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Late Night Cheese And Academics

Posted on Sat Dec 2, 2017 @ 7:50pm by Ensign Eli Avirett & Ensign Kathryn Bell
Edited on on Sat Dec 2, 2017 @ 8:10pm

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: E Deck - Mess Hall
Timeline: January 8, 2157 - 2320 Hours

Kate sighed and stretched, her neck stiff from having it at an odd angle. She input the last few characters into her pad and saved the file. Finally she thought.

Eli walked into the mess hall. His shift had just ended, and he was going to get something to help him get to sleep. He saw Kate at a table.

He walked over, grabbed a mug from the cabinet, placed it in the drink dispenser and ordered a herbal tea. He picked up his mug and walked over to where Kate was sitting. "What are you working on?"

She jumped in surprise. "Eli, don't do that. You almost sent me into cardiac arrest." She gave him a smile. "Can't sleep either? I was just finishing up the last part of my thesis. The next time we are able to communicate with Earth, I'm going to send it along. With any luck, in a couple of months, Endeavour will have another doctor on its medical staff." A scowl marred her features briefly. "I'm a bit annoyed to have missed the subspace window; oh well--you can't rush something like this."

"You know...chances are you may be transferred.....wouldn't need 3 doctors on a ship this size...but...we can always use another doctor on call." Eli took a sip of his tea. "What's the thesis about?"

"Comparative human and Vulcan anatomy, with special emphasis on whether there might be a genetic ancestor who was starfaring in the distant past. There are too many similarities not to at least look. That and... Other things." She blushed faintly, then soldiered on, "I'm lucky to have T'Lar aboard; she was quite willing to give a genetic sample, and fortunately, the data matched up with what I already had. It was just a matter of adding it in... Care to take a look?"

"I always believed that there was a race, eons ago, that moved through the galaxies, seeding planets with their DNA....maybe that's why there are so many humanoids." He looked at her. "Let me see what you have."

"Of course." She slid her device across to him. "Take your time--its quite long."

Eli took the device and started reading. Luckily, he is a quick reader. He looked at her. "Very impressive work. Whoever reads this will be very impressed with your work."

"You've just read the intro," she replied, chuckling. "Thank you, though--I'm proud of it."

"Perhaps we should celebrate. I have an excellent bottle of wine in my quarters, that I was saving for a special event. This seems like a good excuse to open it." He looked at her. "What do you say?"

She looked at him speculatively, then at the time. "More wine? I'd love to," she said with a slight groan. "Not tonight though--I have an early shift tomorrow, and I shouldn't have stayed up so long. Maybe when I get a night off..." She suppressed a yawn. "Think that'll be in two days time. Will you be free then?"

"For you, I would always be free."

She blushed. "Thanks, Eli. Don't get in trouble on my account though..." She pulled back her pad and checked a file. "Yes, I'll be free two days from now. What do you say--wine and cheese in my quarters? I'll kick my roommate out--she'll be glad of it, actually."

"I'll bring the supply the cheese and company."

"Happy to do that... I think I can convince Rork to give us some. Any particular likes or dislikes?"

"No soft cheeses, those can be harmful to your I don't like them. Any hard cheese will do. I'm sure Rork has a large supply of Earth cheeses in stock."

"I'll be sure to get a variety... Well, I should really get going. Early day tomorrow... See you around, Eli."

She rose, put the pad she'd been using in her bag, then leaned towards him and kissed his cheek. "Night. Have sweet dreams."

"They'll be sweet dreams cause I'll be thinking of you." He watched as she left the room.

Kate grinned to herself. It was clear he was smitten with her... Which she found adorably cute.


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