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A Gift For Yan, Part Two

Posted on Thu Jun 15, 2017 @ 6:32pm by Captain Edward Pearson & Ensign Yan Tia-Jai

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: F Deck - Armory
Timeline: December 26, 2156 - 1500 Hours

Once the Captain got what he needed from Ensign Solok, he returned to his quarters to put Yan's gifts in a box. As he didn't have any Christmas wrapping paper, he just had to use plain brown paper to wrap it up. To secure the wrapping, Eddie used some lace that he found just laying around in his room. He made a little bow with it. It only took him a few minutes to put it all together but once he had, Eddie located Ensign Tia-Jai using the computer and then headed to the nearest turbolift to make the delivery.

Pearson's destination was on F Deck; more precisely the armory. Upon his arrival, he pushed open the hatch and stepped inside. There appeared to be six crewmen and officers working the beta shift. One of which was Yan. Eddie smiled when he found the armory officer and he walked towards him all the while keeping the small box hidden behind his back.

"Ensign," the Captain greeted him with a nod. "How are thing in here today?" he asked.

"Very busy sir." Replied the Ensign as he placed the insides of a few flash bangs on the workbench. "One of the crates got knocked over and I need to repair all the flashbangs. Can't have them being duds, can we?"

That surprised Eddie a little bit. "No, we can't." He looked at the crate. "How did it get knocked over?" he wondered.

"Strap holding the box in place just snapped. Shouldn't take too long, most of them were cushioned, but safety always comes first. So why you down here Captain?" He replied politely.

Yes, to the matter at hand. "Actually, I came down here to see you. I drew your name for the Secret Santa." He revealed the box he'd brought in and presented it to Yan. The gift's size was slightly smaller than a standard shoe box.

"Oh thank you, sir." Yan replied as he put down his tools and took the parcel. Opening the box he smiled at the content. Data modules of various movies and a book that was obviously of Vulcan design. "A book on vulcan martial art. Thank you, sir, I've been looking for one of these."

Pearson smiled, glad that the Ensign liked his gifts. "I'd heard that you had an interest in certain things that were Vulcan," although he wasn't going to be more specific than that, "and there was mention in your file of your proficiency in the martial arts. So, as the story goes, one plus one equals two. I've never tried it myself, but I hear that it's a good way to center oneself. Mister Solok suggested that if you ever wanted to spar with him, that he is available."

"Certainly works for my girlfriend. She always practices it to relax." Yan replied laughing slightly. "I'll have to take Solok up on his offer some day."

"He's unlikely to tell you, but I have a feeling that he'd enjoy that," the Captain believed. "When we get a chance to return to Earth, you'll be able to surprise your Vulcan friend with what you've learned here. Maybe you'll even get an emotional reaction from her."

"I'm sure she will. Any idea when we may get back to Earth exactly?" Yan asked as he flicked open the book and checked something in the back before looking up at the Captain.

"Sorry, I don't," Pearson answered. "I suppose it'll depend on how our mission goes at Ophiucus. We're pretty far out though so it's going to take some time for us to get back one way or another."

"Thought as much. Still, gives me more time to practice," Yan said cheerily.

"The drawbacks of a warp five engine," the Captain mused. "We can travel to stars far and away at tremendous speeds and yet all it does is put us farther away from home. I fear that even when get up to warp six or warp seven, we'll just be going out even further into the frontier."

"Have a point there sir. Can you imagine what's out there beyond are know borders." The Chinese officer replied still rather keen on putting a little distance between him and Earth.

"Maybe once the war is over we'll be able to find out," Eddie said with a soft smile. "Anyhow, I know that spending Christmas here isn't exactly the same as spending it with those who are closest to you, however, I hope that the present I gave you makes it just a little bit better. Merry Christmas, Yan."

"Thank you, sir, it does help. Hope you have a pleasant Christmas yourself." Yan replied gratefully.

Pearson smiled and nodded in response. Not wanting to take up any more of the Ensign's time as there was still work to be done, the Captain departed from the armory. He'd solved the dilemma that was Tia-Jai's gifts. His next one was going to prove more challenging. In time, he needed to get a replacement book for Ensign Solok. As it was Vulcan in origin, that was not going to be an easy feat.


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