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Retaking Endeavour, Part Four

Posted on Sat Jun 10, 2017 @ 2:21pm by Captain Edward Pearson & Ensign Reidar Nordheim & Corporal Kichiro Horigoshi & Crewman Liana Hudson & Commander Jeannie Sherebrook & Major Glenn Walker & Lieutenant Hamilton Long & Lieutenant JG Louise Rigby & Lieutenant JG Solok & Ensign Yan Tia-Jai & Ensign Erwan Tanet & Ensign Eli Avirett & 2nd Lieutenant Erin Ishay & Lieutenant JG Darren Higgs & Ensign Aliyah Sahar & Ensign Verity Anderson & Ensign Lara Tollivar

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: A Deck - Bridge
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 1000 Hours

The doors to the turbolift opened as Yan and the rest of the team arrived on the bridge. "Well, looks like everything went well. Where should we put them? They can't all fit in the brig?" Asked the Chinese officer as he caught one of the MACO's restraint manacles and started to restrain one of the unconscious females.

Solok, noting his fellow Ensign's apparent lack of common sense, turned to Walker and Long, hoping one of them would have a better suggestion. While it was true that the brig couldn't hold more than two, there were other areas of the ship that would do nicely. However, since neither had asked for his input, he went to the Tactical console and started working around the bypasses put in place by whoever had been manning that console during the takeover.

Eli waited until the all clear was announced, then he entered the bridge and started checking all the unconscious women.

"Lock them in their quarters. That should do nicely." Ham said.

"Are you going to help carry them to their quarters, Lieutenant?" Walker asked, not amused at the thought of lugging numerous women around the ship to their quarters when the whole ship wasn't secure. "What about the situation room under armed guard?"

"That will work also. I guess they can't get into too much trouble if they are tied up and under guard. " Ham replied.

"Wherever you detain the women, I will need access to provide medical attention, so a security officer would be welcomed." Eli looked around the bridge.

"Corporal Horigoshi will stand guard." Walker said, reassuring the medic.

The MACO took a watchful position near the Doctor and the women. It was unlikely that Eli would need his protection, but it was better to be prepared than not.

Yawning widely after only a few hours sleep, Darren Higgs stepped onto the bridge and headed for the helm eager to know exactly what was so important it had gotten him out of bed. That was when he spotted the inert women and frowned, "Looks like I missed quite the party." he took his seat at the helm and tapped a few buttons before adding "I'm guessing we already know that the helm's locked out right?"

"That is right. Wherever the ladies wanted to go we are going there." Ham said.

Eli moved from woman to woman, checking their vitals.

Tanet had entered the bridge following Yan. He immediately went to the science station, disregarding the question of the women's captivity. "I'm still half amazed this worked" he observed, sitting down at the console. "Now, let's check the status..."

"You didn't think that it was going to?" Reidar asked as he walked behind Erwan's seat and to the adjacent station that was his.

"Teleporting objects at warp is a complex operation" answered the colonial Breton, "and my knowledge of it tends to be theoretical."

"Starfleet will undoubtedly want to hear all about the intricacies involved in making it a success," the Communications Officer said as he logged into his console. "Before long you'll be famous."

An alert sounded from Solok's console, and he looked to Long. "Lieutenant, while I can access sensor data, it appears to be running through the science labs. Someone may be observing what we are doing, or they may be attempting to lock us out of the sensors...." He broke off and checked his readouts again. "It must be T'Lar; I recognize this code as something I taught her. Are you seeing this, Ensign Tanet?" He turned to the younger man, seeking an answer.

Tanet typed quickly and tried to think even faster. "Yes, they are trying to blind us. We can bypass the science labs, but... do they have access to the bridge's internal sensors, Lieutenant? Can they hear and see what we do?"

"It should be easy enough to stop them from here if they are," Reidar suggested. "We have control over most of the systems."

"As long as we outrank them" pointed out Tanet. "My authorization code can't lock anything that a Lieutenant can't unlock."

Solok, ignoring the frantic banter around him, got to work. Inputting a series of commands, he had to give T'Lar credit. He always had known she was intelligent, but this was amazing. Still, he knew she couldn't keep up with his security procedures forever. Entering a few commands, he turned to Long. "I have successfully gotten past the lockouts and prevented future ones. The question now is, how do we make sure whoever is in the science lab with T'Lar does not just barricade themselves inside."

