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The Mystery Of C-121, Part Four

Posted on Wed Sep 6, 2017 @ 9:04pm by Major Glenn Walker & Commander Jeannie Sherebrook & Ensign Yan Tia-Jai & Ensign Reidar Nordheim & Ensign Eli Avirett & 2nd Lieutenant Erin Ishay

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: C-121
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 1240 Hours

"This doesn't look promising." The Major said as he entered the large space, looking the obelisk up and down.

Yan was doing a quick scan of the surrounding darkness. Other than dust and some rusted metal nothing, but the obelisk sat in the structure of the dome. "Doesn't look like anything that could have launched the probe." Yan said as he kept looking around the darkness his torches sending beams of light into the pitch blackness.

"I'm pretty sure that it didn't," Reidar stated as he waved his scanner through the air. "However, I am picking up trace metals in that monument that match the probe."

"You don't call that promising Major?" Erin asked over her shoulder as she followed Commander Sherebrook over to the obelisk.

"No, I call it alarming." Walker simply replied as he studied the obelisk.

Jeannie spent a few moments simply watching the obelisk and then moved forward to run her hands across the smooth, dull bronzed surface. Strange symbols ran in orderly lines across the surface and on instinct, Jeannie's fingers found one which she instinctively knew was important and pressed it causing a section of the obelisk to slide open.

An orb appeared from the opening and it started to hover just above it. A small circular section on the orb about the size of a coin, retracted, revealing a bright yellow light. The light then projected out into the room from person to person.

Walker raised his rifle and aimed it at the orb as it hovered above the obelisk. "Orders?!" He called out ready to shoot at a moments notice.

Pulling out his scanner, Avirett aimed it at the orb. "It's a low level scan. I don't think it poses a threat."

Yan kept his rifle aimed at the orb as it scanned him. He felt nothing but kept his rifle locked on the orb even as it moved off from him and onto the next member of the crew.

"Hold your fire!" Ishay called out turning from the obelisk, holding out her hands towards her fellow MACOs. "Major please, it's not dangerous to me."

The Major lowered his rifle but not his guard. "If it does anything more than scanning then I will destroy it." He warned.

Once the orb had completed its scan of the landing party, the light at its center deactivated and it slowly lowered itself back down into the obelisk. Moments later, a whirring sound could be heard from inside the alien pillar as if the power source inside was being turned on for the first time in many years. Like before, a section of the obelisk opened, but this time it was on a much grander scale. Two large panels which made up its main body, slid open to either side, revealing an intricate network of operational computers.

From within the advanced machinery, another yellow light shone out towards the group but stopped on the ground just one meter from them. Slowly, the light started to rise and in doing so, it created a holographic female alien out of photons, energy and light. She was dressed in regal clothing, and stood as if her position was one of meaning and power. A bony half-moon carapace protruded upwards and back from her forehead. Several hair-like tentacles sprouted from underneath or behind the shell. The female regarded each of the Humans for a moment before focusing her attention on the two females in the group; Commander Sherebrook and Lieutenant Ishay.

The alien said to them, "Pa tipi tepubutatle itre. Pe take kre do tegri o. Ko ku blide i die pipeklai putipipra. Ko kekrupre tibi pa ti tuko tliu."

Nothing more needed to be said to get Ensign Nordheim involved. He pulled out his universal translator and immediately began to process the language that was being spoken. "This is going to take a few minutes Commander," he informed Endeavour's first officer. "The best thing to do right now is to keep it talking."

"Um...hi." Jeannie stepped forward and smiled at the alien, "I'm afraid that we can't understand you but my friend over there..." she pointed at Reidar, "He's working on it so perhaps you could say some more?" she gestured to the hologram.

"Ee tlatugo Duchess debipe bi Livia," the alien spoke again. "Te have ge e klepre this archive?"

Reidar looked up and bit his lip as he considered the alien speech. "I may have been partially incorrect Commander. I think it might be learning our language as we speak it. It's certainly not my doing." All the universal translator allowed him to do was to decipher alien languages from his own device. The others would still be unable to understand it. So what was happening now, was definitely not him.

"Perhaps the hologram is their type of translator." Walker commented, still with his phase rifle trained on the hologram.

"So should we keep talking to it? The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog and all the other stuff they said we should use in the first contact guide?" Yan asked his superiors.

"I think it's a bit beyond nursery rhymes." Ishay said with a chuckle, turning back to the hologram. "You said archive, what kind of archive is it?" Admittedly she was making a bit of a jump considering there had only been a few words spoken in English. Not like they had much else to go on or a lot of time to figure it out.

"Ibi archive aedreabre klakrikokeda that remains of my people; tiko history, tiko culture, tiko values, tiko art and edri more," the holographic Grand Duchess answered. "At my request, this memorial was dubiti here by the Outok opote after the annihilation of our way of life. As you have found this place, and there are bikagu in your midst, I am to assume that you have come across the Eye of t'Rehu. It has brought you here," she proclaimed.

"The probe?" Asked Walker, looking at Sherebrook and Ishay.

Sherebrook nodded, "It must be." she looked at Glenn and then back at the alien, "We found a probe with a gem inside of it. Is this the Eye of t'Rehu that you speak of?"

So engrossed with the hologram that was being projected, Eli continued scanning the hologram then realized that he lost all track of time. He checked his chrono. "Commander, thirty minutes remaining."

"Acknowledged." Jeannie briefly turned to Avirett before looking back at the hologram.

