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The Mystery Of C-121, Part Two

Posted on Mon Jul 17, 2017 @ 6:49pm by Ensign Reidar Nordheim & Commander Jeannie Sherebrook & Major Glenn Walker & Ensign Yan Tia-Jai & Ensign Eli Avirett & 2nd Lieutenant Erin Ishay

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: Shuttlepod One, C-121
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 1200 Hours

With the prospect of finally finding some answers at the forefront of her brain, Jeannie Sherebrook piloted Shuttlepod One away from Endeavor and set the co-ordinates for the planet below where the remains of the city that Tanet had identified lay. As they descended through the atmosphere, it became more apparent just how much devastation there was on the planet below and she couldn't help but utter "Cheery place isn't it?"

Yan looked up from his seat in the back of the shuttle. He didn't see much through the window, but what he did reminded him of something all too familiar. " Looks like the slums zones of Hong Kong that got hit by the bombs. Only they still had people living them." He said remembering running through quite a few of them back in his childhood.

Eli was prepping his scanner to monitor everyone's health, especially any radiation increases. He packed enough anti-radiation drugs as he could carry.

Walker was going through the final his final prep, he had given his MACO EV suit a final diagnostic which gave him peace of mind his suit wouldn't fail him. "Looks like the Romulans enjoyed finishing this world off." The Major commented before rechecking his plasma rifle was full charged and ready to use at a moments notice.

"It certainly fits with their modus operandi," Reidar stated from his seat. Most were well aware of what happened at Coridan Prime where half of the population was killed due to the Romulans ramming the planet with one of their ships at warp. "If it was them, and not some kind of natural disaster, it makes you wonder what the people here did to upset them so."

"Let's hope they left a note telling strangers what happened." Walker said sarcastically, as he tried to lighten the mood a little.

Avirett looked at Walker. "You expect to find survivors?"

Walker shrugged his shoulders, "It wouldn't surprise me if we did."

"Then we should limit contact with them...they will probably be suffering from severe radiation exposure," Eli replied

"I'd be surprised if they lived this long considering it doesn't look like this happened recently." Ishay said, her gaze still out the porthole, the view below reminding the MACO of ground zero in Florida after the Xindi attack. It was a dead scar on a planet, except this one was everywhere.

Having maneuvered through a maze of space debris to enter the atmosphere, Jeannie was glad to finally be able to fly easily towards the ruined city. Finding somewhere to set down wasn't going to be easy, there was rubble everywhere and some of the remains looked decidedly unstable. "I think we might need to set down away from where we need to be, there's too much debris on the ground." she commented as she circled over the area and spotted an open area, "Oh wait, looks like that used to be a park or something...we'll set down there." she added as she headed for the barren expanse which was about the size of Central Park in Manhattan.

"Used to be being the key words," Reidar pointed out as he looked out the hatch window to where they were landing. There was no evidence of grass, or any kind of vegetation, growing anywhere near them.

"I'd like to remind all of you," Eli looked around, "that the injection you got will only protect you from the radiation for one and a half hours. Do not come in contact with any possible survivors. If they scratch or bite you, you'll be dead within hours." He set a timer on his scanner so that the group could return to the shuttle pod in time.

"Got it." Yan said feeling slightly nervous being the one next to the door. He gripped his phaser rifle tighter as he felt the adrenaline began to build in his veins.

Reidar ran his gloved hand over the front part of his suit. Even if somehow there were still people alive on this planet, he thought it was unlikely that they could come to much harm from them. Ensign Tanet's readings on the bridge indicated that the surface was heavily irradiated. Any living being would have to be heavily mutated and even then, with no food available, it was almost impossible for anything to survive. Reidar took a deep breath. There was nothing to be worried about.

As she shut down the shuttle, Jeannie said "Well then, if we only have ninety minutes, we'd better get going. I want everyone to stay close and allow Ishay and I to take point. It's not very scientific but whatever that probe did to us has left me with some inbuilt feeling of where we need to go." she explained, the fact that they were now on the planet pulling at her subconscious mind and filling her with a sense of where she needed to be. Adjusting her suit and satisfying herself that everything was in place, she moved over to the hatch and placed a hand on the handle as she muttered "Better now than never." And with that, she opened it up and stepped outside.

