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The Livian Archive, Part Two

Posted on Wed Dec 27, 2017 @ 1:34pm by Ensign Reidar Nordheim & Lieutenant Hamilton Long

Mission: The Eye Of Sin
Location: C Deck - Engineering Lab
Timeline: January 2, 2157 - 2033 Hours

In the five hours since they began looking at the information on the archive, Ham and Reidar had uncovered a large data set that contained the entire written history of the Livian people. It was lengthy, to say the least and whilst it did provide some insight on the background of their conflict with the Rihannsu, little of it would be of use to Starfleet right now. They needed to find something more substantial than military records and tactics. They needed intel.

Reidar yawned as he scrolled through the information on his screen. It had been a long day for him and there was seemingly no end in sight. "I'm starting to think we might need to bring in a few more people to help us get through this," the Ensign commented. "Do you think that we're going about this the wrong way?" he asked.

Ham finished off his fourth cup of coffee before replying. "Yes, I think we are. There is a lot of information to go through. I think we should set up a search program to look for keywords and have the computer to the work for us." He suggested.

"Any ideas which ones?" Reidar asked before suggesting, "Maybe ch'Ladiom and the Rihannsu?"

"I think those will work for starters." Ham said as his fingers moved across the console in front of him. When he was done he leaned back in his chair. "It will take a few minutes to dig through all the data." Ham said.

They'd already been here hours, what was another few minutes? Reidar only nodded in reply before yawning. A grim thought came to him as he considered Livian history. "Do you think we'll lose the war? The Livians could not defeat the Romulans," he said.

"I don't think so. Perhaps there is information in this archive that we can use to win the war." Ham said as he worked.

"I hope so," Reidar said. "I suppose they probably didn't have the space forces needed to fight back. We do. Although I get the feeling that the Romulans outnumber us in the number of active starships. We'd probably be winning this war if the Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites were still fighting with us."

Ham was about to respond when a light flashed on the console in front of him. "Looks like we have something." Ham said putting the search results up on the screen. "It looks like a map of a star system. I think this might be the system where a Romulan base was at." Ham said studying the image.

The Norwegian moved to the Lieutenant's side to look at the map. After a few moments, he responded. "It would certainly make sense to have one out this far. Livia isn't exactly next door to Romulan Space. If they wanted ch'Ladiom as desperately as it sounds, then they would have sent a large enough force to try and get it."

"And that would require a Romulan base. It would make an interesting place to investigate. If we want to win this war we need more information on who we are fighting and I bet there is something for us to learn at that base." Ham said.

Reidar agreed. They still didn't even know what the Romulans looked like. Information of any kind would be extremely valuable to Starfleet's efforts in the war. "Does it say how they were able to procure the location of the base?" he asked the engineer.

"Looks like the Romulans launched a series of attacks from the base and the Livians were able to track the Romulan flight paths back to the base. The Livians launched a strike force against the base but it was intercepted by Romulan forces halfway there. The battle was won by the Livians but the strike force was too heavily damaged to continue the mission." Ham replied as he read more of the information on the screen.

"A last ditch effort," Reidar commented as he read the information alongside Ham. "It looks like that shortly after the battle that the Romulans ceased their attacks and pulled their troops from Livia. Although it was all a ruse. They decided to ram one of their ships into the planet a few months later. If they couldn't have ch'Ladiom, they weren't going to let the Livians have it either."

"That is a drastic move. I think we need to find a way to end this war before the Romulans decide to ram Earth with a ship." Ham said.

Reidar nodded in agreement. He couldn't bear the thought of losing his home. But then, something occurred to him. "I have a crazy idea..." he said.

"I love crazy ideas what is it?" Ham asked.

"Well, the Romulans really want ch'Ladiom. We already know where one piece is located. What if we found the other two parts and gave it to them with the one condition that they stop all hostilities towards us." Reidar had no idea if such a plan would even work, nor did he know if they'd be able to find the missing pieces of the glaive, but if it meant potentially saving the Earth from a disastrous fate, wasn't it worth trying?

"That is an idea. I would be behind it if I knew just why the Romulans wanted the thing. We could end up giving them the weapon they need to finish us and anyone else off." Ham said.

That was true but maybe the archive could quell their worries. "The only thing that the hologram mentioned to us was that she had her people perform some kind of magic on the gem, which was how it affected the female members of the crew and lured them to the planet," Reidar told him.

"Magic? I can't believe that. Just because we don't understand the technology they used does not make it magic." Ham said as he continued to search through the data.

"Thor, the god of thunder, did once say that he came from a place where science and magic were one in the same. It's possible that the hologram could have meant something like that. Although I do agree that there should be a reasonable explanation as to how it works," the Ensign said. "When you worked on it, were you able to get anything? I know that you had a limited amount of time."

"Like you said, we didn't get a lot of time to examine the gem itself before things got strange but with the way things have turned out I think we should examine it more closely. Or as closely as we can without touching it. I will definitely suggest it to the Captain," Ham said.

The Ensign nodded. He expected that many people would not be too keen on having the alien probe, and gem, back aboard Endeavour. It was risky. They still didn't really understand all that it could do. "I'll start collecting all of the data relating to ch'Ladiom from the archive, as well as what we already have in our database, to put on a datapad for the Captain," he said to Ham.

"Do that and then get some sleep. It has been a long night. I know that I will be doing the same after I report our findings to the Captain." Ham said.

"It'll still take me a few hours before I can finish up," Reidar told him. "There's alot of information to look through and I want to make certain that the Captain has everything. However it's nice to know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel." His pillow also had his name on it.

"Especially when you know that light is not an oncoming train." Ham said rubbing his eyes.

Reidar chuckled at the strange statement. "Yes, that would be problematic if it was," he concurred.

Following that exchange, and with a clear plan in mind, the two officers continued their work well into the night. Whilst the information they'd found was only a small fraction of all of the data contained on the archive, Ham and Reidar made a good start, especially with the discovery of a Romulan base nearby. What happened with that information after they reported it to their superiors was above their pay grade.


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