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Not Leaving Anything To Chance

Posted on Wed Sep 6, 2017 @ 8:01pm by Captain Edward Pearson & Lieutenant Hamilton Long & Lieutenant JG Solok & Lieutenant JG Darren Higgs & Ensign Verity Anderson & Ensign Lara Tollivar

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: A Deck - Bridge
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 1300 Hours

The lift doors opened, revealing the bridge. "Did we miss anything?" Ham asked as he crossed to the engineering station, relieving the ensign who had taken his place.

Solok stepped out of the lift behind him and relieved Hudson at the tactical station. "Pulse ready on your command, Captain."

"Good work," Pearson acknowledged. "Lieutenant Higgs, take us out of orbit and lay in a course for the Romulan-controlled ship," he then ordered.

"With pleasure Sir." Higgs replied, tapping a few buttons on his console then turning the ship away from the planet and towards the co-ordinates where the Romulan ship approached.

Eddie turned his seat towards the two officers who'd just returned. "We continued to track the other ship while you were gone. I don't think they want us here. I wish I knew why."

"Maybe they found something on the planet that they don't want to share." Ham suggested.

"Is there any indication, assuming of course that the Romulans are in control of that vessel, that they may have had anything to do with this planet's disaster?" Without warning, Solok's console signaled. "Enemy vessel now fifteen thousand kilometers and closing. Estimate one minute, thirty seconds to intercept." Another alert sounded. "They have weapons locked onto us, but I detect no sign of fire... Yet."

"Polarize the hull plating and ready weapons," Pearson ordered. As they had a bit of time left before they engaged the enemy vessel, he sought to answer Solok as well. "We don't have anything definitive about what happened here. I'm hopeful that the landing party will find the answers that we're looking for."

"Indeed." The Vulcan worked his panel. "Hull plating polarized... Weapons ready. When should we trigger the pulse?"

"At your discretion," Eddie replied.

"Aye..." The pointy-eared, green-complected humanoid worked his board, refining the targeting lock. "I have them... Ten thousand kilometers and closing... Firing!"

Space lit up in front of the NX-class starship as brilliant energy lashed out from the deflector. On the viewscreen, the enemy vessel began to slow, then stopped completely. Lights went out all over its surface, and the now definitely derelict ship began to drift.

Solok looked up from his readouts. "Target neutralized... I recommend, in case you wish to determine who might be in control of that ship, that we act soon, Sir," he continued, turning to Pearson. "The vessel is beginning to drift towards the debris and radiation clouds."

In his mind, Eddie had no doubts that it was the Romulans who controlled the alien craft and directed it to attack them. Even so, they needed to be certain. He swiveled his chair slightly to the left. "Are we still getting definitive readings that there are no life-signs aboard that ship?" he asked Ensign Anderson.

"Not one, Sir. No lifesigns and no organic material." Verity confirmed, satisfied that the readings from the sensors were correct.

Pearson nodded in acknowledgement. They had no reason to keep it around then. "Mister Solok, blast it to bits and pieces," he ordered.

"Aye, Sir," Solok responded flatly. He would have preferred, as a Vulcan, to study it even briefly, but it didn't seem that Captain Pearson wanted to do so. He set to work. "Locking on phase cannons..."

Blasts of orange energy shot from Endeavour's bow end, and the ship was cut in half. Two precisely targeted photonic torpedoes reduced the remainder to scrap metal and ionized plasma. "Target destroyed," reported the Vulcan, somewhat unnecessarily.

Hopefully the Romulans don't have any other ships lingering nearby, Eddie thought to himself. The last thing he wanted was to get involved in a firefight with this far out without any chance of getting backup. "Stand down from tactical alert. Mister Higgs, take us back to the planet and assume our previous orbit."

"With pleasure Sir." Darren replied, glad that this encounter at least seemed to have been easy enough as he carried out the order and headed the ship back to the planet nearby.

"Aye Sir." The Vulcan pressed a button on his console, then turned to the Captain. "Sir, has there been any word from our team on the surface?"

"Not that I'm aware," Pearson said. "With the amount of radiation surrounding the planet though, we would have had a difficult time picking them up from here. I imagine that we should be hearing from them soon." He looked back to the communications station. "Ensign, how much time does the landing party have left down there?"

"They should be nearing the end of the time limit, sir," Lara reported.

"Let's keep an eye out for them then," the Captain suggested. "The Romulans seem very interested in this place. Hopefully the landing party will have found the reason why." In Eddie's mind, there had to be a reason for their being here. He conceded that maybe he'd been a bit hasty in having the alien ship destroyed. If Sherebrook and the others returned empty handed they'd have nothing left to pursue. They could rummage through the vessel's debris, if it was necessary to find even a morsel of information, but Eddie had to put his faith in his first officer. She was the one who brought them here. The answers they were looking for were on the planet's below.


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