Yan was the first out the door his feet making prints int he dusty gravelly earth. Despite his senses scanning for targets, he was pretty sure they were alone. The gear one would need to survive on a rock this barren would make sneak attacks nearly impossible. "Looks clear sir. " He called into his comms as he scanned the horizon. Nothing, but destroyed buildings and dust.

"And dead," Reidar commented as he emerged from the shuttlepod. "This place almost makes me miss Ugliri II. Almost." It didn't take much of course given what was presently around them. Endeavour's crew had much time to get acquainted with the Tellarite planet while the ship was being repaired several months ago.

"Even cheerier down here than it was up there." Jeannie commented as she looked around at the devastation around them and shook her head.

Walker didn't like the fact that Sherebrook and Ishay were taking point. After what had happened on Endeavour he wasn't ready to forget. "I really hope this doesn't happen to Earth." Walker commented over his EV suits comm system.

Eli was the last one to leave. He had his pistol, but it was secured in his holster. He held out his scanner and started taking readings. What he saw on the readout didn't thrill him.

"To the west ma'am, something's over there." Ishay said still looking out around the team. This place unnerved her and that wasn't something easily accomplished. This also didn't seem like a place where there would be survivors, it felt lifeless.

"No life signs detected, other then our own, ma'am," Eli said as he scanned for lifesigns.

"I don't think there would be, it feels like before, on the ship. It's that same draw that brought us here in the first place." Erin was sure of it, something here was telling her that was the way to go.

"I feel it too." Jeannie nodded at Ishay, "Whatever we're here for is over there." she pointed at the same direction as Ishay had indicated. "Let's move out and everyone keep an eye on the time, we can't afford to spend too long down here." she added as they began to pick their way across the uneven ground and headed west.

Yan kept his eyes peeled as the small team made their way through the ruined city. The more they walked the more parts of them reminded him of the abandoned parts of Hong Kong the slowly crumbling towers and buildings abandoned and left to slowly grind into dust. "Doesn't look like anyone been here for a long time." The Chinese officer said as his foot sank into the layer of dust and rubble gathering on the ground.

As the group began to move away from the pod, Walker took the rear and moved his rifle up to be ready. "I don't like this. Its too quiet."

Eli turned and looked at Walker. "It should be quiet. There's no life here to make any noise, Major."

"Your scanner may tell you that but my gut doesn't like it. Let's get this mission done." The Major said as he visually scanned the horizon.

"I do hope that we find something at least," Reidar said as he walked alongside the others. Otherwise, their trip down here would have been a waste of time. There was no telling where the Commander and Lieutenant's gut feelings were taking them. With everything in ruin all around them, Reidar couldn't imagine that they were going to be coming across anything special.

"Over there." Jeannie suddenly stopped and pointed to a ruined building that in its day would have been much grander than the rest surrounding it. She looked at Ishay and asked "I feel like it's calling me there, do you feel it too?"

"I do..." Ishay said with a slight shake of her head. "Its kind of hard to describe, I've never felt anything like this." Calling was a good desceiption, like her focus was being drawn there, but it wasn't a pull. The really strange part was that she didn't mind it, following the pull actually felt good. Normally she'd hate it not having full control, this sensation was disconcerting to say the least.

Doctor Avirett was not only monitoring everyone's condition but he was also paying close attention to the women's readings.

"Anything?" Asked the Major quietly over the Doctor's shoulder. As he had noticed he was keeping an eye on the females vitals.

He didn't turn to look at the Major. "Their vitals are normal. I'm more concerned with their behaviour." Eli pressed the comm button. "Commander. Down to seventy-five minutes."

"Then let's get over there." Jeannie responded, leading them forward towards the area that she was being so strongly drawn to. This was the culmination of everything that had happened since the probe had affected them and she was desperate to find out just exactly why they had been called there.


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