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Of Love And Cheddar Cheese

Posted on Mon Nov 27, 2017 @ 8:22pm by Ensign Kathryn Bell & Goron jav Rork

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: E Deck - Galley
Timeline: January 10, 2157 - 1400 Hours

Ensign Kathryn Bell stepped into the galley and called out, "Chef Rork, is your rotund self haunting this steam-pit somewhere?" She'd taken a liking to arguing with Tellarites while at their station, but she was glad nobody else was around to witness this.

"Yes, yes!" bellowed Rork as he came out of the pantry with two arms full off supplies. He deposited them down on the preparation table. "What do you want?" he asked the ensign.

"Cheese, if your meager stores can survive it. Preferably hard cheeses, and a decent, though not overwhelming variety would be good."

Goron looked incredulously at Bell. "This is a starship, not a luxury liner," he told her. "We have cheddar, mozzarella and a few others. The most important ones so I'm told. What's the occasion?" the Tellarite asked.

"Fine, Fine... That's for me to know and you to listen to the gossip-maungers with those overly-large ears of yours to find out..." She softened a bit; she wasn't an insulting person by nature, and she could only hope she was following Tellarite tradition as best she could. "Oh fine, I'll tell you. One of the other officers and I have, well, not sure what you'd call it. I guess we're dating, would be the Human term for it..." She cocked her head at him. "Do Tellarites have something similar to figuring out if two people want a relationship with each other--a romantic one that is? That's essentially what we're trying to figure out."

Rork snickered as he retrieved a selection of cheeses for her. He placed them on the table. "Of course we have something similar not that I would expect you to understand!" he replied. "Compared to your kind, courtship among my people happens fairly quickly. It is instigated by our females you know."

Kate laughed. "I'm in good company then... I wouldn't expect you to notice some of the nuances of Humans, but in this case, I'm the one who initiated things, shall we say... What's it like, if I'm not being overly curious and getting in over my head?"

"It is considered an honor to be chosen as a mate. There are many of my gender who go their whole lives without getting the opportunity," he revealed. "When it comes, however, it is practically unheard of that a male would decline the invitation. If they did, it's unlikely they'd ever get a second chance."

Kate thought about it for a moment. "An elegant system... Humans are a lot more complicated, although some of us have situations where we love once, and once only... My parents are like that." She grew wistful a moment.

"Have you had that opportunity, Chef Rork?" she asked him. As she said it, she realized how invasive, not to mention rude, that was. Clapping her hand over her mouth, she blushed. "Er, sorry--that was totally over the line of good taste."

Goron quickly dismissed her apology with a wave off his three-fingered hand. "It's perfectly fine," he reassured her. He stood still for a moment as he recalled one of the pivotal moments of his life. "I was approached once by a pudgy lady to be her mate but I declined her advances. My newfound passion was with food, and not with starting a family."

"I see..." Kate thought his manner was a little sad; perhaps he regretted his decision? She reached out a hand and put it on his shoulder, hoping the gesture would be comforting. "In a way, your dishes that you've created yourself and made your own are your children though, right?"

He considered what she said for a moment before replying. "I suppose if you're into cannibalism," he said before turning his head towards the Ensign. "I can assure you that I am not. I don't even eat bacon." He didn't even cook it for the crew as it just seemed wrong for him to do so.

Kate laughed. "Not what I meant, but considering Tellarite humor, I'll take it..." She took the cheese platter from him. "Thanks for this; it should help make Ensign Avirett more comfortable around me."

The Chef felt that was an odd statement for her to make. "He was uncomfortable around you before? How will cheese make things better?" he asked.

She considered a moment. "I'm sure you're aware that food is a great equalizer--it allows people to come together where otherwise they might not. He is comfortable around me, but sharing the cheese and possibly wine, will make both of us more comfortable with each other."

Rork finally realized what she was getting at. "Ah. I see. Well I hope that works out for you then. If it might help..." He retreated to the refrigerating unit and pulled out another cheese. He then put it on the Ensign's tray. "Try some of this. It's vintage cheddar. Extra old. Extra delicious."

Kate sniffed it. "Vermont cheddar--I definitely owe you one. This brings back a lot of memories... Thank you, Chef. I better go and put this in my quarters." She gave him a brilliant smile and left, humming softly to herself.


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