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To Your Emergency Posts!

Posted on Tue Sep 26, 2017 @ 7:01am by Corporal Kichiro Horigoshi & Private Steven McCormick & Lance Corporal Samantha Caplin & Lance Corporal Alfie Davis
Edited on on Tue Sep 26, 2017 @ 9:12am

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: F Deck - MACO Barracks
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 1200 Hours

"Anyone know what this is about?" Lance Corporal Alfie Davis asked as he secured his phase pistol belt around his waist. It was unusual for all the MACOs to be mobilized during a tactical alert.

Steven was slinging his webbing across his uniform vest and ensuring the pouches were filled with what he needed; stun grenades, power cells, quick-clot pouches and a handheld flashlight. "Not sure. Could be anything? Maybe they just need all hands?"

"Either that or we've come across something at that planet," Kichiro commented as he too was getting his gear together for the impromptu meeting they were about to have.

"Perhaps the Rommies were here after all." Davis added as he picked up his sniper rifle and checked its charge. "I hope they're not expecting us to take orders from a Fleeter." He added realizing the Major and Lieutenant were planet side.

"Does it really matter? We just do our thing regardless of who's in command." stated Steven with a shrug.

"Who called the meeting anyhow?" Sam asked as she walked through the door of the barracks and headed for the locker at the end of her bed.

"That's what we're trying to find out," Kichiro replied. He pulled out the scanner from his belt and turned it on to make certain that it was charged and ready for use.

Steven slung his rifle across his chest and smiled as he tapped his fingers against the frame of the weapon. "Most likely we'll just have to show a little face, do a little walk, smile at folk and keep them reassured."

"Hopefully, we'll have some fun!" Davis said with a smirk.

"We can hope though walking around for show doesn't sound like fun to me." Sam commented as she sat herself down on the nearest flat surface which was her locker and began to check her own rifle.

As the MACOs spoke amongst one another, a Starfleet Officer from the ship's science division entered the barracks and approached Horigoshi. "Corporal," he greeted the other man, before handing him a datapad. "I have orders from Major Walker."

Kichiro took the tablet and said, "Thank you Crewman." He then read over the file. It had the explanation as to why they were being mobilized. The others needed to be informed, as per protocol. "MACOs, in formation," he called out.

Davis slung his rifle over his shoulder and got into formation with the other MACOs.

At the order Steven filed in with the rest and smiled a little. The idea of receiving actual actionable orders was exciting to him and thus he keenly awaited what Kichiro had to say.

Sam reluctantly stood up and moved into formation with the other MACOs figuring that at least they'd have something to do now.

Once everyone was in position, Kichiro spoke anew. "So it looks like that Major Walker and Lieutenant Ishay are both heading off ship and down to the planet. Corporal Fisher is also currently indisposed so that leaves me in charge until any of them return. In the meantime, we are to continue doing our jobs. It doesn't sound like the bridge is expecting anything to happen, but one can never be too comfortable in the unknown. It's important to be vigilant and ready."

"Are we doing deck patrols, Corporal?" Davis asked, after clearing his throat.

"The Major has ordered us to continue with our normal day to day tasks," Horigoshi answered. "Should things change with the current situation, we will adapt accordingly."

"Are we stood to, Corporal? Or are we at a more passive posture?" asked Steven.

There was no indication as of yet whether or not they were going to be coming across something hostile. Still, it didn't hurt to be prepared. "Let's go to twenty-five percent. That way we aren't caught by surprise," Kichiro proposed.

"Works for me." Sam shrugged, feeling that the news was a bit of an anticlimax after expecting a big announcement. She was, after all, happier when she was busy even if that meant that life on the ship wasn't going so well.

"Any further questions?" the Japanese MACO asked them.

Davis shook his head, although he was disappointed that there wasn't any action.

"None from me." Caplin shook her head.

"None from me, Corporal." replied Steven with a smile as he finished zipping up his webbing vest. "Putcha where ya need me."

Horigoshi was about to dismiss them when suddenly, the main lights dimmed and the red warning lights came on. He looked up, as if he expected the ship to rock violently from an attack but it didn't. Nevertheless, Endeavour was at tactical alert for some reason. Knowing that every second was critical in such a situation, Kichiro quickly regained his focus. "Everyone, get to your emergency posts with haste," he ordered.

"Finally." Sam breathed, her voice barely a whisper as she ran for the door, well aware of where she needed to be and why.

"Anyone want to swap postings? Fancy a change of scenery from the armory." Davis asked quietly as everyone started to move out.

"Yeah why not?" offered the young MACO with a flashing smile. "I always love hanging with the armory guys. Plus all that firepower. Lotsa fun."

"Cheers Stevo." Davis replied, as he gave his rifle one last check before he headed to Engineering.


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