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Of Livia And The Rihannsu

Posted on Fri Nov 17, 2017 @ 4:30pm by Captain Edward Pearson & Commander Jeannie Sherebrook & Major Glenn Walker & 2nd Lieutenant Erin Ishay

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: A Deck - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 1500 Hours

Freshly showered after their time in the decon chamber, Jeannie, Walker and Ishay were standing outside Eddie's ready room waiting for him to answer the door chime. Clutching the case that had been given to them by the hologram on the planet, she turned it over in her hands and inspected it, wondering what information it contained about the intriguing civilization that they'd glimpsed on the planet below.

"Come in," called the voice from beyond the door.

Walker followed Endeavour's first officer and his own exec, Ishay, into Captain Pearson's office. After the door slid shut behind them, Walker stood to attention. "You wanted to see us, sir?"

Eddie smiled and nodded. "I did," he said. He gestured for all three of them to take a seat. That was when he noticed the case that Jeannie was holding. "Is that the archive you mentioned to me when you were in the decon chamber?" he asked.

Erin didn't want to speak for the commander, she was the most junior in the room and the other woman was the one carrying the case after all. Simply nodding the affirmative, she waited for Sherebrook to start things off.

"It is." Jeannie nodded, "It's been cleared, it's not irradiated anymore." she leaned forward and handed it over to Eddie, "I really hope it can help us with the war effort."

"I'm guessing Starfleet and MACO command can't wait to get their hands on the information on that gem." Walker commented nodding towards the information device. He really hoped it would be the key to giving the Rommies some well deserved pay back.

The Captain took the case from Jeannie and examined it closely for a few minutes. The entire thing was rectangular in shape, slightly longer than a shoe box. There were several disks that were protruding from its surface although Eddie didn't dare remove them until the whole thing could be analyzed by his people. "Get this to Ham and Reidar. See what they can get out of it." He handed it to Walker, as it was evident that he wanted to speak to the two women alone.

"Make sure they're careful with it sir." Ishay said turning to look at Walker. "It's the last legacy of their people." To her it felt like a memorial, something the crew had been entrusted with and they needed to respect that, regardless of the circumstances that brought it to them.

Jeannie nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly with Ishay, "When we're done with it, we should hand it over to the historians so that their culture can be honoured and preserved, it was something the hologram asked of us before we left."

"Once we have everything we need from it, I'll make the appropriate recommendations," Eddie told her. "It probably wouldn't hurt for you to include a letter as well."

"I will." Jeannie nodded, feeling it was important and knowing it would be what she wanted if the same thing were ever to happen to humanity especially given the way she felt about the lost civilization that they'd just discovered.

"I'll make sure they know of its importance." The Major said with a nod as he took the device, before turning on his heels and headed to Engineering.

When the door shut behind the Major, Eddie looked to both Jeannie and Erin. "Before we get to the particulars of what you found on the planet, I need to ask you both if your impetus to go there has been sated. Are there any lingering feelings? Like the ones you had before when you took over the ship?"

Looking over at the Commander for a moment, Erin felt like this was a time where it was alright to let the chain of command drop. "Not like that no, I don't feel any urges or the pull to act. But..." Erin wasn't quite sure how to put it, these kind of feelings, it was so alien to her. "I still feel something. I look at the planet and at that box and it's a tug. It's not just another dead world, and intellectually I know it should be, I didn't know them...but I can't shake the connection that makes it feel more personal."

"I agree." the First Officer confirmed, "I don't think we're in any danger of the same thing happening again but I do feel an empathy towards everything that was lost down there, almost as if I were one of them."

"Were you able to find any information about how you, and the other women of the ship, were infected by the probe?" Eddie asked them.

"There wasn't time for a full explanation, the hologram said something about enchanting the gem," Jeannie replied, "Best guess is that they used it to ensure that they were discovered and could pass on the archive. Hopefully, there'll be something in there that explains it properly because enchanting something sounds like a lot of hocus pocus to me."

"I'm reminded of something I once heard; that 'magic and science are one and the same'," Eddie commented with a smile. "Still, it's pretty amazing if you think about it. Whatever magics they performed on it, the gem brought you here. What makes the whole thing even more interesting is its apparent value to the Romulans. While you were down on the planet, we encountered an alien vessel that we believe was being controlled by them. This gem. The weapon you spoke of. It's very important to them for some reason."

"Well let's hope that the archive tells us more. I'd love to know what it does." Jeannie replied, hoping that this opportunity would somehow give them an advantage over the Romulans.

"Did the hologram show you what it looked like so that we have an idea of what to look for?" Pearson asked.

"It was a sword, it looked ceremonial, not something that you'd use in combat." Not that they couldn't, Erin had seen many ornately designed battle weapons but looking at it, the ch'Ladiom was similar to her own NCO saber. "I'm sure the archive has an image, but I made a sketch while we waited in decon." It had been far too long since Erin had the chance to put pencil to paper, it was nice to get the chance to do it again.

"Do you have it on you?" Pearson asked her, as he was interested in seeing what it looked like.

"Aye sir." Ishay reached into her chest pocket, removing the small, black leather bound sketchbook. A bit worn, but well taken care of, the book had been with her since basic, the pages detailing important things, people and places to Erin. Flipping through the various pages Erin finally settled on the one of the ch'Ladiom. "The scale might be a bit off and I don't think I got the styling down near the base of the blade completely right, the original I think had more of a swoop in the piping, almost more like a wing."

Eddie accepted the sketchbook and took in the details of the drawing. He looked up at Ishay and smiled briefly at her. "If the MACOs were ever disbanded, being an artist could be your new career," he said. The Captain then pointed to the section between the blade and where the weapon was held. "The gem we found is inset here?" he asked her.

It wouldn't have been the first time Erin thought about it since the war started, what her life would have been like if she'd become and artist instead of becoming a MACO. She loved her career and did damned good work but sometimes the idea of something peaceful appealed to her. "I believe so sir, there was a large red circle there in the hologram but it was hard to tell if it was the same one."

With the limited time they had on the planet, and the fact that they were wearing the bulky environmental suits, it was understandable that Ishay didn't have all the details. "As Jeannie said, hopefully the archive will further clarify things for us," the Captain said. He handed the sketchbook back to the Lieutenant. "Do either of you have anything else of importance to add from your trip down to the surface?" Eddie asked them.

"Other than the fact that it looks like the apocalypse happened down there?" Jeannie answered, before adding. "Seriously though, I can't think of anything else." She looked over at Ishay to see if she agreed.

Erin was still troubled by what she'd seen on the planet below and what they'd learned of the Romulans. It seemed the Romulans had a history of destroying civilizations and now they wanted to wipe humanity off the map. "No sir. I think the archive and what we saw speaks for itself. I just hope someone back home and our allies takes it seriously.

"Me too," the Captain agreed. As the war wasn't going well for Starfleet at the moment, he expected that his superiors would take any intel they could get on the Romulans. It was unfortunate, yet understandable, that the Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites had all decided to remove themselves from the conflict. It just meant that more was on the line than just a handful of lives. The Earth hung in the balance. "Get some rest," he told them. "I'll look for your reports on the mission by tomorrow night."

"Yes Sir." Jeannie replied as she stood up and nodded respectfully to Eddie before heading for the door.

"Easier said than done sir, but I'll try." With a nod Erin too headed for the door. It wouldn't be easy to shake what she saw or the feelings it dredged up from the Xindi attack on Earth. The thought of that happening to Mars on such a wide scale... no she wasn't going to be able to shake that image for a long time... if ever.


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