"It is," the alien woman answered. "My mystics enchanted the Eye before it was sent into the cosmos. It was uncertain whether or not our magics would work on other-worlders. I am pleased that it did. You are here to receive this warning; beware the raptors in the sky above our planet. Beware the Rihannsu."

"Rihannsu..." Reidar repeated. "That words sounds familiar. I think I may have read it somewhere in my translation files." Although he couldn't remember exactly which ones.

"The Rihannsu... Were they the ones who destroyed your world? Did you have recordings of the weapons they used? It could save countless lives?" Yan inquired.

"I think Rihannsu is Romulan." Walker said, recalling his mission to Tau Ceti IV.

"You're right Major," Ensign Nordheim confirmed after consulting his universal translating device.

"Yes, the Rihannsu destroyed this world... my home," she corrected herself, "my people," the Grand Duchess answered with grief to Ensign Tia-Jai. "When we refused to relinquish ch'Ladiom to them, they attacked us with all of their rage when they collided one of their sky vessels into our world. Waves of fire consumed everything, everywhere, until all was lost."

"Using a ship to cause a planet wide devastation seems to be a common strategy for the Romulans." MACO had done simulations on that kind of tactic years ago back when Earth first started to venture into space. There wasn't much time put into it since no species they had met gave any kind of indication that it was a favored tactic. Not to mention that nothing Earth had in its arsenal could stop a mid to large size ship on a suicide mission before impact. It wasn't until the attack on Coridan Prime that anyone started paying attention again. But even now Earth was still unprepared for such an attack; with enough ships hitting the right locations, there was no way they would survive such an attack. "Commander, from what I remember reading, Endeavour barely stopped the Romulans from using the same tactic at Altair, if they come full force at Earth I'm not sure what we could do to stop them." Ishay said, the frustration evident in her voice. She wasn't a Naval Officer, wasn't trained or used to Starship combat... it was moments like this that made her feel helpless. Shaking those thoughts away Erin quickly refocused on the hologram. "How long were you at war before they sent the sky vessels crashing into the planet?"

"Hostilities between our peoples lasted for four treke," the hologram answered. "ch'Ladiom is as sacred to my people, as it to the Rihannsu. At first, they attacked Livia outright in a bid to take it from us but when we resisted and began to fight back, they became more desperate and determined. The Rihannsu stormed our shores in the thousands and raided every inch and corner of our cities. When that failed to yield them any results, they left Livia. We were free of them. Even so, I did not want to take the chance that they would one day return. I had ch'Ladiom shattered into three pieces. Each piece was placed into a probe and sent out into the cosmos so that the Rihannsu could never find it. It was my final act to avenge the sacrifices my people made during the war. One eplipe later, the Rihannsu returned and this time, nothing survived."

"And the Eye of t'Rehu is a part of ch'Ladiom?" Jeannie asked before being unable to resist asking yet another stream of questions before the hologram could reply, "What is ch'Ladiom? What is its purpose?"

A hologram of an ornate ceremonial glaive appeared beside the Grand Duchess. In between the blade and the staff rested the jewel that the Endeavour crew were very familiar with. "This is ch'Ladiom. It was discovered during the dawn of our civilization thousands of years ago. The Rihannsu made outlandish claims that it belonged to them, but they could never adequately explain how it came to be on Livia in the time that followed their great Sundering. Our scientists conducted many tests and examined ch'Ladiom in great detail. They determined that it did in fact come from our world. Whilst it may appear to be a simple weapon, it served to unite my people when we warred ourselves nearly to our own extinction."

Reidar approached the hologram of the weapon and closely looked at some of the iconography on it. Some of the symbols closely resembled Romulan letters but they were in a more primitive form. There were others symbols too, but these ones the Ensign just didn't recognize.

"Commander. If we're going to keep within the safety margins, we should be heading back soon." Avirett looked at Sherebrook.

Jeannie held up a hand to Avirett and looked towards the hologram, "We need to go but is there anything else you can tell us, anything else we need to know?" she looked hopeful, wishing that they had more time to learn everything they could.

The alien obelisk whirred to life once again. A compartment opened and from it a case with several data disks slid out for the landing party to take. "This is what remains of my people. Please take it," the Grand Duchess encouraged. "The information on the disks should answer any additional questions you might have. The only thing that I ask in return is that you never forget about my people and the tragedy that befell them at the talons of the Rihannsu."

Jeannie took the case and nodded to the hologram, "Thank you and I'll be sure to tell our historians to protect your past and your culture." she smiled then added "We have to go." then she turned to the others and said "Come on, let's go before our skin starts to fall off."

"Aye ma'am," Ishay said taking one last look at the hologram. Leaving tugged at her a bit, Erin felt a connection to this ruined world. It was hard to explain, she didn't know these people, didn't meet any of them except this idealized projection and yet... She also felt a part of their world.

Walker kept his eye on the hologram as the landing party begin to withdraw. He hoped that what they had learned here would help them some way with defeating the Romulans. He would take every bit of information right now.

The holographic representation of the Grand Duchess watched as the alien humanoids took their leave of her. Although she did not know them, she was grateful that her people's culture and history would live on somewhere up beyond the sky in their hands. She hoped that the Humans would be spared the same fate that her planet suffered. They'd been warned about the Rihannsu which was all that could be done. With her mission complete, the hologram deactivated herself and the obelisk whirred to life as the compartments and plates began to close shut. Before long, the obelisk returned to the same state that Endeavour's landing party originally found it in.


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