"We could just cut power to the labs and lock them in there until we have time to deal with them." Ham suggested.

"That should do it" opined Tanet, "although they might be able to bypass it from engineering, shouldn't they?"

The door to the Ready Room opened and the Captain emerged from his personal office with Commander Sherebrook in tow. "They might be able to but I'm hoping that we can avoid any further confrontations," he told them. "Our mission to Ophiucus will have to wait. After speaking with the Commander," and he looked to Jeannie as if to giver her some reassurance, "I think that it has become important for us to see this through. We both believe that the probe, the headaches and the C-121 system are somehow all linked to one another. We need some answers. Jeannie believes that we might find them at our destination. She has agreed to order the women throughout the ship to stand down, as well as relinquish control of the helm back to us."

"Is there any idea of what we will find in this system, or are we going in blind?" Ham asked looking directly at Sherebrook.

Jeannie shifted awkwardly, "I'm afraid we're going in blind." she admitted, "But I don't think it's a trap, I really do believe there's something significant there. There has to be otherwise why would that probe go to so much trouble?"

Yan was slapping the restraints on one of the unconscious women as he overheard what was being talked about. "Sir should we go and secure the armory?" he asked politely still not liking this one bit.

"I don't think that'll be necessary, Ensign," Pearson looked to Sherebrook. "Will it?" If she and the other women were going to cooperate, doing what they discussed in the Ready Room would be good indicator of how they would move forward.

"No." Jeannie replied, "Just give me time to talk to them." she added.

"The comm's all yours," Eddie told her.

Solok studied the command team with a thoughtful look on his face. He'd seen those kinds of looks before--just because the public matter was solved didn't mean the private one was; at least, not without consequences for both parties involved.

Jeannie tapped a few buttons to open a commline to the entire ship and addressed the women. In a few short words, she explained that the men had captured the bridge but that they'd talked and Endeavour was going to be allowed to travel to the destination that they all so desperately wanted to get to. After ordering them to give up their positions and allow the crew to work as one again, she finally cut the transmission and said "There...I don't think anyone will have a problem with this so long as none of you stop us getting there."

Just as she'd given his word, it was important for Eddie to give his. "We'll see this through," he told her. The Captain turned to Avirett. "Eli, get the other women back up on their feet. The Commander will help you so that they are aware an agreement has been reached."

After releasing the helm and turning it over to Higgs, Jeannie turned her attention to Eli and nodded as she added "Ready when you are."

Eli pulled out a hypo, and walked from woman to woman, pressing the hypo against their necks.

With things finally calming down, at least for now, Pearson sat down in his chair and relaxed a little. He looked over to the communications station. "Ensign, open up a channel to the rest of the ship," he requested.

"Aye sir," Reidar responded. He pushed a few of the buttons on his console and then looked up when the system was ready.

"Attention, crew of Endeavour, this is your Captain speaking," Eddie spoke aloud. "Matters between male and female members of the crew have now been resolved. Return to your posts and perform your duties as normal. Pearson out." And that also meant that the bridge crew needed to get their bearings on what they were heading into. "Mister Higgs, what's our ETA to the C-121 star system?"

"About forty minutes Sir." Higgs replied after checking the helm, feeling more comfortable now that he was no longer locked out.

They were getting close. "Ensign, put our sensors to work so that we're not going in completely blind," the Captain suggested.

Tanet typed quickly, obviously relieved that the sensors were no longer in danger of being cut off. "Scanning and monitoring, Captain. We'll know if there is anything dangerous waiting for us."

"Mister Solok, keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual," Eddie then said.

"Yes Sir," came the soft response. "Nothing on scanners as of yet. If that changes, I shall let you know."

They were truly sailing into the unknown this time. It was a bit of a change from having to worry about the war. A welcome change. This was going to be the crew's first opportunity in six months to actually do some exploring. Eddie hadn't expected to get this chance right now, bearing in mind what their mission was and what was going on back home. Nevertheless, a sense of wonder and excitement had been lit within him. This was why he joined Starfleet.


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