That was until a handful of blips showed up on her display.

Her dark eyes grew wide in surprise. "Commander, I am reading five additional bio-signatures on this deck."

"Exact location?" Jeannie frowned, not liking the sound of that statement at all.

Liana instinctively looked behind her because of the data she was receiving. "Two are in the maintenance shaft leading to the starboard access corridor. The three other ones are on the port side."

"They also appear to have regained control of the transporter, I'm locked out." Ali reported as she tried to break back into the transporter control systems. The boys were good, Ali knew she couldn't keep them out forever, but she didn't think they'd be able to get around her cleaver bit of programming so easily.

"They're up to something." Jeannie's eyes narrowed, "I want you to watch them like hawks and report anything you see that could give us a clue as to what they're doing."

Lara moved to the comms panel and checked the computer. "The men have been talking a lot...but they must be talking in code...I don't understand anything."

"In code? What does it sound like?" Jeannie asked, standing up so that she could stand behind Lara.

"MACO code perhaps? They might think all of us are still down in engineering." Ishay offered moving to join the Commander.

Lara put the men's conversation on the speakers for all to hear.

"Per--ct tim---, C--wman," spoke the voice of the Captain. "--'ve just brok-- ------- the ---ches. Be--- the tran---rt. I think th-- we're --ady. Pearson ---."

The words were broken up but Jeannie could make out some of it. "What are they ready for?" she narrowed her eyes, "Something's about to happen, be ready for anything." she ordered.

Seconds later, a shimmering sound filled the bridge and a plastic container materialized at Sherebrook's feet. Before anyone had time to react, a plume of gas began to spill out from it.

"What the....?" Jeannie managed to get out as the gas rose up around her and she felt her head begin to swim, "No...not now..." she shook her head before her knees began to buckle and she felt all of the energy flood from her body.

"Commander!" Liana called. She stood up from behind the tactical station to try and get to her superior but found herself holding onto the side of the console and coughing instead.

Lara was standing near where the canister was beamed to. She was one of the first to fall unconscious.

Standing next to the Commander as the canister that was beamed in, Ishay quickly recognized the small grey device for what it was. Taking a step forward to grab it, Erin's legs gave out the console in front of her was the only thing that kept her from collapsing to the deck. "Sahar! Ve...vent..." Erin's words seemed to die on her lips as her arms gave out and she slipped to the floor. shit...

Hearing the order Ali tried to follow it, keying in commands as she started slumping in her seat. Maybe, just maybe if she could get the filtration system flowing they could keep control and the others could wake up. It was a big if considering most of her energy was keeping her sat up in her chair.

Louise knew exactly what was in the canister when it materialized on the bridge but as soon as it started dispensing its contents there was nothing that could be done. She fell to the floor hoping all this strangeness would be over when she woke up.

* * * * *

From the moment Ensign Avirett's sedative was beamed onto the bridge, Eddie secured his oxygen mask over his mouth and nose. He looked to the others to give them instructions. "The sedative is unlikely to last long. We'll need to bind them before they wake up. Once we're sure that they're all out cold, Ham, you can do the honors of venting the bridge."

"Understood." Ham said securing his own mask.

Walker simply nodded as he put his oxygen mask on and checked the seal.

The Captain grabbed the communicator from his sleeve pocket and he flipped it open. "Pearson to Horigoshi and Fisher, get ready to move in on a countdown of five, four, three, two, one."

As Pearson began the countdown Glenn began to climb the ladder to the hatch. When he got to one, the Major opened the hatch and pushed it up. He slowly continued climbing up the ladder, drawing his weapon as he went. He checked the area was clear before giving Pearson and Long the nod.

Once he was signaled by the Major to proceed, Eddie climbed up after him and onto the deck proper. He waited alongside the hatch and extended his left hand out to help Ham up.

"Thanks." Ham whispered not wanting to give away their presence as he accepted the Captain's assistance.

Pearson then closed the hatch and drew the phase pistol from his holster. "Let's go," he told the other two men.

Walker moved towards door which would lead them out to bottom section of the bridge. Before pressing the button to open to door, he pulled out his communicator and flipped it open. "Walker to Hirgoshi, what's you status?"

"The Corporal and I are ready to proceed," the Japanese MACO answered.

"We'll enter the bridge in" On one he hit the door open button with nozzle of his phase pistol. He flipped his communicator shut and placed it back in his sleeve pocket as the Major slowly moved his way onto the bridge. All the women were either on the floor or slumped over the console they were working at.

The MACOs began sweeping the bridge, checking to make sure everyone was unconscious and unarmed. Once that was done Walker headed back to the doorway where he entered. "Clear, sir."

Ham entered the bridge and headed directly to the engineering station. "Ready to vent the bridge when you give the word." He said looking toward the Captain.

"Go ahead," Eddie said as he moved to the helm to see if he could bring the ship out of warp. He entered a few commands into the console but nothing was working. Even his command codes weren't registering. "Damn it," he muttered. "Somehow, they managed to lock me out. I can't take change course or take us out of warp."

"Venting the bridge now." Ham said as his hands moved across the engineering console.

The environmental systems came to life, producing a soft hissing sound as they worked to clear the air of the sedative compound that was used to incapacitate the women.

Even though it was probably safe for Eddie to remove his mask, he kept it on for the moment. "See if you can also get the turbolift working. We need to get our people up here," the Captain said.

"Yes sir." Ham said. He entered a few commands into the engineering console and shook his head at what he saw displayed on the small screen built into the engineering console. He entered several more commands before looking toward the Captain. "The lift is working now." He said.

"Good work Lieutenant." Eddie turned to the Major. "Put the women in restraints for now. Hopefully once I've had a word with the Commander we can put all of this behind us." He moved to Jeannie who was on the floor near the center seat and he began to pick her up.

Walker nodded and got to work, he pulled out his restraints and headed for Rigby. He removed her weapon, before moving her arms behind her back and fastened the restraints. He then moved onto Ishay, removing her sidearm and other weapons and equipment he knew she carried and restrained her with her own manacles.

Before entering his Ready Room with Jeannie, Pearson stopped at the engineering station and activated the comm. "Lieutenant Corentin and Higgs, Ensigns Nordheim, Tanet, Solok and Tia-Jai, report to the bridge. Doctor Avirett report to the ready room." Eddie then closed the channel and left the bridge. It was time to get some answers from his First Officer.


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