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Aftermath Physical

Posted on Sun Nov 19, 2017 @ 11:01pm by Lieutenant JG Louise Rigby & Ensign Eli Avirett
Edited on on Sun Nov 19, 2017 @ 11:14pm

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: E Deck - Sickbay
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 1700 Hours

Louise had decided to use the current lull in activity on board Endeavour to aid in her recovery from the device. Although most of the women had fully recovered from their experience, Louise still seemed to be struggling. Even relieving herself of duty and placing Eli in charge of everything medical while she rested, she just still didn't feel right.

She walked into a thankfully quiet sickbay. All the beds were empty which was always a good sign. She moved across to the corner which she had called her office to find Ensign Avirett sitting behind her desk working. "That desk suits you." Rigby said with a weak smile.

Eli turned to her. "Just keeping it warm until your ready to take it back." He stood. "What can I do for you, doctor?"

"I'm still not feeling 100% headache and feel achy." Louise replied, as she stepped closer to the desk.

"Okay. Let's do some scans on you to see what the problem is." He took her arm and led her to the scanner. Patting the bed, "You know the drill."

With a sigh Louise hopped up onto the bed. "I was really hoping these couple of days off would have helped." She said as she began to lay on her back.

"Days off are sometimes an oxymoron. Your suppose to be off and you don't know what to do with yourself." Once she was laying down, he pressed the button and the bed slid into the scanner. "Just breath normally, please."

"Actually, I've been catching up on paperwork." Louise replied, as she let Eli run his scans. "For some reason it has built up all of a sudden."

Eli looked at the readout as the results came in. When the scans were all finished, he pressed the button and the bed slid out of the chamber. "Nothing have a virus.....nasty little bugger." Eli picked up a hypospray from a table and injected her. "You should feel fine in a couple of days. You might feel a little dizzy, so be careful standing up."

“Must have caught me while I’ve been run down.” Louise said, as she slowly sat up. A dizzy light headed feeling washed over her for a few moments before passing. “Thank you, Eli.” She said as she gently slipped down off the bed. “How’s things been in here?”

"Quiet, for the most part. Seems that paperwork is taking up most of my time. Occasionally someone comes in complaining of a pain in their back, but I think it's all in their head. But your the first person today to come in with a real puzzle. How you feeling now?"

Louise gave a small nod. “I’m starting to feel abit better. I’m glad you’ve not been too busy in my absence.”

"Well....I was thinking of sending out a ship-wide announcement asking all crew that were affected by the probe report for followup examinations."

Rigby nodded her approval, “A sensible precaution. Do you want me to stay and help?”

Eli looked at her. " of now, you are off duty for 72 hours. I want you to return to your quarters and rest, and that's an order, doctor." He smiled at her.

Louise returned his smile, perhaps he was right. She was in no state to help. “Alright, Doctor. I’ll see you bright and early in a couple of days.”

Eli pressed a button on the commpanel and selected the "ship wide" function. "May I have your attention please. This is Dr Avirett. I would like all those members of the crew that were affected by the probe, to report to sickbay for a followup exam. Any who do not comply, will be ordered to by the captain. Thank you."

Closing the channel, Eli started preparing medical trays.


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