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Everyone To The Decon Chamber!

Posted on Mon Sep 25, 2017 @ 11:15pm by Captain Edward Pearson & Ensign Reidar Nordheim & Commander Jeannie Sherebrook & Major Glenn Walker & Lieutenant JG Louise Rigby & Ensign Yan Tia-Jai & Ensign Eli Avirett & 2nd Lieutenant Erin Ishay

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: E Deck - Decon Chamber
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 1400 Hours

Walker sat in the decon chamber in his underwear. He thought the injections would prevent them needing to use the chamber. He guessed that Doc Rigby was just doubling checking to make sure they hadn't brought anything back with them.

"I'm sure the Doc didn't say it was going to take this long?" The Major said, scratching his stubbly chin.

"If we had left earlier, we wouldn't have to spend this time in here, major." Avirett rubbed the cream that was left in the bin for them.

"The planet was heavily irradiated," Reidar reminded them as he leaned back against the wall. "One way or another I think we would have ended up in here just to make certain that we don't start mutating." Of course, it was unlikely that they would actually mutate. Such things only happened in very old Earth movies.

"Rather this than losing my hair." Jeannie replied, screwing her nose up at the horrid, gloopy cream that they'd been given to apply before dipping her fingers into it and applying some to her legs and feet, "I remember back in the day how the docs used to sell this to us as time to bond as a crew whilst providing necessary medical intervention." she chuckled, remembering old Doc Emerson and his rather eccentric ways when she was a brand new Ensign at her first post.

"Better safe than sorry. I've seen enough people suffering from radiation poisoning back home." Yan said as he rubbed the cream on himself.

"It could be worse, on my last ship assignment we always had to make sure the younger troopers didn't use decon for an excess bonding." The MACO vessel's decon bays were far more extensive, often including private areas for treating injured troopers away from others returning from a mission.

Avirett walked from crewman to crewman, running his scanner over their bodies, checking their radiation levels. "None of you received enough dosage to start mutating....however," he smiled, "there's no guarantee that some of you may produce mutated offspring....or even be able to reproduce."

"How are they looking, Eli?" Louise asked, after approaching the view port and activating the comm channel into the decon chamber.

"Readings show that the treatment is working....I suggest another thirty minutes should clear them up," he replied.

"Any chance of us getting a drink. I'm parched?" Yan asked grinning slightly about the mutant children. It would be likely his would have pointed ears as soon as the docs figured out how to properly fuse human and Vulcan DNA.

"Maybe a meal too? Nothing fancy, two...three course." Ishay quipped giving Louise a little wink as she sat down against one of the walls.

"Not in my decon chamber!" Louise replied playfully. "I'll make sure Chef has something made for you all when you get out." She added before activating the console next to the viewing port and downloaded the scans Avirett had taken. She began to nod, agreeing with her colleague. "I agree, Eli, another half an hour and you should be all good to go."

"Are you serious that this could cause fertility issues?" Jeannie asked with a frown, disturbed by what Avirett had said.

Looking around, "I was kidding about what I said." Eli grinned.

"I suppose there's a chance of anything happening out here." Louise replied. "This is the unknown after all. But according to our scanners everything is working as it should." She said with a reassuring smile.

"That's good to hear," Pearson said, having overheard the last of Rigby's diagnosis. He arrived alongside her and looked through the window at his crew. They all seemed alive and well. Eddie also noticed that despite being locked up in the enclosed space, that they were relatively in good spirits. "Was your mission a success?" he asked them.

"Hopefully it was." Jeannie nodded, "We came back with an archive of knowledge from the civilization that lived down there. Seems that the Romulans destroyed them but they preserved what they could of their culture on a set of disks. The jewel we found in that probe is part of a weapon that the Romulans were after. It was important to their society and could be very significant."

"A weapon?" the Captain repeated. To destroy an entire planet for such a thing. Why was it so valuable to them? "I look forward to you telling me all about it. Once you're done here, I'd like you, the Major and Lieutenant Ishay to come up to my ready room."

Walker acknowledged the request with a respectful nod towards the Starfleet Captain.

"Sir." Ishay said by way of acknowledgment. There wasn't much more to say at this point, obviously he didn't want to speak in front of everyone and being the junior she'd wait for the others to add their two cents first.

"Aye Sir." Jeannie nodded, figuring that he'd make such a request.

Pearson turned to Rigby and said to her, "Doctor, let me know if their condition changes."

Louise nodded, "Of course, Captain."

Eli turned and looked at the others stuck in the decon chamber with him. "Cheer up! By my calculations, we should only be here for another thirty or forty minutes. We should request some playing cards to pass the time next time we're in here."

"We could maybe request that a few things are kept in here for situations just like this." Sherebrook nodded, thinking that Eli's idea definitely had merit.

Of course that wouldn't really help them right now. "Well, as we only have each other to pass the time, does anyone have a good story to tell?" Reidar asked.

"Anyone want to know about what happened on Altair IV and the Warp 7 project?" Walker asked, feeling that was a positive mission to talk about.


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