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The Livian Archive, Part One

Posted on Fri Nov 17, 2017 @ 4:31pm by Ensign Reidar Nordheim & Major Glenn Walker & Lieutenant Hamilton Long

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: A Deck - Bridge, C Deck - Engineering Lab
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 1530 Hours

Walker stepped out of the ready room and made his way up the couple of steps and onto Endeavour's bridge. He was about to move towards the lift to head down to Engineering, when he noticed Lieutenant Long seated in the command chair. He hadn't noticed the Engineer was on the bridge when they first arrived on the bridge a few minutes earlier but then again the Major hadn't been looking. The Major approached the Chief Engineer. "Lieutenant Long, Captain Pearson has requested that yourself and Ensign Nordheim try and extrapolate as much information out of this device." He said holding out for the Lieutenant to take.

Ham took the device and looked at it. "Looks like it is some sort of data storage device. Other than that I can't tell you much while here. We will take it down to the engineering labs on C Deck and take a closer look." He said.

Ham gave the device another look before standing from the chair. "Since you gave me this I will give you the bridge." He said.

"Understood." Walker said with a nod. "Good luck." He watched the Engineer moved away from the command seat. The Major glanced at the 'big' chair but decided against sitting down. He could oversee the bridge from a standing position.

"Same to you." Ham said heading to the lift. He then stopped and turned back to Walker. "Could you do me the favor of calling Mr. Nordheim and have him meet me on C Deck in the engineering lab?" He asked.

"Of course, Lieutenant." Walker replied, before the Engineer stepped into the lift and the door slid closed behind him. "Bridge to Ensign Nordheim." He said after pressing the comm button on the command chair's arm control panel.

"Nordheim here," responded the young man a few moments later.

"Lieutenant Long has requested your presence in the engineering lab on C Deck." Walker replied.

"Alright. I'll be right there," the Norwegian said.

"Thank you, Ensign." Walker simply replied, before closing the comm.

* * * * *

A quick ride in the lift and a short walk down a corridor on C Deck and Ham had reached the engineering lab. He chose one of the work tables and set the device down on it. Retrieving a hand held scanner from a nearby shelf Ham turned back to the alien device and said. "Now let's see just what is going on with you." Ham held the scanner over the device and watched as the data started to scroll over the small screen.

Whilst the engineer was working, the door to the lab opened and Reidar entered the room. "You asked for me Sir?" he inquired as he approached the table. He noticed the alien archive sat on it. Putting one and one together, Reidar expected that his expertise was going to be needed here.

"That I did. The Captain would like us to pry the secrets out of this thing." Ham said, patting the alien device.

"I'm not surprised," Reidar told him. "The hologram we encountered said that her people endured a four year conflict with the Romulans. There may be information on this thing that could be of use to us."

"The only way to see what is in there is to crack it open." Ham said. "If we can connect this thing to the ship's computer we can download the data and take a look at what is in there."

The Norwegian nodded in acknowledgment as Ham's plan made sense. "I wonder if the text will self-translate again. The hologram seemed to adapt itself to our language. I assume to better communicate with whomever may have encountered the probe and returned to the planet."

Ham retrieved a cable from a shelf and connected it to an outlet on the console next to him before connecting it to what appeared to be a data port on the device. "That would be helpful." He said. "Not having to translate the data would save some time." He pressed a few buttons, starting the download of the data into the ship's computer.

As the data was being transferred to Endeavour's computer, Reidar checked its integrity. They had just come from a heavily irradiated planet and he wanted to know if he and Ham were going to have to do extra work to restore the files. "The information from the archive seems to be mostly intact," he said as he read the results as it was coming up on his screen. "There's a possibility that only three percent of it has been corrupted." He looked up to the rectangular box that they'd brought back from the surface. "They certainly built it to last."

"Only three percent. Not bad for how old this thing appears to be." Ham said giving the device another glance. "There seems to be a lot of data in there. we have so far only downloaded forty percent of the data."

"How long will it be until we have it all?" the communications officer asked.

"Shouldn't be too long. Give it another minute and the download will be done." Ham said.

Reidar nodded. "In that case, if you don't mind Sir, maybe I could head down to the galley to get us some dinner? It sounds like we might be here a while and I haven't eaten since this morning." Not to mention that walking around in an environmental suit had taken a little bit out of him, even if it was just for a few hours.

"Sure, go get something to eat. Just bring me a cup of coffee." Ham said.

"Do you take anything in it?" the Norwegian asked.

"Black will be fine." Ham said.

"Tok deg. I'll be back shortly," Reidar said before departing from the lab. It was his hope that the food and drinks would help them get through the work that was to come. They had alot of information to sift through. It was going to take some time. Knowing what he did from being on the landing party though, Reidar had a feeling in his gut that they were going to find something important in the archive. The only question was what would it be?


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