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Rounding Up The Lasses

Posted on Mon Jun 26, 2017 @ 5:35pm by Crewman Liana Hudson & Lieutenant JG Louise Rigby & Ensign Yan Tia-Jai & Ensign Eli Avirett & 2nd Lieutenant Erin Ishay & Ensign Aliyah Sahar & Ensign Verity Anderson & Ensign Lara Tollivar

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: A Deck - Bridge
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 1030 Hours

Yan still didn't like this idea. Barely five minutes ago they'd been trying to take the ship back and now they were just letting them all go and continuing on course. He trusted the Captain, but this still looked and sounded insane to him. At least he was being tasked with making sure some of the women would be returning to their quarters. At least he had Corporal Fisher to help him

"This sounds like a bad idea." He said mostly to himself as he tossed Fisher looked at the women who were coming round though many were still very groggy from the gas.

"Get up girls. You're going back to your quarters. Try anything funny and I will use this. " He said firmly holding his phaser in one hand.

"Call me girl again and I don't care what you're holding I'm going to lay you out." Ishay grumbled as she slowly got to her feet, the effects of the gas still having a hold on the MACO. Obviously they'd failed to keep the bridge from the men's hands, but still she felt that their purpose hadn't been interrupted. The Commander must have figured out a way to keep them on course.

"And if you could try not to yell so much it would be much appreciated." Ali said with a groan. To say Ali's head was throbbing was about the biggest understatement of the year. Compared to this, the hangover she had after their last shore leave might as well have been a head cold. Rubbing her forehead a few more times Ali remained seated for the time being, waiting to feel even a little bit better before she attempted to stand.

"The phase pistol's a bit much Yan," his fellow Armory Officer, Liana Hudson said, as she sat next to Sahar.

"Not from where I'm standing." Came Yan's simple reply. He knew he was being paranoid, but that paranoia had saved his life and stopped him become a smear on the road plenty of times before. "Would you trust me if I took over the ship?"

"We felt like we had to do it," she tried to explain. Although if she was honest, it was difficult for her to understand the whole thing herself.

"And what if you get the feeling that you should rip my throat out? Come on let's get you back to your quarters. Maybe the docs will have found out what wrong with the lot of you in a few hours." Yan said offering his free hand though his grip was still firmly on the pistol.

The Crewman took his hand and used it to pull herself up. Liana felt that it was quite ironic that Yan was thinking them as hostile, when it was he who was acting worse than they'd been in the last five and a half hours.

"Believe me Ensign if we wanted to do you harm taking the bridge would not have been so easy." Ishay said with a slight shake of her head at the man's distrust. The women were unarmed, formerly bound and groggy as all hell, at the moment they weren't gonna put up much of a fight. "As I'm sure the Captain realizes since he's letting us go back to our quarters rather than the brig."

Yan didn't bother responding as he checked on the other women. He was noticing most of their eyes were blood red and he could tell some of them were breathing oddly. " Anyone having breathing problems?" He asked holstering his pistol.

"I'm not," Hudson answered.

Tollivar stood up and looked at the men. "I am. It's probably caused by that gas you used on us." She looked at the other women. "I can't speak for the others...but, in the future, I don't think I'll be dating any of you for the rest of this fact, I plan on requesting a transfer."

"I think dating should be the least of your worries right now," the Crewman felt the need to add. "All of our heads are a little... messed up right now."

Yan was about to quote the punishment for mutiny before he paused. He off all people was about to quote regulations. He was about to laugh before he realised he had to call the doctor. "Eli can you give them a check to see if we need to take them down to sickbay?" He asked politely.

Verity was quietly recovering from her position on the floor and rubbed at her head as she asked "So we're really going to carry out the mission? The Captain is going to allow it?" She was still skeptical. What if the men double crossed them?

"The Commander seemed to trust his word," Liana suggested.

"The Captain is allowing us to continue so we can find out why that probe is telling you all to head to C-121. " Yan said waiting for the medical staff to do it's job.

Eli was still on the bridge. He had just finished reviving the women from the effects of the gas he created. He looked at Yan. "If any of the women are having trouble breathing, or a sore throat due to the gas, take them to sickbay for an examination."

"Very well. Any of you need a hand making it there?" Yan asked the small group.

"I can help too if need be," Crewman Hudson offered as she finally got up from the bridge floor.

"I've got the sore throat, but it'll pass." Rigby said after finally shaking off the sickness feeling.

"I just feel yuk but I don't think that there's too much wrong." Verity confirmed as she dusted herself off and after seeing Tanet at what had been her station during the mutiny, began to edge towards the door.

"I'm sure our symptoms will pass over the next couple of hours." Louise said as she straighten her uniform. She felt very silly being part of a mutiny but it just felt so right.

"I'm not sure it will take that long, but it would probably be best to head to sickbay to figure that out." Ishay said despite wanting to stay on the bridge. But she seemed to be handling the after effects of the gas better than the others. Whether that was due to training or something else she wasn't sure but if it was something that could help the others she would put that first.

"Well let's get you down to sickbay anyway. Better safe than sorry. Maybe we can find out what's wrong with you." Yan said opening the turbolift doors. He waited for the women to file in before holding the dooropen in cas eanyone else wanted in. Turning his ehad slightly he looked at the women. "So these feelings you all had. There was nothing else? No images or faces?" The Chinese officer inquired.

Liana shook her head. "No... it felt instinctual. Like a gut feeling," the Crewman tried to explain.

Eli looked at Rigby. "Dr. Rigby...I would like you to report to sickbay...I want to check out that sore throat of yours."

"I don't deserve to go to sickbay after what I've been apart." Louise replied quietly. " I'll be fine, Eli. You check the others though."

"As acting chief medical officer, I make the decisions on who warrants treatment." He gestured towards the TL. "Shall we go? or do I have to order you?"

Louise shrugged her shoulders, she wasn't in a position to argue. "Lead on, Doctor." She said with a weak smile.

Eli and the security team, escorted the ladies to sickbay.


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